You’ve found a great deal on some football or concert tickets. It’s a steal! But that tiny voice in your head says ‘wow this is too good to be true’. Sorry to say, but it probably is.

Moral of this story, think smart!

Most of the time, ticket scams involve a third-party. Whether through craigslist or in person, you’re taking a chance on buying those really amazing tickets at a really amazing price. Here are some quick tips on how to avoid ticket scams:

Avoid Third Parties: By now you know craigslist is a hornets nets of scammers. It’s hard to weed out good honest people from the fraudsters, so maybe stay away.
Avoid the Scalpers: Maybe you think you’ll score good tickets by going to the local ticket scalper outside the stadium. Be careful though, those tickets could be fake or stolen.
Use Reputable Websites: It’s like buying designer jeans for $5 off of shady website. Don’t do it! Use the reputable websites that your used to. Most big websites have some sort of return policy.
Pay with a Credit Card: Many times credit card companies offer dispute resolutions where you can dispute a charge if it turns out to be a scam. If you pay cash in person or wire transfer money, you’ll have no recourse.

We all want a good deal in life. You can find them, sure, but you have to be smart about it. Enjoy the show!

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