Scambook is the leading complaint resolution platform for consumers and businesses. Scambook’s ultimate purpose is to connect people who are upset about how they’ve been treated by a company with the people or entities that care most about helping you. Sometimes we receive emails and letters from businesses, individuals or lawyers who try to pressure us to take down posts because they claim the report filed about them is false or miss-leading. We would like to address those concerns here:


1. Scambook cannot determine who is right or wrong

Scambook is not a law firm or a court. We can not decide who is right or wrong. Simply put, we’re a neutral platform that enables our users to post their opinion and experiences about a particular business or person in hopes to receive a clear and valid resolution. Our job is not to stifle the voice of the people, or pass judgment on which complaint has the more merit. This is simply not our decision and not our place. We inform the company or individual asking for a take-down that they can create an account and comment on the relevant complaints to explain their side of the story, try to help resolve the complaint, or correct factual inaccuracies. In fact, we strongly encourage them to participate in the dialogue as it makes the Scambook community more helpful and complete. And many companies take us up on that offer and provide productive comments.ScamBook will not and cannot remove any posts simply because a business or individual thinks that the post is “false” in their opinion.


2. Scambook monitors malicious activity

To protect businesses and individuals, Scambook has a sophisticated system in place that prohibits malicious activity from a user:

  • We refuse duplicate posts
  • We refuse duplicate accounts
  • We refuse duplicate comments
  • We refuse life threatening attacks


3. Scambook enables businesses to respond quickly

Many times companies that have had complaints lodged against them on Scambook are interested in resolving those complaints immediately, rather than seeing them escalate into a lawsuit or government investigation. We think it’s a good thing when companies want to take responsibility for their actions and provide consumers the relief they want and deserve. However, we think that should happen in a way that keeps the power in the user’s hands. With that in mind, we created the Scambook Business Resolve platform.

Through Business Resolve, we allow companies interested in resolving Scambook complaints about them to communicate to the consumer the relief they are willing to offer. It is then up to the consumer to decide whether they are satisfied with that relief and would like to accept it. If they are satisfied with the relief offered, we will make sure the company follows through with a refund or other relief. We will then mark the consumer’s complaint as “resolved” and it will be removed from public view. Once a complaint is resolved, it will no longer be available for the company, its competitors, or private attorneys to investigate. If you aren’t satisfied, that’s okay too. You can decline the relief offered and your complaint will remain in the Scambook system and may be investigated for further action, or the company itself may make you another offer.


4. Scambook enables lawyers and governments to respond quickly

Sometimes, a company’s actions are so egregious, they attract the attention of their competitors, private attorneys and government agencies that are willing to provide the consumer the relief to gain them as a loyal customer, or investigate and take legal action. We believe this is just another opportunity to put power in the users hands. So, Scambook has created a unique system that requires companies, their competitors, and private attorneys to compete for the opportunity to provide the user the relief they deserve. Through this system, any company or attorney who thinks they can help the user with their problem must bid on the right to do so. In addition to reviewing what relief those persons or entities are willing to provide them, the bidding process allows us to determine who is most motivated to resolve their problem. This system also gives companies and attorneys a big incentive to provide the user as strong of a relief as soon as possible. For example, if a company earns the opportunity to resolve their problem but doesn’t provide the user with a satisfactory solution, not only will they likely lose the user as a customer, but they will have forfeited the costs associated with getting the opportunity to offer the user that solution. (Don’t forget, it is ultimately your decision whether you are satisfied with the relief offered.) Our market research shows that few companies are willing to take those risks. For these reasons, we think our system provides further assurance that the user and everyone else like them will get the relief they want and deserve.


