A class action lawsuit was filed against Just Fabulous, Inc., based on its website, JustFab.com.

For more information about the lawsuit, be sure to check out the link below. 

JustFab.com Just Fabulous Class Action


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  1. Jackie

    Same story, order some boots for $19.99, just checked my bank statement and I have 2 extra charges for $39.95 each.I just put a claim with my bank, I am waiting for their response. This company is very dishonest,it is a SCAM, people BEWARE.

  2. J

    First of all however you want to paint this, it’s deceptive practices. I work for a company that prides itself on its customer service and our legal department clearly mandates that customers acknowledge that they have signed up for a recurring fee and that it can easily be refunded in the event of a customer complaint. At the end of the day, the customer is the one that will promote the business if they are happy with the product. I contacted their customer service immediately and when I told the agent that I had not opted into recurring, she referenced t&c. I told her for recurring billing, opt in must be a separate line item first and secondly there is no description of services rendered for a $39.95 fee in the bill history online when you visit your account. As a merchant, it is illegal for you to conduct yourself this way. I’m contacting their legal department Monday, talking to the lawyer within my company on Monday also and filing a complaint to the better business bureau right away. I hope this class action lawsuit gets filed and this merchant is forced to improve their business model/practice by providing 1) clear billing history to their customers, 2) not masking recurring fees in t&c and being more upfront about transactions and 3) advising customers of recurring charges so customers know they will be billed and when.

  3. privetpart

    Guys, I don’t know how to skip a month in justfab. where do I find Skip this month button???

    • Samara

      its just underneath where it says member credit, store credit and all that but they take this option off after the 5th each month.

  4. Leidimar

    I bought a pair of boots in December. Then I just saw they charged me 39.95 for a subscription. I called, and they say it is not reimbursable, so I had to buy something for the credit in order to cancel, so I did. I went in and I bought 3 things for 39.95, and they charged me again. I just called, and It was supposed that I needed to buy one thing only for 39.99. I just did that, and they said they will put my money back in my account. I feel stolen not only about the money, but my dignity as well, this company really is a professional scam.

  5. I hate just fab

    Hello I used to work for just fab. They are worthless . We were told not give refunds one day an other days we could only if Anna skidmore said so. She is a horrible manager they ad us lie to the members .and it was politics around there. All they cared about was drinking on the job and parties . I’m joining the class action suit against just fab. Cause I know the ins and outs of just fab.

  6. Reanna

    I am trying to cancel my account with JustFab right now. I have been on hold for like almost an hour now. I bought a pair of boots a while back that looked a hell of a lot better in the picture but turned out to be an ugly felt material? It was like. Velvety. Horrifying. I was so disappointed. And then I started getting charged and I freaked out. I’m hoping someone answers soon…. I have things to do.

  7. dawnzahra

    I just got sucked into the same scam, too. (They took out two monthly charges of $39.95.) The question is, people have been complaining on this thread since 2011 AND there’s a class action lawsuit pending! So HOW can these people still be operating their scam? Someone here said they called the BBC—my bank is going to launch an investigation—but what does it take to shut such criminals down? What do we need to do?

  8. Nicole

    I made a purchase and was charged $39.95 the next month. This did not surprise me since I read the terms that I agreed to before I checked the box that said “I agree to these terms”. Also, I got an email telling me that my “Personal Boutique” was ready and that I could make a purchase, wait and receive a “credit” (charge to my account), or “Skip the Month”
    The shoes I received in my first order were two for one- one pair was too small and the other was damaged. I called to return them and the CSR sent me a return label. I took it to the post office and received replacements a week later and they are just what I wanted.
    The only people with valid complaints are those who clicked the “Skip the Month” button before the 5th of the month and were still charged (BTW they send an email confirming when you do this- so maybe check on it if you don’t get one) and were still charged the fee, and/or people who were treated rudely by CSRs. PAY ATTENTION when you agree to terms and hand out your credit card info!!! You should know better!!

  9. rosemary

    i made a purchase from justfab (not shoes).. there was nothing wrong with it, but i had a bad feeling about it and could not put my finger on what it was..so i deleted my account..then, i looked at my bank statement online (as i often do) and noticed that the charge said recurring charge even though it was a one time purchase, so of course i called justfab to verify the deletion/ cancellation of my account. the person was quite helpful and said that my account had been deleted and cancelled and would not be charged except for the item i had purchased. i was satisfied with that and thought no more of it til now..i did not know they had the membership shoe club…ugh!!!

  10. Laura Warren

    OMG, am I the only one that reads? When you sign up for the account it clearly says how the membership works. I get sooooo annoyed watching post ooohhh poor me I am a victim just because they chose to skip the terms. Grow up and take responsibility for your actions and laziness.

    • james

      you are right Laura we should manup but these internet scammers should manup too.For instance Profit Web System the no.1 internet company suppose to show you how to make on line. Well they got $124 dollars from me about 30 days ago and it says on their sign up page that it is a money back guarantee or I would not have tried them.I am disabled and get $594 per month to feed and cloth them since their mother died of cancer 3 months ago I needed to make some xtra income so I did check them out and found nothing derogatory..yes manup!!..

  11. Ally

    So I signed up for JustFab and made one purchase knowing about the monthly charge (and the ‘skip this month’ option). However, now knowing about their shady practices (unauthorized changes after you’ve ‘skipped’, not refunding, not closing account) I’d rather not deal with them at all.

    Like many others, I got the runaround when trying to cancel my account. I was on hold for hours, I was told I couldn’t close the account, etc. Finally, I just called my bank, explained that I was uncomfortable with this company having my information, and they went ahead and cancelled my card and are issuing me a new one.

    So my question is: do I need to worry about JustFab anymore? They will not be able to charge me, correct? Do I need to worry about them trying to hunt me down for the monthly 39.95? Basically, do I still need to try and fight with them to cancel my account, or can I just forget about them?

    • Ellie

      No, but you should still have your account cancelled & so you don’t get their emails log on & change your preferences for email subscriptions.

  12. Sam

    I think it has a lot to do with the person you get on the phone. I used the online chat thing to ask about getting a refund for this months credit, I usually don’t mind because they do have cute stuff and I love everything I got from them, but right now I just can’t afford it. I was really upset because I hadn’t been charges in 2 months due to NO money in my account. The lady on the computer told me they don’t do refunds. When I called and sat through the whole… You know what I’m talking about.. The lady was VERY nice and Very understanding. She told me I should see a refund in 3 to 5 days and she understood where I was coming from.
    Don’t get me wrong, I do not like JustFab because of the way they got me with the charges, but I always appreciate when someone is kind on the phone.

    • Ellie

      Tis why you gotta skip if you want to be VIP!! Hope your situation changes! =) Also, maybe have them switch you to Pay As You Go for now?

  13. Holly

    I knew about the whole VIP membership thing before I signed up, I was skeptical but I knew I was only going to buy this one pair of shoes I really wanted that I couldn’t find anywhere else. Long story short I called to cancel my membership after recieving the shoes and the woman was very nice and she said she cancelled my membership but I can still sign into the website? And I still have the star and VIP Member junk next to the profile icon? Does anyone know if I have to wait a certain amount of time or did she just not cancel the membership? I still have the option to cancel the membership on the profile…

    • Ellie

      Hey Holly thanks for being a positive post! =) I don’t work for them but I am a frequent customer.

      Okay, you know when your account is cancelled when: You CAN log in BUT you CAN NOT add anything to your bag. (you can only add it to your favorites I believe)

      Side note: Canceling the membership via online is only for people who have not ordered, hence why you had to call in. =)

  14. Ann

    Using this website was an absolute horrible experience. The shoes were not very good quality and I had no idea I was signing up for a monthly membership. Whether or not I should have read all the fine print, they should have made their position more clear. Who wants to do business with a company that attempts to hide things from their consumers? I attempted to call and cancel and never got through. I e-mailed several times with a promise to hear back in only a few business days with NO RESPONSES! I skipped each month which is such a hassle to remember, called again and finally got through to a rep…. who basically begged me to stay. I think I said the words “no, just cancel my account” 6 or 7 times at least. Then he finally said “ok your account is cancelled, good bye” and that was that. Terrible company who just tries to trick people out of their money. No good!

  15. Ellie

    I LOVE JustFab but then again I read all of the Terms & Conditions years ago. I read the FAQs. I saw in my first shipment that I was enrolled & could skip every month. Now a days you can choose Pay As You Go. For anyone that signed up from September of 2012 til now & claim you’re getting scammed, you’re lying and clearly in denial. There is a very good explanation of how VIP works right before you click Submit Order! & that is when it gives you the option to be a Pay As You Go Member.

