The widespread use of the Internet gave birth a social revolution:  online dating.  Millions of people suddenly could connect and find love and companionship in a way they never could before.  Commercials showing marriages made over the internet have been a regular occurrence on television for years.

However, as with any popular industry, online dating has become haven for people and companies trying to take advantage of those looking for love.  There are two major pitfalls in the world of online dating:  (1) dishonest companies and (2) dishonest daters.


Dishonest Online Dating Companies

The primary danger with dishonest websites is false advertising, in that online dating websites will promote members who are in fact not real.  While a dater may hope that a specific website is filled with attractive men and women, many photos and profiles are falsely created by the websites themselves.  These false profiles can go so far as to start messaging new daters with enticing comments and requests.

This method of sending fake messages is most effective where the dating website allows a user to register a free account and profile.  Once a user creates the free account, they are inundated with messages from attractive and excited users; however, a free account will not allow that user to see their full profiles or message them back.  Instead, a user must register for a paid account that requires a monthly subscription.  Yet, once payment is made, all the messages stop, and attempting to message the people who had previously contacted the consumer is fruitless.  Only after payment is made will a consumer realize he was falsely induced to join.


Dishonest Daters

The second major danger facing online daters is other daters.  Because of the nature of online dating, consumers seek to build meaningful and trusting relationships over the internet.  What this means is that consumer can be placed in vulnerable positions where they think they are helping out someone they care about and want to strengthen their relationship.   Common consumer complaints center on building a relationship with a person entirely over the internet, and then receiving a variety of requests for money from that person.  Common reasons for requesting money include health issues, moving costs, a death in the family, shipping gift, or airline tickets.  The dishonest dater normally requests that the money be sent by wire, usually through companies like Western Union.  Furthermore, these requests are often not one time deals; instead, a dishonest dater may string out the relationship and make numerous requests for money before disappearing.


Consumer Tips

1. Do your homework:  always research a website before creating an account, and especially before paying.  Websites like can provide an insight into consumer experiences and let you know if it is safe.

2.  Don’t put too much trust into anyone you are only communicating with online.  If you are asked to send money by wire, there is a high probability that the recipient’s intentions are not good.

3. If it looks too good to be true, it likely is.  Just like the normal world, no online dating website can only be filled with really attractive people.  If it appears that everyone should be a model, it should be a red flag.


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About The Author

Scambook is an online complaint resolution platform dedicated to obtaining justice for victims of fraud with unprecedented speed and accuracy. By building communities and providing resources on the latest scams, Scambook arms consumers with the up-to-date information they need to stay on top of emerging schemes. Since its inception, Scambook has resolved over $10 million in reported consumer damages.

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109 Responses

  1. Smithson

    You ever seen DJANGO?
    Its Pay back time y’all scammed b%$ches
    I’m Out

  2. Tara

    Has anyone heard of a James Benjamin?
    I think this is a scam. He works on a rig in Cambodia as an engineer. Coming back to US in 10 days.

    • uche

      Hi ladies,
      Please don’t be annoyed with those dudes.they are not Americans or Europeans,they are smart Africans who have mastered the act of speaking in English accent.I stay in Nigeria and most young guys are into this dating fraud including our neighbouring country,Ghana.there are good guys like Ola and myself who frown at these injustices.their justification is that they are out for revenge on western colonialism and human slavery meted out on their forefathers.please don’t send out cash or gifts until you have established contact.they don’t live in those addresses they gave you and also going after them is fruitless and a waste of time,energy and money because Africa is not as advanced as the US or can look up their locations on google map or trace their not happy hearing all these complaints.there are good and honest men out there but you have to act wisely and don’t fall head long in love because love is patient.I pray to God that he mend the cracks these blows and heartbreaks that these experiences have done to your hearts.Uche from Nigeria,Africa

  3. Pam Ann Muller

    I did not have one legit email from this website. I had nothng but scammers asking for money with some sob story. This was a rip off and totally a waste of my time and money. Thank God I didn’t fall for any of them.

    • Linnette Rhoades

      I also was scammed. I thought I was meeting a CHristian Gengleman. Ladies beware: David Duncan profile is pm1958fun on senior people. He is a real scammer. He claimed to buy gems-that should have been a tip off. He flew to NY (ha) and wanted me to wire money because he already used his 6 atms for the month. He insisted on talking on [email protected] He claims to live in Detroit NOOOOOOO
      He sent iternary for me to pick him up at the airport in det on Sept 13..
      Unfortunately Senior People still keeps his profile on! even after I reported him! Wondering how many more there are like him!

