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30 Responses

  1. Vanessa Hinkle

    I reported a person who was trying to scam me on the internet. This person was pretendig to be someone else. The someone else is a man I am in love with and is in the Army in Afganastan. I reported that someone was pretending to Major Chris Zecchini. The real Major Chris Zecchini IS NOT THE SCAMMER. I had expressed to Chris that there were times we were talking and it didn’t seem to be him. I would send him messages and he would not get them. Some one had to have been hacking into his account and intercepting them. Chris and I came up with a code we needed to use when we signed in so we would know that we were atlking to the right person. The reason why I now someone else was doing it, is because Chris was hurt and in the hospital and this other person contacted me. The doctors wouldn’t even let Chris talk to me at that time. Please if there is anything you can do to clear name please do it. I have lost the love of my life because of some jerk! Please contact me if you need ny more informstion. Vanessa Hinkle

    • S

      I started getting messages on my facebook from someone claiming to be Chris Zecchini . Could you help me? I thought it was kind of strange getting this person out of the blue. I have been leery ever since he first contacted me.

    • linda

      vanessa, i know you don’t know me but i wil let you know i’m talking to chris almost everyday. i had asked him about you and he told me you and him were not together that you and him broke up about 2 months ago. i’m sorry about what happened but he is doing good.

      • linda

        vanessa if you could please email me bc i have pictures of him and you can tell me if this is him or not, bc if not then there is still someone posing as him. thank you

    • laurie


      I have also been talking to Chris. I have pictures. Can you give me your e-mail so that you could verify if it’s the REAL him? I would really appreciate it.

      • diane blair

        well he is still at it now. i have been talking to him since 2011, july. since then i have been contacted by several other victims and whenever i quizz him he claims his account has been hacked. his latest victim is 63 years old, i have received threats from him saying i have ruined his career, his boss has threateened to sack him and that i have been blackmailing him. he is a scammer

  2. Debbie Holland

    I contacted a guy claiming to be in the Army through Christian Mingle.com and stated that his parents were killed in 9/11 attack and he wanted me to send him a gift for his birthday and it was to be routed through a guy by the name of Richy Ofori and his name was William Penoleton James. Mr. James claims he is at Camp Liberty and should be coming home in August. So then on March 25th I was requested to send $4835 to Mr. Ofori in Accra Ghana via Western Union and then again on the 30th of March, I was asked to send another $4250 via Western Union to Mr. Ofori again. So then at that point I was told I was being scammed and I hadn’t heard about the scams from Ghana. Naive more than likely, Then I was contacted by Dr. Robert Williams from Accra, Ghana and he was claiming that he was true and honest and so on, then requested me to seng more money of another $2800 and another $500 to insure the box that supposedly contained $350,000, Mr.James medals and some diamonds. I have told them so many times that I am not sending them anymore money.Then Dr. William called again last week and I refused to answer his call. I have a copy of all his supposed credentials that he sent me via email. So I am totally distraught over the fact I was taken for almost $9200. Unreal, anyhow, thank you for taking my comment and complaint. Debbie Holland

    • Derek O'Brien

      Debbie, the Ghana locked box, Dr Williams and Western Union scams have been around for ages, several years in fact.

      Sorry, honey, the smokescreen they use is perfect, you will never see your money again.

      I know it hurts, but get over it; remember you woke up in time and sent no more. Try to forget, and be less trusting of such things.

  3. Tyler Krajicek

    I was contacted by a scammer using the name of Sandra Williams on both zoosk and yahoo, She said her parent died in a car accident when she was little. Eventually got stuck in Nigeria, and is trying to get out of Nigeria just by going after people’s money, said she had an administrative job as a banker, which is so not true, which if so, she wouldn’t have to go after people’s money. She asked me first for $263, just to get her out of Nigeria, and second of all she ask for for $610, because she said when she was in starvation when she really wasn’t. The scammer also asked me to send her the money via western union, which I did because I thought she was good news, when she’s really the worst news you can get depending on how much money you can lose. To tell the truth, someone who I know personally accidently sent me an invitation to the zoosk dating website, and in the first place I thought the zoosk invitation got sent to me on purpose, which forced me to make 2 moneygrams. One for $263 and one for $610. If only I would of never had accidently received the invitation to join the zoosk dating website, I would of saved the $873, I sure hope there is a legal way to get the $873 back, now that I have contacted the state attorney general. I live in Salina Kansas, the north central part of Kansas, can this comment/note please be sent the state attorney general of Kansas, and I hope it’s all legal for me to get my money back. I lost that money totally on accident because the invitation to zoosk got sent to me on accident. Thank you so much for taking my comment and complaint, and contact me if you need more information. Thank You Tyler Krajicek

  4. Tyler Krajicek

    The Sandra Williams scammer, also got me a yahoo account, scammed me on yahoo messenger, and scammed me for money on yahoo messenger just as well as she did on zoosk. She actually asked me for the money on the yahoo account she signed me up for, just by chatting with me on yahoo messenger. The e-mail address she contacted me on is [email protected], which is the account you used to contact me on both zoosk and yahoo. Just as well it’s the account she used to scam just by contacting me on zoosk, and scamming me on yahoo, asking me for over a thousand dollers via western union.