      • Elle

        I just seen this now. I don’t. I am a customer. I just am tired of them getting blamed for people being lazy. Read, read, read!

  16. Concerned Citizen

    JustFab is a scam company that steals money from consumers. If you buy one item from their website, they start automatically charging your credit card $39.95 every month with no prior warning. They claim that you consent to the monthly charges when you purchase the item, but the warning is concealed in very small font and does not adequately explain that they will charge you the fee just by making one purchase. Even worse, when I called to cancel my membership, they didn’t cancel it and continued to steal from me six $39.95 charges on my credit card. When I finally spoke with a supervisor, she just kept reading the tag line and said how great company is. I finally got her to refund two out of five charges that they stole, but she was still unable to show me the language that gave them the authority to charge my credit card in the first place. At that point, the supervisor supposedly cancelled my “membership” at JustFab… until April 2013, when I had another $39.95 charge from them for my “membership.” This company is stealing money from people without any prior consent.

  17. A. M.

    I agree with Ellie, you already know about the membership when you sign up and buy something, its EVERYWHERE and unless you don’t read than you are lying about getting scammed and probably forget to hit “Skip this month!” They email you when your boutique is ready and they give 5 days to decide. Don’t blame them for your stupidity and forgetfulness, its people like you that ruin things for everyone!!

    • Mrs Amander

      I’m having a hard time understanding how ignorant people can be. While I can understand those who may be upset for being wrongfully charged IF THEY FOLLOWED THE MEMBERSHIP GUIDELINES AND SKIPPED THE MONTH AS INSTRUCTED, but to complain and say Justfab is a rip off and a scam just because YOU WERE TO IGNORANT TO READ THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS?!?! Really?? I’ve been a member for a long time now, customer service has always been pleasant, my shoe closet is getting pretty full, and the compliments I get when I wear my justfabs are great and often! & they are not stealing your money, they give you credit to purchase a pair of shoes etc. that stays on your account until you do so. So before you decide that Justfab is a scam, do your homework….. Open your eyes and READ! before you hit the confirm button DUH! Blah Blah Blah, people crying because thier dumb and have hurt egos because they messed up and need something/someone to blame it on to make them selves feel better…..

      • Cynthia L

        The site might’ve recently been revamped after all the complaints and lawsuit. However that doesn’t make the past deceptive actions ok. People are still dealing with “VIP” statuses that they are trying to cancel. And if you had any experience with canceling with them you’d understand why that’s a problem as well. As a company you should not make it difficult to cancel. Sure make professional attempts to keep a customer but they were not professional. There are plenty of online retailers that do it right…amazon, zappos, zulily, etc. if they can do it without the fine print of “VIP” status why can’t justfab? The other sites get business via trust while justfab started with deception…they might be trying to cover their butts now by making things more explicit but the trust has already been gone.

      • jill

        I was just scammed by justfab myself. I went to their website after I saw the tv commercial and purchased a pair of shoes and though that was the end of it, received them and wear them just like any other I have purchased. I then look at my credit card bill five months later and have been charged $39.95 for five months without knowing. It is not fair that people are being charged this amount if not reading the fine print. None of us assume that we will be charged 40$ a month after innocently purchasing a pair of shoes. It is my fault for not reading the fine print but it is still an extremely sketchy way to do business. I have bought many houses where I spend Hundreds of thousands of dollars and don’t read the fine print there. I really just don’t expect to be taken advantage like this. I raised my concerns to them and the first person said that I would get my refund no problem. I then received a refund of two installments at 39.95 but not the other three. I called again and this woman said, we do not give refunds at all, well why did you give me two? Then she stumbled a bit and said they would listen to the tape from the person with my initial refund and this is where I am. It is totally a disgusting company that should be shut down and I will do everything in my power to have this happen. People are not idiots or uneducated (ignorant) for not reading the fine print. I have purchased a few things on line and would never expect this sort thing to happen and I am a very educated individual!!!!

  18. chanele

    I just bought a pair of wedges that looks great on the site but reading these comments i’m scared of what the quality will bring. Anyway the monthly charge was clearly stated to me and it was even in my confirmation email. I’m not so worried about the charge but what is worrying me is the fact that so many people have requested to cancel their membership and when the company claims its cancelled they still get charged. hmm when i received my shoes if its really crap then i’m just gonna cancel the auth transaction with my bank and if they still try to take money then i will do a chargeback. Simple.

  19. Wynter

    I tried to cancel my JustFab account but the person I was talking to would not let me. And I have a feeling that if I tried to cancel again, someone would just tell me the same thing. However, I have to switch banks so I have to get a new debit card. Once I have my new card, JustFab won’t be able to bill me, will they? Cause my card will no longer be working so they wouldn’t have any way to charge me?

  20. Amanda

    A few months ago they had a BOGO sale and I was really excited because hey! Shoes! I just got my new job so I had a bunch of money to why not, right?

    I went in very month to skip the stupid membership but then I quit my job and had no money so I completely forgot about the entire thing but now I have another job and all I had was $40 in my bank then all of a sudden it’s gone? I see it’s JustFab and quickly call to say what the heck is going on?

    I told her that is literally the only money that I have but she kept offering me points and all this other stuff and I kept saying no I desperately need that money and then because I’m such a ‘valued’ customer they would give me the refund. I then ask to cancel my account because I simply cannot afford it and she goes on for almost a half hour about why I should keep it, and about the points. It didn’t matter how many times I said no.

    Then she goes on to tell me if I cancel my membership I can’t get my refund so I’m just awaiting my refund and hopefully it actually gets here. As soon as that’s done I’m calling to cancel. I’m very unhappy with their service.

  21. Lala

    Unlike most of you, I have a different problem with Just Fab and am EXTREMELY disappointed with their service. Over 10 days ago I ordered a purse and had been checking the tracking process on Purolator to see where it was. 5 days ago it said that my item had been delivered “At door” to someone’s house in a different town then me which is about 40 minutes away from my own. I thought this must have been a mistake, since my address is correct on my account…so I waited to see if it would show up at my door in the morning. When it didn’t, I e-mailed Just Fab concerning this issue. No reply. I e-mail again the next day explaining again my situation and that I am disappointed no one has gotten back to me on this. No reply. I finally decided to phone in just now and tell them the situation and they told me they’ll re-ship my order. I’m naturally a very shy and polite person, but I grew the courage to ask if they could rush ship it or offer some sort of compensation since I felt ignored and unimportant that no one had responded to 2 of my emails within 4 days. At first she said she could give me a free item and that I would have to pay the shipping costs for a rush shipping, but I would still get a free item. I was a little hesitant at first, because I didn’t want to pay shipping but I said sure and asked what free item I would get. She never told me because then all of a sudden she said nevermind we cannot do rush shippings to canada, but I’ll still re-ship your item with no charge and it’ll come in 6-10 days. I was extremely disappointed and she no longer talked about a “free item” either for compensation. In general, I found her to be very confusing and unclear about things. Maybe she was new? Either way I feel like utter crap! I searched their entire website for anything regarding purchases being misplaced/lost and it says nothing… but you’d at least think they would be kind enough to offer compensation or to rush your order for you? I am left with feelings of uncertainty and doubt and will not wait to cancel my member ship after I get my purchase! Based on what people say here, I plan on recording the phone call to have confirmation that they did infact cancel my membership and ask for an e-mail stating so as well. I will also phone my bank and inform them on this and if any charges show up from JustFab they are unauthorized!! I will take authority..!! Or at least try hehe..

  22. Me

    Justfab.com is a SCAM!!!!!!!!!!! Everything will seem fine AT FIRST– until you try to cancel your membership with them. I had to scream at the lady on the phone because she REFUSED to cancel my account. Then they will lie and say it’s canceled, but all of your info is still stored in their site and they wont remove it even if you ask. If you try to Live chat with someone they will just DISCONNECT on you. RUDE. I had to call my bank and have my card blocked and sent out a new one just in case these *** try something SKETCHY!!!!!!!

  23. Twylla Walker

    I have been repeatedly trying to cancel my membership with JustFab.com for 5 months. Every time I call the customer service rep continues to try and diswade my request to the point of 10 full minutes at which point I always tell them “JUST CANCEL MY MEMBERSHIP” and hang up. I believe they are paid commission on every call they take that results in a hang up.
    I’ve emailed repeatedly and they just won’t cancel and continue to bill me.
    I am putting a complaint through my credit card and I am hoping this will stop these illegal business practices.

  24. EL

    Same thing happened to me. I wasn’t aware of that as soon as you purchased, you become a VIP member.
    I happened to log in to my bank account and saw that $39.95 charge from JustFab. At first I thought it was just a mistake but then I saw there was another charge on Sept 9th. I called the bank but for the bank to dispute the two charges, they will have to cancel my card and i will need to wait for 10 days to get a new card…how do i live 10 days without a card? So I said I will just do it with JustFab.