      • Simon Lawson

        I was also scammed by a so called Russian “lady” who goes by the name of SVETLANA TSAER, age 28, saying she is from Siberia and that she wants to come to my country to study. No mention of “my country” by name and it would appear she uses that as a pre written form. She also tried the same story with a guy in Frankfurt, Germany.
        First she asks for money to get a visa, medical etc. then, if you pay that, she says she has gone to Moscow to collect her visa but needs more money for something else. Whether that fails or not, she then finally asks for money for show at immigration so that she can show she has money to live on until she gets paid. She will then give details of her arrival, having asked for the nearest airport and disappears during the period of the airport collection. She is a major scammer and contacts men on Russian dating sites, sending an email and asking why you haven’t replied, making you feel guilty.

      • Jeanne Gatlin

        Yes – these men – if that is what you want to call themselves – tell you that they are Christians, wanting a relationship with a Christian woman. Another name to beware of – Fred Williams – email address [email protected]. He was in Ghana to sell his store. Then everything started happening to him – and I stupidly believed him. He called and we talked on the phone too. But in total, I have stupidly sent him $18,000. I have betrayed my family. I have nothing. He has taken everything from me. Now no Christian man would want to be involved with me.

      • Paul

        Something to keep in mind about dating sites. I did meet my wife there many years ago. Not all are fake, but never send money or anything else to someone you have never met.
        The big thing about online sites you can act like anything you want to be, and there is nobody to say otherwise. I know people personally that have fallen for the scams, including system operators. None are immune to the scams.

        Also keep in mind the biggest lie and that is if someone goes out of their way to say how honorable, Christian etc, they probably are not. There is an old saying actions speak louder than words. If you can’t find info about the person from others online, or who is in contact with who. Or it is impossible to find and compare any information about anyone, as most will not communicate with you, best to go elsewhere as it is a scam to get your money, waste your time, and play on your emotions.


        I too was scammed. Met this one on Datehookup. He fell madly in love with me, without even seeing my photo. He was suppose to be a widower with one child. Claimed he lost his wife and first born son in an auto crash. He wanted to quickly get off the DH and exchange phone numbers. Boy, he laid his love for me thick. He was suppose to be an Italian. I knew nothing about scammers at the time. He then had to fly to London to purchase gold, then went to Accra,Ghana,W.Africa because gold was cheaper. I did not follow my instincts, because I wanted this to be True. He got me for 16K. I fell for his lies hard. He even gave me a false address in Katy,Tx he did his homework. I went to the address he gave me(neighbors did not recognize him and the person who answered the door- who no way resembled – did have a brother named keith hernandez who lives with his girlfriend in Houston, and I checked his name in the phone book, The wife, Yolanda and son Edward turned out to be related people who were in their 60’s. I did contact Fed-Ex (I also sent him an I-pad) and notified Money-gram. At least they stopped anymore money being sent to him. ( he actually phoned me to wonder why I notified Money-gram to keep money being sent to him) Already,he had someone else trying to send him money. He goes by the name keith hernandez. [email protected]. I also found him using different user names on different dating sites (christinme_7, clapforjesus, beliefinchrist) at least had him blocked. Nothing on his profile is “bad” but once I gave the details the dating sites did delete him. Now, I search his photo or his description( he will say he is from a beautiful small town in Milan, Italy. Lived here in the U.S. 22 years. He says he is 58, a widower with one son, Alec 12 y.o. he travels, buys and sells diamonds. Don’t worry, one day maybe not today, or tomorrow they will be stopped. PS please don’t think that no Christian man will not want to be with you. Remember, our motives were in the right place -no matter how quickly we fell for the scam- even though, I’m sure like me, you acted out of character-we wanted and knew it was at that time we wanted love and blindly followed not wanting to see the “red flags”.

      • Paul

        I get scams for pickups all the time, even though I’m married and not interested in anyone else for anymore than talking.

        The first thing is never put a picture up, and when you get the messages about them liking your photo, you know right off how honest that they are.

        Also something to keep in mind, and that is the only way to avoid any scam with dating, is to be satisfied with yourself. Someone else is there for the enjoyment of both, and meeting the right person will never get rid of a lonely feeling.

      • Ronnie

        All of you that were scammed by the men on Datehookups – I was also scammed out of alot of money – same stories — they live here in US – got to Africa on business then have problems — after the first one scammed me I played the game as I was already in the hole — I chatted with six more men from the site and after a couple weeks each and everyone of them as in africa with some money problem – hospital, accidents, hotel bills, robbed – you name it – I told each and everyone of them that they were nothing but scammers and just what they could do with themselfs and then blocked them… I will most likely never get my money back. But I have learned that not to waste my time on datehookups anymore and everyone needs to get off before they get scammed like the rest of us.

      • Bernadette Gray

        I too have lost my life savings on a so-called business man who goes to church (catholic) every Sunday. What a laugh! Now I have nothing either. I have lost my children’s inheritance as I thought I was investing in gold. I am now out over $300,000.00. I have $88.00 in my checking account until the first of the month. I live on social security and my savings, IRA is gone. I owe the IRS $50,000.00 and have no credit. I wish I could just lay down and die.

