Ever buy an “As Seen on TV” product and feel ripped off when you actually get your hands on it? When a gimmicky product seems like a scam, it usually is — especially if it’s sold on a late night TV infomercial.

But smart shoppers know there’s an exception to every rule. Consumers on Reddit recently compiled a list of quality products that aren’t too good to be true. In spite of the bold claims and tacky infomercial marketing, reviewers say these products are worth the money.

So set aside your skepticism and check out our favorites! These 8 products may sound like a scam, but reviewers say you’ll be pleasantly surprised.


1. Detergent Pods

Paying extra for laundry detergent in individual wrappers? Sounds like a scam, but it isn’t. Experts agree that most consumers use too much detergent when they do a load of laundry. (Aside from the waste, leftover soap residue can irritate sensitive skin if you’re an allergy sufferer.)

Detergent pods ensure that you’re using just the right amount. Plus, if you have to drag your hamper to a shared laundry room or laundromat, detergent pods are a convenient alternative to a large bottle or box of soap.


2. Rain-X

Rain-X is a spray-on treatment for car windows that helps repel rain and increase visibility during harsh weather conditions. When applied properly according to the directions, RainX causes the rain to bead and roll off your windshield without the use of wipers.

Rain-X seems gimmicky, but this product has been available for years and many drivers swear by it.


3. Magic Bullet

If you’ve ever watched late night TV, you’ve probably seen ads for the Magic Bullet blender. Most smart shoppers know that infomercials are usually a huge red flag; a number of “As Seen on TV” products don’t live up to their claims, or the companies selling them pile on extra fees buried in the fine print. But the Magic Bullet is a consistently top-rated blender.

4. The Thundershirt

Got a skittish pet? The Thundershirt is a specially designed vest that helps reduce anxiety in dogs and cats. If your pet freaks out during thunderstorms, car rides or any other scenario, the Thundershirt will calm them by applying strategic body pressure. Reviewers say it really works.


5. Annualcreditreport.com

BBPKF6 Credit cards close up

Here at the Scambook Blog, we’re big fans of Annualcreditreport.com. Unlike other credit reporting websites, Annualcreditreport.com is completely free.

You’ll receive your credit report from TransUnion, Equifax and Experian (the three major credit reporting bureaus in the US).

There are no hidden fees or automatic subscriptions like the charges associated with other so-called “free” credit reporting sites.

Consumers are eligible for one free credit report every 12 months. Get yours by visiting www.annualcreditreport.com.





6. Oxi Clean

Another infamous infomercial product, Oxi Clean has become the butt of jokes and parodies. But it’s actually a very effective cleaning product. Reviewers praise Oxi Clean for its ability to remove stains, scrub grout lines and whiten laundry.


7. Dollar Store Cleaning Supplies

If you’ve ever shopped at your local Dollar Tree or 99 Cents Only store, you’ll know that some of their products aren’t the highest quality. But most dollar store cleaning supplies are a too-good-to-be-true value. Smart shoppers particularly love LA’s Totally Awesome all-purpose cleaner.


8. StraightTalk

StraightTalk is a wireless phone carrier that claims to slash the monthly costs of other service providers. As one Redditor described, “I seriously only pay $45 a month for unlimited everything for my Google Nexus 4 and also get great service since I have a AT&T compatible SIM card with them. Basically my service runs off of AT&T towers just without me having to pay $100 a month.”


Have You Been Surprised by a Too-Good-to-be-True Product?

Have you ever been surprised by a late night infomercial product or an item that simply seemed too good to be true? Help us add to our list and share your reviews in the comments.

Remember, if you need to file a complaint about a product or service that didn’t live up to your expectation, click here to submit a free report on Scambook.


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  1. Missy

    I’ve used the detergent pods by purex since they came out… I love them and got my daughter to use them as her teenagers help with the laundry and she was going through so much liquid… they do a great job and her laundry seems much brighter… I also use Oxiclean for a lot of things … even in my carpet cleaner… works great just put some in the blender with cool water and mix it up good them it’s good to go plus it really gets the stains out in my carpets.. use dollar trees brand of lime away on my showers and bath and works as good as lime away…


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