    I tried calling them, each time I was on hold for 30 minutes and never got through. I thought something must be wrong so I goolgled “JustFab membership charge” and i found this site…damn, it’s a scam. How can they just charge you without notifying you?

    I agree with some of you that as a consumer, we should be more careful and read those terms, but really? Make it so difficult to really understand how this membership works and just charge you monthly without an email notice??? What kind of shitty business is this? And they force you to CALL to cancel the membership? Now I am worry even if I cancel the membership, I will still be charged!

    I posted a couple of comments on their facebook page. they rep just keep sayings “You are not obligated to purchase every month” of course we don’t have to purchase. cause you just charge us anyways.

    this is a very shitty, dishonest company. BBB should do something about it.

  25. Edna I Betances-Harold

    To add insult to injury the shoes were to BIG I tried to exchange them they wanted my credit card number AGAIN…I said no…they then ONLY refunded me $14.00 they kept some of my $$$ claiming a restocking fee!

    • Jennifer

      I just placed an order. I work in customer service so I know to ALWAYS read the terms and conditions. I’m sad not if a lot of people have. I would rather take the time now and not be billed. As consumers we also have a responsibility to know what exactly we’re doing. I’ll be calling in to cancel in little but and I hope that won’t be an issue

      • sadiesadiesadie

        Everyone should be reading and asking questions.when you don’t is when you get yourself in trouble. My issue with justfab is that nowhere does it state that if you forget to skip the month and get charged, that the money is non refundable. It doesn’t even state that in the terms of service.

    • Shana Beat

      I have been using just fab for sometime. I don’t know if they have changed it but I will say that I knew upfront exactly what this site offered. it stated it in the terms and conditions that it asks you to select if you have read it or not. Not to mention, there is no monthly fee, if you don’t want them to take out the money, then you skip the month..simple as that, if you forget-as I do at times, then I have a free credit to order an item. Lets not act like they are just taking peoples money, as they are not. I have had a few customer service issues myself but they were all resolved. Furthermore, you can cancel at anytime without a cancellation fee?? I don’t see the scam..Im sorry.

      • Plant

        If this isn’t a plant, I don’t know what is.

        They *literally* take your money every month, with nothing in return except a “credit” at their site, unless you kindly tell them not to do that. SCAM!

      • raquel

        Its not a scam, from the beginning they say to skip the month if you don’t want to be charged. I read that and I joined. I have remembered to skip the month most of the time but when I don’t I have a credit. Im fine with that when I forget. I go in later and use my credit and buy a shoe or boot. The credit is good for anything on the site so Im not sure how this is a scam???

        I even forgot long enough to have four credits. I just bought 2 boots a shoe and some jeans.

        Not sure why this is a scam when it states the money will come out if you do not skip the month.

        I actually haven’t had any customer service issues either. Oh well.

      • Brianna

        I canceled my membership and they still charged me the next month. I called today and they said the credits were non-refundable.


        Then they refunded me my money. This is a scam. And a horrible marketing strategy. How many women will remember to go skip a month. I have an idea JustFab, sell your decent quality shoes for a decent price, and I will come back and shop again. Anyone who can spare the money to join a “shoe of the month” program is probably buying higher quality shoes elsewhere anyways.

      • Suzy

        Hi there, i’m having difficulty getting my money back. I am indeed an angry customer, but I dont know how to get my money back! What did you say, and how did you get them to return your money. They are rather persistence and annoying in pointing out that they “cannot do so”.

      • neyzel

        hi, I have the same problem too. and I would looooove to know how u got them to refund the money they deducted. thank you.

      • Jeanne

        I had the same problem. I cancelled my membership last month and they charged me again this month and are refusing the refund the $$. They claim they have no record of the cancellation. I’m going to have to dispute the charge with my credit card company and I’m also going to have to cancel my card so I don’t get charged next month.
        Total scam!

      • Liz

        I just signed up on the 27.11.13, bought some shoes for £17.50 ,Today 1st December and they took £39.95 out of my account. Which i don’t understand when the terms and conditions states—- on the 1st they do your boutique then from the 1st to the 5th of each month you need to skip a month.—– they didn’t even give me a chance to skip anything they just decided to take my money !??—–yeah I would advise everyone to just stay away

      • Pearl

        Yeah nice try!!! I conveniently got a “we charged your bank account $39.95 but you can opt out by the 5th of every month email” on THE SIXTH. The wait time when you call is obviously to discourage people from staying on the line and it took 15 min of repeating over and over “cancel my account and refund my money. Cancel my account and refund my money” before she finally did it. We also set an alarm for the day the money is supposed to be refunded and if it’s not Trishia will be getting another friendly phone call

      • Carol Handy

        I don’t know about you but, I am on a fixed income and they drew me in with buy one get one free. I’m a smart cookie and have worked complex jobs all of my life reading contracts and dealing with large Corp’s. However, there was nothing stating that thea monthly membership fee. Good thing I check my acct everyday. The person I spoke with went thru a 30 min sales pitch which I kept telling him I did not want to discuss all I wanted was a refund and to cancel my membership. After 3 calls I finally got a refund, returned the items purchased and cancellation of membership. I know better now!! Who spends $39.95 a month on shoes and accessories? I know I don’t.

  26. David Cullen

    Thanx, scambook for making these issues a priority. While I have not had experience with JustFab, I did have money deducted from my bank account by a company. Many others did and they posted comments on your website. It was through your site that I was able to get a phone number where I was able to speak to a person and get my money back from that bogus company. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!

    • Celina

      Yes this happened to me just a couple of days ago I talked to two people and they still wouldn’t give me a refund back.

    • gerry schor

      We were also victims here. Please let me know if there is a number to contact. My wife cancelled her description in December of 2012. JF confirmed, then reinstated the account the same day and charged us 6 more times before we found out.

      • Michelle B.

        And the nasty practice continues! I just want the money they stole from me after requesting to cancel 5+ times!

      • Denise

        Yeah. I JUST cancelled. That’s bull and false advertisement. They tried to keep me at least five times before they finally cancelled it. -__- That’s bull. At least I got a nice pair of shoes. Only been with them a month?

      • ROSE N.


  27. shawna

    well sorry to here that but my complaint was dr scholls thongs gave me a buion and then the risk manager changed the web sites cause there shoes prevent buions now it says prevent blisters and she needs to admit that it was false advertisement and pay for my surgery but little does she know that i have the print out of before she changed it and im going to nail her its just like the reebok case

  28. Susan

    I never heard of Scambook until just the other day, when I inadvertently came across it, at the most opportune time, and left my complaint with Scambook for having just been scammed. A few days later, I amazingly got refunded by what I viewed (and still view) as a scam company. Despite being lucky enough to get that refund, I am most grateful that Scambook exists for the sake of those who, without Scambook, haven’t a hope in the world of getting their money back. Scambook, I love you guys!!!!

  29. vicki deller

    I have not, nor will I give any information on the computer.
    Please contact me at home in writing to:
    [personal information removed]

  30. kayla fraticelli

    I got scammed by JustFab and it took two months for me to notice.. 80 dollars had been taken out of my account. I called 1866 808 4003 and after a half hour, in which they went from telling me they couldn’t refund me, to telling me they could refund one charge, to finally agreeing to refunding both charges if I kept my membership. I agreed to this. As soon as the money is refunded I will be blocking their future charges to my account. They can and will refund you if you mention that others online have been refunded, that you don’t care about their future offers and you are PERSISTENT. Good luck to everyone else who had the misfortune of being a VIP.

  31. Callee

    My question is.. Can i get my 39.95 back at all that i was charged today even though i did the skip my payment button? i was in the process of canceling.

    • Tammy

      I too ordered a purse from justfab, after I found out about the recurring fee they charge every month, I called them immediately and told them to opt me out, and I wasn’t aware that when you purchase from them they automatically enroll you in a monthly membership in which they charge your credit card. I was very angry when she told I can opt out of that charge by simply logging onto my account and click on opt out, to make a long story short, I threatned to have my card blocked befor I go through any hassles from them. She then deleted my account and I’ve never ordered from them again. You can get your money back by calling ur credit card company or bank and tell them that it was an unauthorized charge which it was. Hope this helps.

      • acrump

        It doesn’t pay to not read. All u had to do was read the terms and conditions. That’s what u get for just clicking agree. Maybe next time you will read.

