In this week’s Scambook Update, Kevan steps away from the news desk to give us a glimpse at the Scambook offices in Los Angeles and describe a scam from his own life. Keven recently realized he wasn’t always following his own advice about fraud and identity theft protection. He decided to review his credit card bill more closely — and sure enough, he spotted a very suspicious charge. Kevan travels a lot for his job and his expenses are usually covered, but hotels often ask for a credit card number upfront to cover incidentals. This past month, Kevan discovered that two separate hotels tried to exploit him and the organizations who were covering his costs. Kevan’s sponsors were charged once for the room, but so was Kevan! These hotels belonged to major nationwide chains, too. They weren’t the Bates Motel off some lonely highway in the middle of nowhere. Kevan thought he could trust these corporations. When he called to report the unauthorized credit card charges, the hotel staff apologized and assured Kevan that the whole incident was a mistake. Kevan wonders if they’re really telling the truth. He thinks some hotels — or their employees — may double-charge their guests and hope the guests don’t notice.  This episode proves that no one is immune to scams and fraud. But if it can happen to an expert like Kevan, it can happen to anyone! Kevan urges viewers to review their credit card bills very carefully whenever they travel and stay at a hotel.

For information about how to dispute an unauthorized credit card charge, click here to watch our video.  Have you been double-charged by a hotel? Click here to file a complaint report on Scambook and help warn other travelers!


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  1. Global Resort Transfer Fraud

    We were scammed with fraud after out travel timeshare points went missing? After we had credit holds on non-owner status as our files were complete with deeds recorded. Do you believe this crap? The Company was Global Resort Transfer Scam out of Florida. We have over 200 Deeds under Public records under Johnson Family Trust and other entities and Personal names.

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