Do you want to know how to save more money at Costco? Costco is already a smart shopper option for your groceries and other household goods, but you can get even lower prices with a few tricks.

By learning how to “decode” Costco’s price tags and use some insider secrets, you’ll be able to maximize your budget and get even more incredible values from the big box stores. Here’s 5 easy tips to get more savings:

Tip #1: Wait for Season-End Closeouts

A color photo of a grocery store aisle.

A trip to the grocery store doesn’t have to be stressful when you know how to shop smart and save money.

This a great strategy for more savings. Look out for massive discounts and sales as certain holiday seasons (like Christmas or Halloween) wind down.

When this happens, certain food items, decorations, and other seasonal goods are seriously marked down.

With this knowledge, you can either save a ton of money on things that you need…or buy some cheap things that you don’t and re-sell them later!

Tip #2: Look for the Price Tag Asterisk

Plenty of price tags in Costco sport a relatively large asterisk in the upper right hand corner. This means that the item isn’t going to be re-stocked.

While this might not necessarily be an indication that the item has been heavily discounted, it definitely means that you’re not going to see that item again at a lower price. If you were waiting for a price drop, change your plans and buy now.


Tip #3: Watch for Weird Pricing

If you see a price tag in Costco that ends on what seems to be a slightly weird number, like .47, you might be looking at an extra low price. Odd numbers at Costco are typically an indication that the store has gotten a pretty sweet deal straight from the manufacturer.

When this happens, the savings get passed down to you. Typical Costco prices end with 99 cents — atypical endings are an indication that something’s on sale, big time.


Tip #4: The 97-Cent Rule

Another unspoken Costco price tag secret is what’s called the 97-Cent rule. As mentioned, most Costco prices end with 99 cent. When you see a tag with 97 cents at the end of the price, however, this is typically an indication that the product has been discounted by the manager. This is one of the best ways to know that you’re getting a little something extra in terms of savings.

Tip #5: Catch Those Instant Rebates

Clipping coupons doesn’t have to feel like a jail sentence. Sometimes it can seriously pay off! A lot of manufacturers will offer huge instant rebates on things you can purchase in Costco.

Typically the word “rebate” scares people away, because you have to send them in. Since these are instant, however, you can get your money back right there at the cash register. Nice!

What are Your Costco Shopping Tips?

Let us know! We’re all about clever ways to live a smarter life and get more bargains, so go ahead and share if you’ve got any Costco wisdom to bestow upon us. Make yourself heard in the comments!


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