      • Melissa

        @Tammy. That happened to me as well. I purchased shoes and the next month I was charged. I immediately contacted them in which they returned the entire $39.95 but still kept my membership. Another month passed and I noticed I was charged. I called and they explained the “Skip This Month” button. I didn’t know I signed up for a membership. I bought from the website once and intended not to sign in ever again. Well, I requested to cancel, but they convinced me that I can prevent it by clicking the “skip this month” every month before the 5th. I skipped a few of the months and even cancelled my membership through my account online one time. I submitted the “cancel my membership” but again I as charged. By this time I just ordered something. I’ve gotten at least 3 pairs because I’ve forgotten to skip on some months. I signed in my account to find that I had to call an (800) number to cancel by phone. I’m a busy person and the number was not 24 hours so I’ve just been skipping months. Can you believe that. Isn’t this against all Federal Trade Commission rules?? I didn’t think to call my bank for unauthorized payment because I signed up I guess for it and I authorized it somehow.

    • Jenny

      Yes you can. You just have to be extremely assertive to the customer service representative and tell them you were not informed of this monthly charge. They will give you tons of excuses but just tell them you want a refund. It worked for me!

      • Kenna

        I tried over and over to get them to refund me the charge I did not authorize. The rep just kept talking over me and refused to refund my money and then she informed me they keep my money if I cancel the membership. The just stole the money from me and I got nothing but a headache. This is the hugest scam. I had no idea I was signing up for some club when I purchased a necklace one time that fell apart the first time I wore it


    i to made the purchase and it started taking my money automatically. When i attempted to call to opt out the number would not allow my call. it kept saying this call cannot be made from this area code. i have not been able to make a call from any area code. i did call my credit card company and they credited the money back to me the same day. but the following day the charges were made again. i am so irritated. i feel scamed and violated by this crap.

    • Victoria Gunn

      Tell ur bank that the card has been compromised and to stop all charges. They should send u a new card with a new number so Justfab won’t be able to bill your account.

      • Melissa

        Not true. I have a new debit card with a new number, and it still charged to my account after the previous customer service rep I talked to “forgot” to cancel my membership even though it was in the records.

      • Michelle B.

        They are very, very good at “forgetting” to cancel a “membership”. The most ridiculous, carnival act ever!

      • Jennifer

        Getting a new card isn’t a way to solve the problem. I’ve heard banks can allow charges go through as a courtesy. I’m going to try to cancel my membership by actually calling in.

      • AB

        but why should she have to go through that? and go with out her card and what if she had bills automatically enrolled to be payed elsewhere or whatever and now she would have to change them all and such. that would be waaay too much of a hassle for me! thats just not fair!

      • Deanna

        replacing your card with a new number is the easiest way.. and my bank sent the new card overnight with no charge, so it wasnt an inconvience in that way.. I *did* have to contact a couple companies who were authorized to take monthly bill pay from my old number and change that.. but it was WAY worth it to keep JustFab from taking any more unauthorized amounts

      • Anna Ters

        I actually DID get a new card, (it had expired). I cancelled my account with justfab in October, and was charged in November, I cancelled again in Novemver, and was charged in December. I cancelled AGAIN in December and my card expired. I got my new card in January and SURPRISE!!! They charged me again, with a new card with a new expiration and security code. I called and asked how on earth they can still be charging me when I no longer have that card and *crickets*. So don’t expect getting a new card to help you out!

  33. heather

    I had to contact the Better Business Bureau inorder to get my money back. No one was answering my calls or emails for weeks. But they emailed me right away when I went through the BBB.

  34. Jenna

    I just called to cancel my justfab account and the only way THEY refund the money is if you “skip next month” for me that would be january and call back jan to cancel the account otherwise they will cancel your current account but keep your money. So go through your bank and cancel the transaction that way, a lot less hassle but you will need to freeze your account and get a new card so you’re without a card for a week which I can’t do :/. Ugh so annoying.

  35. Carmen

    JustFab is a scam, they just charged my account and when I called them they said it was a credit, no it was not, told them to take me off and that I would never buy anything from them again, and would not recommend them either. I did get an e-mail crediting my account, but I still called the bank to warn them. They are very misleading.

  36. Candy

    I am so so so upset by JustFab it has been Just A Nightmare, got my bank statement today and saw they charged 40 dollars and could not for the life of me figure out why…then I go onto the website and read the teeny tiny print at the bottom of the page and realize I have unknowingly enrolled myself in a monthly shoe plan….I would never ever have bought the crappy boots from them a month ago had I known this…and trust me they were crappy, PayLess would have been better…I really want to warn everyone out there about this website and that’s exactly what I am going to do….gonna call their customer service tomorrow but from what I have read this will be an uphill battle……

  37. Yolanda

    I too was surprised to find out that after purchasing one time from Just Fab automatically enrolled you. I found out 2 bankdrafts later that you have to “skip” the month in order for them not to do automatic drafts. Unfortunately, I also failed to read that you have to “skip this month” before a certain date so, of course, I ended up getting another unwanted bank draft. I finally canceled my subscription at the end of October, hoping that would be the end of it. WRONG!! I just saw that at the beginning of this month, Just Fab did another bankdraft from my account. Now I just want to know how I can join this lawsuit.

  38. BN

    Looking forward to seeing what this lawsuit will bring. I feel completely ripped off. Wish there was a way to let everyone know that this is the worst online store. I will be cancelling my credit card and getting a new one just so they can not automatically charge me anymore. It shouldn’t be this hard.

    • Sara M

      Did cancelling your card stop payments? I read a few reviews that said once they got a new card; they were still charged.

  39. leah

    I purchase from JustFab since the site came online 2 years ago and they are great for me. You have to read the policy when you sign up, it says clearly there that there will be a monthly fee. All these problems are due to your own stupidity and you should all learn to read about things before you put in your card number. What amazes me is that you can all take the time to read and bitch about a site, but can’t take the time to read about something when you are putting your credit card number online.

    • Mr.Seriah

      Leah, You’re clearly a moron. This company has routinely scammed many unsuspecting consumers out of lots of money. Collectively, think about how many of those unsuspecting $39 charges have been heaped onto customers for cheap, poorly made, and embarrassing shoes they peddle, OF WHICH they would have NO INTEREST in purchasing!

      There’s NOTHING clear in their terms of purchase…any reasonable consumer simply read the basics and saw that it was a ONE-TIME purchase, not a lifetime supply of cheaply-made shoes that you’ll pay for regardless of actually even receiving the pair (that would be returned regardless, most likely because they are pitiful & embarrassing shoes). But you’ll be charged, nonetheless
      In this age of online consumerism, most buyers are well aware of the terms when entering credit card information. Clearly, it’s been established more and more by savvy online consumers, JUST FAB is JUST SCAM.
      I hope they get justice served to them, paperwork delivered in a poorly-made, cheaply-manufactured giant ugly boot with the seems popping out (like many of the pitiful shoes they offer).
      Good luck to those anti-JUST FAB scammed consumers!!

    • Shalah

      Thank you! Reminds me of that dumb woman who sued McDonalds ’cause of the hot coffee. If it had been cold she would have bitched about that, I’m sure. Take some time to READ you lazy people!

      • kassidy

        you bitches are DUMB ! if you’re going to have a website like that it should state on the first page that YOU WILL BE CHARGED MONTHLY !!! i myself ordered a pair of shoes and then looked at my online bank summary seeing that it had said there were TWO charges of 39.95 !!! not one but TWO ???? so i called and i asked them about everything and they had told me that they have no idea why it charged twice that it may be mistake blah blah blah, so i was like well i’m just going to cancel my account and she’s goes on forever talking about deals and she’ll add so many points i had to repeat myself a million times to get it through her thick ass head that i don’t want that kind of service ! so she said my account will be deleted well guess what it’s still f’n here !! wth should i do ???

      • Amanda K

        Reading fine print is crucial but companies should also not be misleading and attempt to HIDE or conceal their terms in any way. The fine print on that site is very fine. I am not surprised if normal people get scammed by it. It would not be successful or stay in business with the prices it has if it didn’t rob people blind. I don’t consider people idiots just because they figured a pair of boots might cost 40 bucks and they wouldn’t get enrolled in a stupid subscription. Most sites you buy shoes from don’t do that to you.

        Also you should probably read up on that woman who got burned in Mcdonalds. She had horrific, blackened third degree burns. She was a senior citizen. The coffee was 180 degrees f. She required an 8 day stay at a hospital and skin grafts. It was absolutely horrific and that just shows how much research you do into the same type of things. You’re not better than anyone else.

    • [email protected]

      39.50 is a lot of money when one puts their information for the purchase they are about to make it is only for the purchase. This is a faulty webcite and you can’t say that you read absolutely everything too. They should have created a separate page with description and space where you can provideyour credit card information just for the VIP membership. SAING OH BY THE WAY we will charge you for nothing every month unless you spend your time telling us not to is juist plain wrong I deffinately want to join this lawsuit.

