If you’re an allergy sufferer, you probably don’t fear anything as much as the end of winter. Because we all know what’s next: Flowers. Pollen. Puppies. Leafblowers. Spring is a magical season, but for those who get stuffed up at the smallest hint of dust and dander, the warmer weather brings a host of health issues.

But did you know there are some inexpensive ways to alleviate your sniffles and irritated eyes? Scambook has some smart shopper allergy relief advice for you tissue-grabbers out there.

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1. Loratadine: Generic AND Effective Allergy Relief Medication

No amount of coupon-clipping or bulk-buying can negate the fact that allergy medication is expensive. Even an OTC option like Claritin will run you almost $20 for thirty tablets — and those go fast when you’re forced to walk past a dandelion-covered dog park on your way to work each day.

What most consumers don’t know is that the active ingredient in Claritin, loratadine, is actually available on its own and works the exact same way as the on-brand pills. Claritin pills contain 10 milligrams of loratadine and you can pick up the plain stuff in the same 10 mg increments.

The difference? 365 loratadine pills sell for around $7. That spells out hugesavings, especially for people who tend to take one or more allergy pills a day during peak months.


2. April Showers Ease Itchy Symptoms

Even something as simple as a hot shower can drastically reduce all those allergy woes like coughing, inflammation, and itchy eyes. Like to start your day by sudsing up? Consider switching to evening showers, especially if you experience allergy discomfort at night.

Bathing at the end of the day gets rid of all the errant pollen and pet dander on the skin, washing off the common irritants that have the potential to set off your allergies and plague your sleep.

What’s more, a good night’s rest can recharge your body and prepare it better to fight allergies the next day.



3. Eat Healthy Allergy-Fighting Foods

The gourmands at Scambook always have the latest scoop on great foods to improve the body’s performance. But can snacks really relieve allergic reactions?

The key is a compound called quercetin. Quercetin has flavonoid properties that can help decrease inflammation, especially of the nose and eyes. Quercetin occurs naturally in a variety of vegetables including tomatoes, red onions, and spinach.

Quercetin can be a particular godsend to those suffering watery eyes as a result of plant pollens. It can also be found in green and black tea, so make sure to enjoy a cup or two throughout your day to keep that inflammation down.


Fight Your Allergies and Save Money

These are just a few ways to alleviate those pesky allergy symptoms without breaking the bank. Some experience mild congestion, while others are forced to take days off work to deal with their sensitive lungs.

However you experience those unpleasant allergic reactions, these strategies can help provide mild relief as you go about your day. You might not be able to stop and smell the roses, but at least you can experience allergy relief.

Have some tips and tricks for getting through spring allergies? Tell us in the comments!


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