In this week’s Scambook video, Kevan shares some money saving tips for a budget-friendly Halloween 2012. After warning viewers to avoid picking a fight with teen vandals who love toilet paper, Kevan explains that it’s easy to have a spooktacular Halloween without breaking the bank on candy, costumes, fright fest activities and scary decorations. First, Kevan recommends consumers buy their trick-or-treat candy from discount stores with seasonal shopping deals. Then, he advises families who go to designated trick-or-treating neighborhoods to share rides. For Halloween costumes, Kevan reveals his own personal favorites and lets us know how to create great party outfits from clothes you already own. Finally, our host suggests that partygoers hold onto their decorations, instead of throwing them away, to save money next year.

Halloween 2012 is almost here! Kids are getting excited for trick-or-treating, neighborhood houses are smothered beneath spooky fake spider webs and it seems like bags of fun-size candy are spilling from the aisles in every grocery store in America. But as with any holiday, Halloween can get so expensive, well, it’s downright terrifying!

This year, don’t turn ghostly pale at your shopping bills. Follow the quick tips in our video for a budget-friendly Halloween.


How to Save Money on Halloween Fun

Tip #1: Discount stores. Visit your nearby dollar store and shop at bargain retail chains like Big Lots. You’ll find incredible savings on seasonal Halloween items, but especially candy for trick-or-treaters. If you’re hosting a party or attending a holiday potluck, plan ahead and bake your treats at home. Homemade cookies, cupcakes and other party snacks are a lot cheaper than store-bought goods, and they’ll taste better because they’re fresh. For extra savings, shop at bulk stores and watch your mailbox for seasonal coupons.

Tip #2: Carpool. Gas prices are very high in most areas, so cut your costs and organize a carpool if you’re taking your children and their friends to a designated trick-or-treating area in your city. You can also ride-share to parties or theme park events like Fright Fest. Sharing rides will also help you save on parking fees. If you’re attending an event where alcohol will be served, carpooling also makes it easy for your group to select a designated driver.

Tip #3: Recycle your costumes. If you’re still not sure who (or what!) you’ll be for this year’s Halloween, don’t run down to the pricey costume store just yet. Check your own closet or basement, and your friends’ and family’s, for fun clothes you can reincorporate as a festive party outfit. In Kevan’s case, he can raid his wardrobe and dress as a Nerd, an 80s guy or an Eagle Scout without any extra effort. If there’s time, you can also organize a Costume Swap with your friends and trade last year’s Halloween costume for something new to you! The Internet is also full of great homemade costume ideas, so start Googling for inspiration.

Tip #4: Save your decorations and party supplies for next year. Don’t toss out that cotton spider webbing! Most Halloween accessories can be saved and used again next year, or even the year after that. You can also save unused party plates, tablecloths, plastic utensils and napkins. It might seem like a small step, but party costs can add up. Just make sure you throw away your jack-o-lanterns before they get mushy and attract bugs.

Use the tips in our video to save on Halloween and have a great, safe holiday! Click here to read about Halloween scams you need to watch out for.


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