      • KellyK

        I understood the monthly charge. However, the first item I bought from them, a purse fell apart the first time I used it. I call and asked if I could return it and got a flat out no even though it had been 2 days since it arrived. Then I banked some points, put the account on hold for a couple of months to avoid the charge and then decided that I did not want to continue the account because I had two items overall that literally fell apart at the seams with one or two uses, both purses. When I called to cancel, the first time they told me to go online and cancel….did that and it told me to call the number to cancel. Did that and basically had the woman tell me the policy (which I understood from the get go) 3-4 times, to which I stated thank you very much but I’d still like to cancel. The woman on the phone proceeded to get a bit hostile and told me the policy again in less pleasant terms. Told me to check out the new products (which after having paid several months of the monthly fee, and purchased two items that were just poor quality that they would not take back or even give a partial refund, I REALLY had zero desire to spend another dime on their products or their service). I finally told the operator no less than 12 times to PLEASE cancel the account. And she sounded like she might cry, perhaps a ploy or else they treat their employees like crap because I asked as nicely as I could and by the end I was laughing at the hoops I was made to jump through to cancel the account. Once it was done I was reminded of the points I would be losing and how “stupid” it was to let them go. It was all I could do not to just lose it, but I highly doubt the person on the other end of the line would be deserving of that. Like most, she was just doing her job…but there is something seriously wrong with a company that makes it that difficult to cancel. Be leary of any company that charges a monthly fee and doesn’t have a simple cancellation process. Never again. As far as I am concerned this company is an absolute rip off. Stick to Zappo’s or a more reputable company that doesn’t charge you a fee to purchase items on their site. I’d rather pay $40 more once for better quality and a more reputable company. And yes, all online retailers have their issues, but at least with Zappo’s you can get free shipping and they’ll actually take back defective items, esp. after 1 use.

  40. Tracy

    After receiving my first pair of shoes, I realized that this was a scam… they sell nothing but JUNK. I returned the shoes and was SURPRISED to be charged a restocking fee! Ridiculous! For SEVERAL months, I have been going to the website to “skip this month” because I just didn’t feel like calling the 866# to cancel my membership. WELL, I finally called the # a couple of days ago. After going round and round with the JustFab employee (with her endless and shameless sales pitches offering me MORE and MORE “points”) and me repeatedly saying, “No thank you. Just cancel my membership;” the employee finally said, “OK, you’re membership has been canceled. Good Bye.” CLICK…. WHAT??? Where is my confirmation #? Are you going to send me an email confirming my cancellation? SHE JUST HUNG UP ON ME!!! I don’t feel confident that my membership was actually canceled. If I don’t receive some type of confirmation within the next 48 hours, I am going to Better Business Bureau.

  41. Samantha

    Something must have changed since this lawsuit. At the time of my first purchase I was clearly told about the monthy charge and my right to call or click to cancel before the 5th of the month. There was no fine print involved, just a disclaimer before I finished my checkout process. Hope people have a better experience with the site but I didn’t have a problem. I was told what I was signing up for from the start.

    • Erica

      really? i purchased shoes from them around the same time you did, and they didn’t say anything about a monthly charge or cancelling before the 5 of the month, AND i read the order they sent me with my shoes and didn’t see any “monthly” charge of any kind. very upset. calling my bank tomorrow and warning them before the charge gets made. also cancelling my account with this site as well.

      • Kathy

        I’m completely with you Erica,

        I’ve actually been following JustFab for years and only recently did I decide to make a purchase. Never in those years of browsing the site did I EVER come across a mention of a monthly fee, if I did, it was hidden under becoming a VIP member…which I didn’t realize you AUTOMATICALLY became within the FIRST purchase. I’m calling them tomorrow as well, and I’m very disappointed that I’m going to have to suffer through all of this.

      • Erica

        I called them today. The first “fashion consultant” or whatever they want to be called told me I couldn’t get a refund, so I told her to cancel my account. I then called my bank and they told me I had to wait until the transaction goes through, which is tomorrow after 9 AM. My friends called them however, and managed to get a refund, so I called again and THIS time the “consultant” I talked to was willing to give me a refund but couldn’t since I already cancelled my account. She did say, however, that if I report it to my bank, like I was going to, and file a claim, I should get my money back. JUST A HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE OVERALL. Warned all my friends about this site. I will post once I call my bank tomorrow about this whole ordeal, hopefully I can be refunded.

      • Kathy

        Before I did anything I spoke to my bank first, I’m with Compass and my bank was extremely helpful and supportive. They calmed me down and explained that if it didn’t work out with the company they would freeze my account to prevent them from pulling out any money until I gave them the okay to cancel my account altogether. I thanked them and let them know that I would try to make it not come down to that. I then called JustFab, spoke to a consultant on return policies (I was debating whether I should just by two pairs of shoes, return them, and just lose 10 dollar due to to return fees and then immediately delete everything.) When I was specifically told that I would receive my money back I abruptly hung up and called them again, this time going through another option and reaching another representative. This time I told her that I had been a member of JustFab for about 2 years and have always enjoyed browsing their site and was actually rather satisfied with the order I had made a few months ago when they had their “big” sale. I told them that I was bereft and frightened and that I did not have the bank account to support 40 dollars leaving my account monthly! I told them that I’ve been having to constantly tally all of my spending to make every penny count and that I would not be able to afford my living costs for this month if their transaction had gone through. Which is honestly all true! (we’re all in a recession and I’m a poor grad student who bleeds for sales and coupons.) The representative said not to worry and that everything had been taken care of, that I could choose to opt out of a whole year of those monthly membership fees if I preferred, but that the money would go directly back to my credit card. I got a few confirmation e-mails stating this so hopefully this is the end of that problem. I’ll let you know if I get any surprises in my statement. Once my statement is cleared I’m deleting my membership/account from them and keeping a close watch on my statements. I may even delete my entire bank account (as my bank did recommend) in the end just to feel secure. My bank reminded me that they have my entire information (bank account number, etc.) so that makes me feel dreadfully nervous. Thanks to you Erica, I did not delete my account before talking to them, and that made a huge difference, I hope everything works out on your end, good luck!

  42. Erica

    No Problem! I hope everything works out in your favor, my bank has been really supportive as well, and amazing, Just Fab didn’t even cancel my account because I can still sign in and see my credits and everything!! VERY SKETCHY. >:| Going to call ONE MORE time to get this all organized considering the transaction still hasn’t gone through. SUCH A HUGE HEADACHE. and i’m a college student, so I understand the pain of being on a budget. 🙂

  43. Erica

    Oh and my friend, who this happened to at the same time, got her money back in a day! so expect to see the $$$ back soon! 🙂

  44. thea

    I’m sorry that people don’t READ the terms and conditions they agree to, but I don’t see how you can sue when you agreed to it. What scam? It was all laid out in the t&c that you said you agreed to before you submitted your order. Tisk tisk this reminds me of the south park episode when one of the boys doesn’t read and agrees to be part of a human centipede. RESPONSIBILITY, take it for your actions people

    • Anna Ters

      I was well aware I was being charged, as I read the teeny tiny fine print. My issue is that I called and cancelled my account FOUR times, FOUR. Yet they continued to charge me every month. With no access to my CANCELLED account I didn’t even have the ability to skip. So YAY I get to spend 2 hours on the phone every month to get them to reverse what they charge me for an account I don’t have. That is SO WRONG. JUSTFAB should start paying my phone bill.

    • mari

      You must not be seeing where people have said that they entirely cancel their account an are STILL being charged! So they must not be the only ones who can’t Read same too the smart ass who posted at the bottom of the page as well. Yeah maybe someone might not have read the fine print but when they finally figure it out an cancel the account its still charging them..some even stop charging for months then pick back up..so does it also say that..in the fine print..”dont bother canceling your account were still gonna charge you every month no matter what”

  45. kate

    Itoo was scammed by JUSTFAB, I bought a pair of boots in November, 2011 and since have been charged $40 each month (totally $150). The boots I bought on JUSTFAB were poor quality (although they looked good) there was no arch support and made my feet cramp. I asked for a refund/return, which in the end was more hassle than what it was worth. So I decided to throw away the boots and contacted JUSTFAB to express my dissatisfaction, I expressed that I would never be making purchases from them ever again in the future, and at no time did the company inform me that I have to cancel my membership.
    5 months and $150 later, I did cancel my membership – to which I received no email confirmation whatsoever. So, basically, I could also claim that I cancelled my membership in December, 2011 when I declared I would never shop with them again, since there is no proof of membership cancellation provided.
    Dispute the claims with your bank, tell them they were unauthorized charges and report JUSTFAB to your bank to block any future debits.
    Very unsatisfied with the company, and Im happy to see so many people voice their concerns.
    Companies such as this one, affiliated to Kimmora Lee Simmons, take advantage of their members and conceal hidden fees.