  5. Kandi Gabrielsen

    I’ve been scammed out of $57.93 by GrantAssist.com, they led me to believe I would recieve a CD showing me how to apply for government grants for $2.97 which had been charged to my account. However an additional $57.93 had been charged as well without notification nor authorization!

  6. Trish

    I took a job for what I believed to be Deer Park Roofing, looked them up on line and saw they were on Angie’s List so I thought this was fine. It has turned out to be a check cashing scam. I have the names of all the people I contacted, copies of the checks and all emails and some addresses. The checks even came from a car dealership so I though this was on the level. I am fighting with Bill Miles now to get my money back. Marco Rea, EMIN GADJIEV, Charlie P. Rose, Diana R Alvarez, John Chirip and Wayne Hutchinson are also the people involved in this. These are the names of the people I was to send the money to.

  7. edwin ambalada

    this http://www.sageorder.cpm scammed me of $1605.00. i ordered items from them and they asked me to send the payment via western union. i payed them $1100.00 and waited for my items. after waiting for i week i emailed them and they told me to send another $550.00 because the china customs hold my items because i have to pay for taxes. i payed them the money and they told me that i will receive the shipment in 3-5 days. but now its been 3 months already and no items or refund was given to me. i’ve been e-mailing them but they do not reply anymore. i hope somebody could help me. thatnks

  8. Cindy Hernandeze

    Starting Aug 17th a man posing as a solder in Iraq stated sending me email , saying how he would like to meet me. after a lot of emails ,which I answered now he was wanting me to open up a account and put in some money then he would put in some money .I opened up a account . and ended up telling my good friend ,who let my parents know ,he never did get the money but keep e-mailing me

  9. Robert

    Glucosulin does not work for weight loss….its an over priced fiber and a Scam to get your creditcard # and get you to pay shipping and handling…..I had told them on two recorded phone calls that I was not interested in any other offers they were trying to push on me and what did they do, Sent me the Savings2go in the mail and then tried to charge me $14.95 mebership fee. It is straight up fraud! they had aught to be thrown in jail on racketeering charges. I had to cancel my credit card file fraud…If there is a class action suit going on in the future against Glucosulin or Savings2go i would be very interested in getting in on that

  10. Tyler Krajicek

    The scammer’s e-mail address who contacted me 6 months ago on zoosk and yahoo is [email protected]. Hope that scammer will go out of business now, that I’ve reported her a handful of times, also is there a way I can get my $873.11 back, that I’ve turned her in to authorities?

  11. Tyler Krajicek

    so sorry for the typhographical error with the scammer’s e-mail address I accidentally typed wrong back last July, and for forgetting to type in the word now in between the words back and that, and my last comment I typed ont this site.

  12. Derek O'Brien

    I sent an email with 10 pages of Google listings with Scambook on 30 December, my credit card account was refunded 4 January.
    Of course I closed original account and got a new card. If the goods do arrive in the mail, I will return them unopened, then they pay return postage. So all I lost was original postage charges.

    But I will still go ahead with my complaint to State of Utah, Department of Commerce, Division of Consumer Protection.

  13. Mona

    They harrasse you. I got tricked. God dont like ugly. Out of my info and 100.00 Their phone numbers are diffrent everytime. One is, call and see 12022807071. Ask about their pay dayloan see if you get lied to. You will. They swear oh we help you. They are going to hell.Watch and see. They want to be smart yet so dum.. O.k.keep on they will see..God dont sleep.

  14. Mona

    Continuation The scammers, Called Advancedpaydayloan number varies one is12022807071 You get nothing. Something should stop this…..

  15. Mona

    If you see advance pay day loan run away. Dont think do it. This happen yesterday. I have no money. I have no thing to say. God will handle it. O.k. Not good. Im staying calm.

  16. albert glinbizzi

    this russian girl got my email somehow and scamed me out of $2500.said she was in love with me and need help to come to the USA,she has a work visa and needed money for the plaine ticket and she was now stuck in moscow,and she couldn”t go back home,and after 2 months of email she gained my trust and I gave it to her,she gave me a copy of her passport and other photo too,I never heard from her again.Her Name Walerija Koromosylowa,

  17. albert

    this russian girl scamed me out $2500.said she was falling in love me and wanted help from me so she can come to the usa,she has a work visa,and needed money for the plain ticket,

  18. Quora

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    Our Scambook Investigators work hard every day to respond to every single complaint. They respond to hundreds of complaints a day, but if they have not responded to you yet they will respond soon. In the meantime, you may want to consider filing a comp…

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    […] Contact your state’s Attorney General’s Office or the National Association of State Charity Officials (NASCO) to check whether or not a charity is officially registered.  This will give you a better idea if your money or supplies are going to the right place.  Websites like guidestar.org and charitynavigator.org are also great resources you can use to research legitimate charities. […]


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