5. Want to Sue Scambook?

Recently, one such company contacted us and decided to threatened our very jobs if we did not pull several complaints immediately. This was accompanied by profane statements and several other threats, including taking legal action. Well, instead of succumbing to the ultimatums, we decided to take action and file our own lawsuit seeking a declaratory judgment from a federal court saying that we are not required to remove posts and are immune from liability under federal law. You can read our complaint here: While, we aren’t the judge and jury of whether your complaints are right or wrong, we will always fight for your right to share and speak your mind, and our right to give you place to do it.

We won’t be intimated by threats or big corporations, and we won’t be pushed around. We’re here to stay, and your complaint is always welcome on our boards, we’ll make sure of it.

In the end, Scambook protects consumers and provides businesses with the best platform to respond to complaints. We cannot be the judge of who is right or wrong, but we can make sure everyone gets their voice heard.


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About The Author

Scambook is an online complaint resolution platform dedicated to obtaining justice for victims of fraud with unprecedented speed and accuracy. By building communities and providing resources on the latest scams, Scambook arms consumers with the up-to-date information they need to stay on top of emerging schemes. Since its inception, Scambook has resolved over $10 million in reported consumer damages.

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7 Responses

  1. Lynda Totte

    This allaened so fast. But when I tried to go back to cancel I couldn’t get any where. I tried to email them like they said but my email wouldn’t go through and there was no phone # to call. I paid $ 97.95 for a at home service but had a limited time to do it because they said the deal would be gone if I didn’t act fast and it sounded good so I did it. But the more I thought aout it I thought no way and that’s when I tried to get hold of them and couldn’t. They took of $ 97.95 of fof my SSDI debit card. I don’t even no if that’s legal in itself. But not only do Iwnt my money back, but I want to sue them so they can’t o this anymore o anyone.

  2. Daniel Mamrose

    I’m so fed up with Joe Holmes and International Title Service. It’s been over 2 months since he last replied to one of my emails requesting the status of my title. If I send him a new inquiry on a title he gets back to me in a couple days. He hasn’t returned my calls or replied to a fax I sent him. Joe cashed my check for $275 on 12/07/11. I received one email in January saying my title was delayed because of the holidays. I would be more than willing to join with anyone else who wants to sue to get their money back.

  3. Miguel A. Rodriguez

    About your posted “Want to sue Scambook?” I can only say this:KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. Sure, they will scream when you post what is the truth. It is a lot of money that is involved and that is the way many scoundrels get rich. By stealing what others have worked, maybe, all their lives to get.



  4. Monique Dumouchel

    I am just sorry that I was the first one to put a complaint against Global Marketing Solutions. They stole $10,000.00 from me. There was no indication that it was a scam, but after my posting several people complained against that company. At least maybe our complaints save some people from being ripped off. Continue to post the complaints as this is the only way for us to know if the company is serious. That company had a website that looked O.K. but it was only a set up to steal from people. CONTINUE YOUR WORK. This is the only place we can check the seriousness of some companies. The money they stole from me is my savings of the last 10 years. It will take a while before I get that money back in my savings (at least another ten years).

  5. David Price

    Dear Monique, I am guessing that you are an adult and not a child.
    with that said I feel very sorry that you fell for that scam, but for
    somebody to loose $10,000.00 dollars is no small piece of change.
    But this is what I don’t understand WHY?? would you give someone
    that kind of money without investigating who they are.

  6. Susan Braaksma

    Dear Scambook, To anyone who threatens to sue you, let them!! I doubt very much that they’ll win their case against you because I read EVERYTHING that you put out, and I feel it’s all fair and accurate reporting. . .a GREAT job on your part!! If anyone ought to be sued, it’s the people threatening you. The consumers love you; and if the intimidators knew the truth, I believe everyone affiliated with the law loves you too. Keep up the good work. You’ll ALWAYS have a supportive audience behind you.

  7. MMW

    It is unfortunate that some people can be so hateful that they create malicious lies about something being a good thing to help a little boy in need by saying that donation monies are false. People really get angry when they know they are in the wrong and that is what has brought about the negative comments to Children Crying Out 4 Justice.


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