  46. Carla Hyman

    Hello! I just spent the last 2 days getting $240 worth of charges back from JustFab.com. They chose the wrong “victim” when they tried to scam me. I got every single dime back! For the person who says that people should read the “terms and conditions”, you are right. However, there is a consideration to be made in terms of deceptive business practices. In my JustFab.com account, under the Billing & Shipping tab there is no record of the 6 months worth of $39.95 charges billed to my card. There is not even a record of the 1 time I actually purchased shoes. They cannot explain what service is being rendered for this 39.95 every month either. I have had memberships with Proactiv and FreeCreditReport.com among others. I knew full well at the time that I was signing up for money to come out of my account on a monthly basis. The only indication of anything on JustFab.com was their “points” but when you click the “?” next to points it doesn’t state clearly that your card has been charged in advance for products. Also, I would expect that a reputable company would send an email when they have actually charged your account. The others do. What will actually come of this is legislation requiring online merchants to change the way that they do business. As for Kimora Lee – we trusted JustFab because we trusted her. I won’t buy anything of hers now. Fight for every dime back!

    • Sophie Chung

      Hi carla, I’m in a same position and apparently i was charged for last three months without knowing ($119.85) could you please help me how i could deal with this situation? i’ve called justfab but theyre saying the same thing as to other people about how they cannot refund the money and that they can only give back the charge for july worth of 39.95…. and I’ve called the bank about this situation but they said they have no right to dispute these charges since i agreed to their terms/conditions….

  47. Lauren

    I recently purchased 3 pairs of shoes from justfab.com and got them all half off. When they came in they were exactly what I ordered. They were for my bridesmaids for my wedding in June. I didn’t have any problems with the process info when I signed up. I hate that it wasn’t so obvious to everyone. I see how you could forget about the skip this month part since you only have 5 days to do it. I havent yet had to return anything. So hopefully I won’t have problems with that. But so far I have no complaints about it. The shoes are awesome. lol

  48. Teresa

    i just received my shoes from them today and saw the deal where it states that you have to make a selection by the 5th of the month if not that by the 6th you will automatically be charged $39.95 anyways. Then it also states that if you dont like any of the selection this “specialized professionals”made for you you can press skip this month and you wont get charged. My deal is am concerned since i just know saw all the bad reviews against them and i tried cancelling my account but it says i have to call them directly…should i just go ahead and call my bank or deal with them first i mean i dont want them to keep my card number without a confirmation number in return since all of the above say they didnt receive a confirmation number what should i do?

    • Dekya

      If you no longer want the service, then all you need to do is contact their customer service to cancel your membership.

  49. Soma

    I had a pair of shoes for 19.99$ in October 2011. Yesterday, while going through my credit card bills noticed the charge, and then went through my previous bills and notice the same every month since October. I had not signed in for any monthly membership, I like many of you out here have not authorized them to make monthly charges on my credit card, I have never received any notification from them about my card being charged or any ebills. Since, it was 2.00 am in the night, I couldn’t cancel my membership with them, I had to wait till today to do it. What deceptive practice. I logged a complaint with better business beurea yesterday, and realized there are many of us who have been scammed by their practice. I called in to cancel my membership today, and asked them for a refund, the CR started giving her marketing jumbo jumbo…which was an insult to the injury, and refused to refund me anything, instead offered credits. Their product is crap…very low quality stuff…why would I spend anymore on that kind of product knowingly. The CR had the audacity to say, that if I refused to hear her marketing pitch, she can’t cancel my account. What audacity, they scam me off my money and then they have the courage to waste my time. I hung up and called back in to get my cancellation number. I am going to work with better business beurea to try getting my 200$ back. I am amazed by their deceptive practice and so totally angry about falling trap to such a thing.

    • Dekya

      FYI:You need to read clearly to have a better undrstanding before you give your personal info to anyone. That complaint will get thrown out or at least it should because it’s your fault for not paying full attention to the services you were going to recieve or for even paying attention to your account, really $200 SMDH. You can’t blame no one but SOMA!!

      • Christina

        Yea you think you are smart to accusing people about not reading those teeny tiny fine terms and conditions written by punk ass people who intentionally tried to hide that info of charging $39.95? Are you working for JustFab?

      • stella

        justfab sucks. stop trying to defend them. just be quiet and stop accusing people of not reading the fine print carefully and what not.we dont need you telling us what we already know and experienced. yeah, we made a mistake by ordering from a site we all trusted and in the end turned out to be a scam. anyways, dekya, just SHUT UP

  50. Ty Butler

    I totally agree but thanks to being observative and watching my account I caught the charge and called Just Fab instantly because I knew I didnt purchase any shoes that particular day (March) but had $39.99 deducted off my debit card, I was absolutely disgusted and told the rep what if thats all I had in my account and you guys are just going to take it upon yourselves to deduct money off my card without me even knowing. Then she explains how each month I have to log-in and skip the month by the 5th or it will charge your card. (This is totally bogus) I tried to cancel my suscription online a few days before this even happen and apparently it won’t let you cancel online like it claims!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. Dekya

    Well I dont know how people are getting information misconstrued, because after your first purchase it clearly stated that you have to skip the month in order for an item from your personal boutique to not get charged to your account. Im surprised this went as far as a lawsuit, I see some lawyers aren’t smater than a 5th grader, SMH. Everyone knows you have to read the fine print or at least contact thier customer service(which is FABULOUS) to get a better understanding if there is any confusion(BEFORE YOU MAKE A PURCHASE). Anywho I LOVE JustFab and I know this lawsuit isnt going further than a blog or an absurd post on FB. S/O to JustFAB : )

  52. theycallmemrsQ

    I’m not understanding why these are even posted or why a lawsuit has even been filed. Before applying your credit card number ANWHERE online, you should read the fine print. Period. Just because you get the “wow, those shoes are WAY cute; where to I sign up?” feeling, doesn’t mean you jump the gun, pay for them and not READ. No, I don’t work for the company or anything like that. You have to understand that with these types of deals as shoes are generally more expensive than what is listed, they are going to label them cheaper and have a “membership fee” to keep their prices low. It’s logistics and straight forward business. I have not had a single issue with any company such as justfab.com. My point is, just read next time. Thanks & I’m off my soap box now.

  53. theycallmemrsQ

    AAAND just in case you Anxious Annies didn’t read it, here it is:

    As a JustFab VIP Member, you will be required to take action by the 5th day of every month by selecting one of the Monthly Options described below. These options can be selected through your online account or by calling customer service at 1-866-337-0906. You also may cancel your JustFab VIP Membership at any time. If you do not select the ‘Skip This Month’ option, the ‘Send Me New Options’ option or cancel your membership by the 5th day of the month, your credit card will be billed $39.95 for that month. If you select ‘Send Me New Options’, our JustFab stylists will send you new shoe, handbag, or other fashion accessory options within five (5) business days. You will then have an additional five (5) days to either select an item for purchase or choose to ‘Skip This Month’. Unless you choose to “Skip This Month” by the deadline, your credit card will be billed $39.95 for that month.

    Thank you; i’ll be here all week.

  54. Queenie

    YEAY!!! Just Fab charged me for months and months without me even knowing that I was paying them for anything. The offer they had used to lure me had said “Try your first pair for just $19.99” There was absolutely nothing mentioned about being automatically enrolled into a shoe club. When I got the shoes they were honestly just awful and such poor quality that the whole thing took the wind out of me and I thought “Oh well, I’ll chalk it up to a bad deal.” Little did I know that they were billing me month after month after month until one day I’m looking at my statement and much to my horror I see charges for $39.99 for Just Fab. I thought maybe it was a mistake or something. I would never join a shoe club to pick heels every single month for life! Nor do I want the hassle of having to remember to “opt out” every month. What a stupid program. If I need shoes I want to just order them or go out and shop for them but don’t enroll me secretly into your little society and claim that I should have known because I should have read your 3000 word terms and conditions before checking out on my order. Now that is a scam! Very disappointing and I felt so terribly misled.

  55. Jane Phillips

    I am laughing how the company has tried to do damage control by sending out their goons to terrorize people for writing their honest reviews about their horrible experiences with Just Fab. No matter how you try to blame it on the customer, the company is a lying, sneaking, stealing, conniving company. A company or brand can never survive when you manage to upset just about every customer you get because you deceived them into purchasing. Say straight up what the deal is, don’t sneak from behind with a small print terms and conditions page that can be edited at will. Say what the deal is from the get go. You pay for this and you get that. If it smells like rotten fish its a dirty vagina! Sue them for taking our hard earned cash! Sue that greedy heifer for stealing people’s hard earned money. I hope the company vanishes never to return. What a load!