        Please dont beat yourself up, there is always someone worse off than you.
        Be comforted, God still lives, my friend.
        Bit by Satan.

      • Elizabeth

        You can claim your loss with IRS, state and federal taxes, and at least your taxes will be credit whatever you paid for this year, or years after. You have to fill report on cyber crime site IC3,, keep all numbers, receipts, anything what proofs that you sent money, in case you will get audited as I was.
        I was in same situation, lost a lot and I know each dollar counts when you left without any.

        It is very, very painful experience, but still many good people surrounding us. God is slowly healing our hearts with time. I agree we got bite by Satan.

      • Erica

        O my…. this is so sad, I am going to pray for you ladies but just remember…. What goes around comes around and these snakes of men are going to get theirs.

  4. David

    The worst of the worst datings sites are the Ukrainian or Russian websites. The women are like vultures. You join, get some free credits, suddenly you are in-undated with emails from beautiful women all photo-shopped to the hilt. The worst is I just realized most profiles are either Russian models that they steal their pictures and most Western men don’t recognize or Russian actresses, same thing. The worst worst worst part of it is paypal will not do a thing, they let these places get away with whatever they want to do without as much as checking up on their activity(it would literally take 20 minutes to realize these places are fraudulent if you had some Russian employees). the other is the credit card companies that are not protecting their customers. I’m not sure which is worse, the scammers or PayPal/Credit Card companies for allowing them a means of scamming you. If you go in uninformed it will take months before you realize you’re getting scammed. Please be careful out there. It’s like they said, if it looks too good to be true where everyone is gorgeous, trust me- it is.

  5. Kathy Rider

    I have been networking online to find my soul-mate for two months now. Out of the 10 men I talked to, only TWO was a real person and who they said they were. If it sounds too good to be true, it’s a scam. What I hate the most is wasting my emotional energy on someone that has no intentions on meeting me. Tell the person, before you invest any emotion energy, that you would like to meet in person. See what they say.

    • wena

      I understand what you had been thru Kathy.Coz i was on the same shoes as you do. I was been dating online to a man i thought that he was my Mr. Right. At first he was so sweet and loving and he always say to me that i am his soulmate and i complete him. He told me that he’s gonna marry me and treat me like a princess. So whos woman who doesn’t want to hear those words? But then i wasnt smart enough to noticed that he was a scammer. I was scammed with a huge amount of money. And now i am in a big debt. So beware of the man named NICK PERR.Yahoo id [email protected]. He’s really and trully a scammer. You can find him on facebook too and on Myspace. He’s all over the place. So be careful.

      • Rika

        Wena, I’m same stituation. But different guy. his named Aleric Snads. you can find on facebook too. He sill contacting me now. I have been deal w him since last Aug. I lost $29,000. I reported police, FBI, FTC…etc. But I don’t know how I can get my momey back. If you have any information, please, could you shear with me? I’m so sick from this stress and depressed now.

      • Kasha

        Hi Rika –

        I just read your post. I was just curious were you able to get your money back? I have a family friend of the similiar problems – but she lost her entire life savings. She’s 65 and has nothing.

      • Elizabeth

        Money are gone, I never heard or read that anyone get anything back. I reply to Bernadette, that money loss could be claimed and taxes paid will be credit. Read my reply post.

  6. angela

    poor site with lots of scam men on i got scammed for money and amazing after that they all kept coming like some network linked, usually ask for email to contact you, have all the signs widowed, abroad in forces, often they do not put where they are from in uk etc etc…. the site is riff with them. i’ve learn’t my lesson, my eyes are open. reported lots to site. never again on any site. will take my chances in real world. Hope this stops other the hurt and loss of money.

    • wena

      Is their anyone that i can contact with to report my case too aside from here(Scambook)? Coz i need my money back.

      • Jerry

        Hello Wena , Yes there is a place you can report them so that they get your money back to ya , this fools are ripping what they didn’t sow and also taking advantage or our women all the time… contact me !!

      • Elizabeth

        Can you contact me Jerry?
        I posted about claiming my lost money when file income tax, I never heard that is any possibility of returning lost money when send outside the country. Thank you.

      • Nazeli

        Can you pls contact me and tell me where we can report them, i need to report Sampson Ayitey, and i need my money too.

      • joyce hake

        Hi Jerry,
        I need your help too, I to was scammed for 38,000.00 and I need my money back, I have no money, the scammer Danny Hughes from Ghana took all that I have, my job, my family everything. so please can you help me? he just texted me ” game over and I won”. we were to be married this week. please please i need your help Jerry, I will be waiting for you response back too me.

        thank-you very much,
        Joyce Hake

      • Corry Brooks

        Hi I have been scammed for 2 years now hes still on my phone and messenger every night. I have sent him £21,000 Please tell me were I can get back this money I have all names phone nos and reciets Thank you Corry

      • Becky

        Jerry, I have been scamed too for $7,000. I almost sent another $10,000 just recently like this week until I found out he is a scammer, I am still in touch with him and he has sent me his ID’s
        they probably are not his of course, I wish I could notify the gentleman they are using his picture and ID to scam people. Do yo have any idea what I need to do?