  56. Edna I Betances-Harold

    I was totally amazed at all the hits this subject has gotten…I was the one that started the class action lawsuit against JustFab shoes!

    And to the person that says to read the fine print…

    I would have if it had been there!-

    Oh! and I have got the papers to prove it !(wanna copy?)-

    Anyhow! Misleading it WAS! DECEPTIVE! absolutely! They may have cleaned up thier act but from what I am reading does not sound like it.

    Enjoy! your shoes!- Edna

    • Erin

      So what is the status of the lawsuit? It has been 2 years and it seems that they are still in the business of scamming people.

  57. Lynne

    The keyword here is “deceptive.” Who’s going to go through SEVERAL paragraphs of very fine print to be aware of this? Yes, it does say it on the site, but you need a magnifying glass & the patience of a monk to come across it. The company is aware of this & they do nothing to make it better. Bottom Line: If anyone in their right mind actually had an effective caution brought to their attention about the monthly charge, NOT NEARLY AS MANY PEOPLE would have signed up for it.

    On a more personal note, I made a phonecall back in December ’11 to these people & cancelled my account… Conveniently it was NOT documented- I learned this when I saw monthly charges being made on my bank account (a DIFF. account then what I originally signed up with.) So I called the co., & the girl said I never cancelled. I did. I was not given a number of affirmation or anything. This woman, a sordid soldier of Just Fab like they all are, told me I could not get a refund back, & tried to pitch me even more, talking straight for a few minutes. There’s no use in arguing with a rock… So I’m going through the Better Business Bureau. Damn shoes & purses aren’t even worth it- I’ve got bigger priorities.

  58. Jennifer Thurlow

    In may this year I bought my wedding shoes from just fab.com. My first pair got lost in the mail, which wasn’t their fault so I called them and the woman I spoke with was very nice, she told me a new pair would be sent out with no additional charge to me. So I was satisfied and received my shoes a couple days later. June rolls around an I was charged te $40 again and assumed they charged me for the second pair, even though I only received one pair. So I called and spoke with a man about this, he tried explaining the VIP program to me and he mumbled a lot so I didn’t get it, he also seemed to laugh at me when I got frustrated and confused by what he was saying. I told him that all I wanted was te refund. He told me that was fine and that the money woul be back in the account in 5 days. Being told that it was taken care of I was under the impression that I wouldn’t be billed anymore. I didn’t realize that signing up to buy one pair of shoes automatically made you part of this stupid shoe club. So July came around just recently and again I was charged. I called yet again and was very calm and nice to the woman I just asked to get the refund and then get my account cancelled. She told me that since I have already been refunded once I can’t be refunded again! She explained the VIP program to me much more clearly to me than the man I spoke with in June. So now that I understood exactly what I got myself into I was very upset. I asked to speak with her superviser and she told me no one was available and that I should call back later. I immediately hung up with her and called yet again. The next woman I spoke with asked me for my info an instead of giving that to her I asked to speak with a superviser and my call was forwarded to a superviser right away.. Haha so much for no one being available right?? At first the superviser was very nice, until she noticed I’ve already been refunded once. She told me it was my fault for not reading the terms and conditions. He put all the blame on me like I was the one scamming her! This was the first time I heard this site mentioned as being a “shoe club”. I shouldnt be speaking to a superviser to know that. Something like that should be on their home page in BIG BOLD FONTS! I was amazed at how this superviser was treating me. I’ve worked in customer service before, and one of te mottos was “the customer is always right”. Even though I, and almost every other person didn’t read their 5000 worded terms and conditions, I should have been refunded so that they don’t have angry customers. An abundance of angry customers results in this, a lawsuit. Rip off enough people and it will get back at you. The least they could have done was keep the customers happy and give them their money back and offer to cancel the account. Dont be rude and argue with a customer and blame them. If there are this many people complaining, it’s clearly
    A problem! Just fab.com should make some major changes to their site or they should be shut down.

  59. New Spender

    I just signed up for JustFab and I read MANY times over and over again all over their site about how it works and what I should expect. I also read the fine print on their sales as you cannot return, refund, or exchange any items that you buy on sale. I have not had any problems so far and I do not know what their site was like before this, but I for one made sure to read all terms and conditions as I am weary of ANY site that I give my payment information to. As of now, I think it is an awesome service and I hope to have good experiences. My only concern is the quality as I have read many “complaints” about this but I have also read easy return stories at the same time (as long as they were not purchased on sale). Time will tell, but I do appreciate everyone who has shared their experiences (good or bad!).

  60. Keyonna

    Ok I can clearly see that most of the people that have had problems with this site signed up some several months ago. I signed up with Justfab in October of last year and bought my first pair of boots from them that same month. I checked all over their website for their terms and conditions before making my purchase and I didn’t find anything about their monthly fee. It’s been 9 months since I last did anything with their websites but when I went to check my bank account today I noticed they had taken $39.95 from my account. When I called them up to figure out what the heck was up they told me they have been trying to take out my monthly VIP fee for 9 months but it kept declining. I knew that this was a lie because whenever a payment was declined on my card my bank sends me an email. I got absolutely no notification of any kind that they were trying to take money out. They also told me that they sent out monthly emails to remind me to skip the months billing but when i searched through my emails i found nothing but the email i got when i first joined and when i made my first purchase. When i called them up we were on the phone for almost two hours because the rep. kept trying to tell me that the fee was mentioned in the terms and conditions and my account kept declining the payment until today and the only thing i could do was buy something from the site or save it for store credit. I had to hang up and call again in order to get some one that was actually willing to help me. You have to cancel your account to get a refund but here’s what’s really funny about this place, once you cancel your VIP shit service they offer you a “pay as you go” account where there is no monthly fee and you just bu stuff whenever…..umm… yea why didn’t they offer that in the first place?

  61. Joe

    I wonder if I can join this lawsuit. Justfab took totally $260 monthly charges before I noticed. The lost money is not a big problem, but I just want make this fraudulent business closed ASAP, before more people get cheated.

  62. Heather

    I had a problem with this company a few months ago…I didn’t realize they were taking money from my account until July. They gave me a “courtesy credit” for one month but I had to use the rest of the money on their site. I was NOT happy but had no other choice. Last month I missed the “skip this month” feature and I called to see what to do about it. They told me it was too late to skip, I told them to cancel my account. Yesterday I got a text from my bank saying that $39.95 had been taken out of my account. I just got off the phone with a representative and a supervisor and they both told me that my account was marked that my transaction for August was canceled and that I wanted to keep my account open. WTF???? I told them to CANCEL the account. They are suppose to review the call that I made last month and call me back…we’ll see. In the mean time I am posting this in as many places as possible. I am only asking for a refund of $39.95 and to cancel my account.

  63. ashley

    everyone who has a problem with justfab clearly is eliterate ….all you have to is read its not only in the terms and conditions but on the 2nd check out page before you confirm your order all u have to do is READ its simple !

    • Lisa

      How can you call people “illiterate” when you can’t even spell the word? You also clearly don’t take your own advice and “READ”, many people were charged AFTER canceling their accounts. Btw, don’t ignore that little red line that appears under what I’m assuming is every word that you type, it means that something is wrong with your spelling/grammar.

  64. Linda

    I just want to say a big “WOW” to the customers who are using JustFab as a scapegoat for their stupidity.

    Their monthly charge is CLEARLY written in their Terms of Service.
    They also give instructions on how to opt out of their automatic charge AND they tell you that you won’t be charged if you opt out by the fifth day of the month. Also, they state that there is free shipping but a re-stocking fee of about $5.

    You should ALWAYS read the Terms of Service before agreeing to anything! Saying “Who reads that stuff?” or “It’s hidden in very fine print.” is a POOR EXCUSE. I mean, really? It’s your fault for saying you agree to terms you didn’t even read.

    It sounds like their customer service did a fine job handling all this stupidity. They did what they could without being completely pushed over. Customer is always right? No. They’re not. I know, because I work in a similar field. I swear, if I were the person dealing with complaints of things that could have been easily avoided had they just read the Terms like they were SUPPOSED to… I would wanna slap a person through the phone.

    I’ve had worse customer service at “trusted” companies like DISH and AT&T.. they are the ones who “can’t” give refunds to unsatisfied customers….not gonna rant about that, but I definitely give props to JustFab for selling good shoes at good prices and, again, dealing with stupidity.


    Now, if you’d excuse me, I’m going to go enjoy my new shoes and hope that stupid people don’t try to close down this company. I think the people smart enough to read the terms and opt out every month shouldn’t lose cute shoes because of other people.

    • Kathy

      Im sure you were paid from this despicable company to write a reply salvaging what is even left of their reputation.

  65. hw

    I just experienced the worst online shopping. As I am not an English speaker, my complaints to them about their poor customer service was just ignored and I lost around $ 100.

    The below is my story, with not much of the details, but It would be nice if someone can actually upload my story on their blog, or twitters. I dont have my own…

    So, even after their misleading process about the monthly membership fee, like everyone here has bad experiences, I decided to keep my account with them and just “skip the month” because I thought their items were pretty nice.

    I bought 2 boots and 2 purses, but I had to return the boots for exchange (sizes were wrong, really bad smell, cheaply made). The purses were ok. However that second order for exchange was cancelled, and I was never informed about it. When I realized that I did still not received any of the refund or exchanges, I called them in. At first, a nice representative said that it was cancelled because they dont have the items in stock and that I can get two more items and they would waive my shipping fee for my next order. However, the next day, when I checked my account with them again, another representative told me(so rude) that I cannot get the money back or credits for second item because it was on sale.

    Think about it. I chose their company for the deal. When it was for the exchanging order, I was allowed to have 2 new items instead of the 2pairs of boots(which I already sent them back) from the first order, but now I can have only one pair of shoes because the second item was on sale.

    Since I live in Canada, I also paid for shipping fee ($9 twice) and $22 at Canadian Custom.
    Basically, I paid $150 for just two small cheap purses and they wouldnt do anything for the other pair of boots.

    If I was allowed to exchange two pairs of boots with other two pairs of shoes,. why not now when that exchange was cancelled because of their fault?
    Also, I made these orders on the phone, so they could have let me know about any differences before. I would have just kept them or exchange with other items that they have “in stock”, if I knew it would turn out this way.

    It is not like I asked for refund, so the deal should have remained the same. Don’t you think?

    What would you do if you were me? any advices?

  66. DORA

    theres this shoes that ive been waitting but it doesnt let me see them it just keeps poping up diff shoes over and over how can i see all of them…

  67. Meika

    I came across JustFab for the first time this afternoon so I wanted to do some research. The people complaining about being billed after cancelling, and the other legitimate complaints are enough to stop me from joining so I’m glad I did some due diligence.

    The simpletons whining that they didn’t know they would be billed monthly are cracking me up though. I figured that out in the first two minutes. It’s called reading people. I guess you let your greed lead you to join without stopping to consider why you might be getting such a great deal on all of those shoes and purses huh? Too bad so sad. You’re the kind of people who buy things you can’t afford and then expect a government bailout while you take absolutely ZERO responsibility for your actions aren’t you? It’s no wonder everything is so screwed these days.

  68. SayWhat

    What kind of idiots are you? I’m a member of JustFab and the registration process absolutely DOES say that you are signing up for a club that has recurring monthly fees. WHY would they have your credit card information if YOU didn’t GIVE it to them after they ASKED AND TOLD you that it would be stored for future use? lol You morons. Get a life and read everything before you just GIVE away your personal information. I predict this suit will FAIL and I pray so. How greedy and opportunistic.

    • Christina

      Some people are just ridiculous. They think that they can get away with everything just by complaining and trying to fight Customer Service when it’s all in the Terms and Conditions and in their “About JustFab” section.

  69. Shez

    Justfab isn’t that bad. First of all no heels are beautiful and comfortable. ESP. At 5inches, second, read the TOS, you were opted in automatically because you bought it , making you a VIP member. And if you skipped a day or few hrs before the fifth day ended then of course you will be charged. Also, if you are being charged after you “cancelled” your account then you didn’t go through the painful process and yes–if you’ve been charged already they won’t refund the money– get over your complaints, don’t sign up to sites without reading moreso, I’m still with the site and it’s so easy to log on and skip the month…..a monkey could do it. And of course there is a restocking fee– why wouldn’t there be? It isn’t a department store– where within the price you pay for everything, it all gets done.

  70. Christina

    I don’t understand why people are complaining about what they signed up for. By simply reading the Terms and Conditions and the FAQs page, it says how their company works. It even says “No Obligation to Buy. Just Skip The Month To Avoid A Membership Charge.” Just going online and clicking the “SKIP THIS MONTH” button isn’t that hard to remember.

    I have purchased from JustFab a few times and I’ve never had an issue with their customer service or with my purchases. Who can honestly say that they have worn a pair of comfortable 5 inch heels for $40? YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. The purses aren’t all that bad either and they have lasted way longer then I had thought they would.

    Quit complaining about what you signed up for and it really does help to go through the website reading the FAQs and the T&C page. People these days.

  71. Vanessa

    All of you whiners are a bunch of idiots. If you had read the T&C when you signed up it clearly states that you will be charged $39.95 each month unless you make a purchase or choose to skip by the 5th. I just signed up for this a few weeks ago and noticed right away. And even if you are charged the fee, it is actually a credit towards your next purchase. You can’t blame other people for your own negligence.

    Justfab is just fine. Not the best quality shoes but there are a lot of options and great deals. Just don’t be dumb like these people and not understand what you signed up for and then get mad at other people for it.

  72. beth

    I have read all the comments. I too didn’t see the terms till it was too late.However my issue is a little diff. I had foot surgery and lost some toes due to this.I have called several times because I returned a poorly made pair of boots before any of this happened.They told me I would get credit. After the surgery I called (today)and told them that I was going to have to cancel.She seemed nice enough but is keeping it (account) open so I can buy something w/ my credit.I even told her I was on a very fixed income and just didn’t want it kept open.I got the speech over and over.SO. Tomorrow I am going to my bank and putting a block on my checking account from them and changing my account # and getting a new check card.I am terrified I will get my statement next month and have a charge on it. I am taking NO CHANCES with this. I am willing to bite the $20.00 credit at this point.I just wanna be done with them.Their products are ‘cheap’. Shame on Kimora. She wears her $2000.00 shoes and turns around and sells us crap. Good Luck to all of you!!

  73. Sonya Keeney

    I did read all the terms and conditions of Justfab. I was fine with it. Then I was laid off. I AM UNEMPLOYED. Their website also says I can cancel at any time. I have skipped months that they charged me for and I have called twice and they won’t let me cancel. I lived up to the terms and conditions when I signed up believing I could cancel anytime and they won’t let me. The first person, a male told me I was cancelled. Then I was charged 2 more time. The second woman I spoke with said I cannot get a refund and if I cancel now they will keep my money. She also said there is no record of my first call. Convenient for them. So I am buying crap I dont want need nor can afford and have no clue if I can get them to cancel after that.

    • Samara

      Hey, can u please tell me how to skip the month? i can’t find the option for it on the website.

  74. Lisa in Sacto.

    I just happened to come across this intriguing blog while researching the company as I was (note past tense) interested in what looked like some very cute shoes at great prices.

    What gave me pause on ordering anything was the way the business was structured. The T&C was clear, but it seemed to leave open potential for “inadvertent” errors. It also certainly did not give me any confidence that Kimora Simmons is behind this venture. I cannot know what her scruples are, but she appears to be driven and ambitious (not necessarily in a positive way) and has a large number of detractors based on her treatment of others.

    That said, I am avoiding JustFab for any purchase, due mainly to the postings above. Besides, I can find many of the exact same styles on heels.com for $20 more as an option if I feel I must get a particular item. As far as I know, there is no refund problem with them if I don’t like the shoes, nor am I somehow made an automatic member of some club if I buy anything from them. (And no, I am not a shill for them.)

    One final note: I need to mention that most of the posters here (both pro and con) are clearly not your typical semi-literate Internet surfer. I found the posts to be generally eloquent and well-written. Perhaps those of us who are shoe crazy are a cut above average?

  75. Ellie


    I just made my first purchase on JustFab yesterday, RIGHT before finding this…and now I am worried sick. I am going to wait for the transaction to go through, then call & make the best effort to cancel.

    I may also go to my bank and cancel my credit card just to avoid them charging me anything. I’m really scared right now…

    Any advice from anyone?

    I’m so glad I found this information sooner than later, but I’m also so frustrated that I was stupid enough to take Michelle Phan’s word and not read the fine print.

    • Christina

      It’s okay if it was your first purchase there. They charge you from the next month so you might wanna call JustFab so that you won’t be charged.

  76. Darian Washington

    This is a scam!!!!!! Asi type this we are on the phone with Just Fab and they are giving us the hardest time… this is ridiculous! I can not believe they refuse to not refund our money or at least give a credit. Times are hard they can not continue to get away eith this.


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