      • Rika

        Hi Becky, I saw your message in here 2012. After that I add my message. I lost my money $29,000 from scammed. I reported police and state of attorney general. Police gave you case number that you need to keep and contact to state of afforney and complant w case#. My scammer also cantacting me if I want to talk to him. The scammers are cahnging ID and phone and email address…etc. I mentioned to you, never ever send him money at all. If he called you , just pretend or don’t communicated him. Save your time and money. I hope you are OK now.

      • Rika

        Hi Jerry, I saw your comment. Ineed your help. I was scammed by guy named Aleric sands. He is still contacting me. He lied to me and I sent my money to him. He gave me different bank name and acct # and different name. He never used his name for bank acct#. I sent my money to him total $29,000. I have these bank informations and receipts. His phone number and 2 email addresses and more…etc. How I can get my money back? Please help me. I need help.

      • carol brown

        Who can get your money back-haven’tr heard anybody doing that??

      • Ola

        Jerry is probably a scammer himself! Don’t send him any money!! Unfortunately, there is probably no way for you all to recover the money! If you don’t believe me, go ahead sink some more money into finding them and so forth.
        You got scammed, it’s awful, but you need to Move on!

      • Nazeli

        Dear Wena if you got any info how, and where to report them can you pls contact me and let me know.

  7. Grandma

    I am glad to know that I am not the only person who got scammed, but I do feel sorry for those who lost money, like I did. I am fairly new to this area, and also a widow, so I can understand why someone would fall for the scam. The staff of these “matching services” must just sit around all day and think up ways that they can scam all of us. I am done. If the Lord wants me to be married again, He will put my future husband right in front of me. He has already done this by putting a very fine gentleman right in front of me, and we are very good friends. I don’t have to go out to eat or to the movies alone anymore, and neither one of us is interested in marriage (to each other). Thank you for establishing this website. It gives people a chance to have a say, and provides alot of support to us lonely people.

    • Linnette Rhoades

      am so sorry you lost money to a scammer. I kept my antennae up. Luckily did not get my money……Senior is full of Scammers. His profile is still up waiting for the next unssuspecting woman!

      • Terri Yocklovich

        Ladies Beware of a man named Collin Allen Smiff. I met him on Single parentmeet last March. His stiry was he lives n Kent, WA but is from England. Travels for his job so he relocate anywhere to be with his love. Claimed to own Gold Mines n Accra, Ghana. Claimed he was very rich. But of course he needed $$$$ which he promised to pay back. He sent me a lot of gifts and sent Xmas presents to my children. He promised we would meet, but he always had an excuse. Another lady from another country located me on facebook and said she has been talking to him for 3 yrs but has not met him either. Also. a man called me to say he is involved n stolen credit cards too. But I did not believe these people because he was such a nice and believable man. He protrays handsome pics and he is very good at what he does. DO NOT FALL FOR HIM HE IS A SCAMMER…….U will never get your $$$$$ back.

  8. Janice Wright

    I was contacted by someone name morgan williams on website chatt for awhile said he was from u.k. alway wanted to come to U.S. Had a bussiness had to go to greece for his last contract and then he wanted to come here to visit and meet. He said he was sending his luggage ahead of time by courier. Well of course custom held the luggage along the way and he was in greece and could not get the money they evening had a tracking # and a place to go track it. Beware of ucourier express they are fake.
    it was on 4th of july and that is when or around the luggage was suppose to be deliverd they call me and said if I sent money they would continue to send the luggage on they said there was jewlery that could not be sent because of the value I had to pay some money to get it released. I was stupid and freak out and sent the money but of course with the so call morgan begging me to please save his luggage and he would pay me back when he got here. but then they keep asking for more money. which I didnt send. They didnt give up keep asking this morgan guy is a very nice man when you are chatting with me so LADYS please beware there is alot of bad people out there. If your gut is telling you something is just not right go by it dont exnore it.

    • Happy in Love now

      I have to say, I met a Morgan before you, or rather, Smith Morgan. Scammer! Though I somewhat fell for it, I did not get sucked in, as my gut told me he was a liar. Unless you can meet this person, NEVER give your money. As soon as they ask, WALK AWAY.

  9. link wheel

    Can I merely say that of a relief to discover someone who basically knows what exactly theyre dealing with on the internet. You actually know how to provide an issue to be able to light and earn it vital. More people have to read this along with understand this part of the history. I can’t believe you are not more popular when you definitely have the gift.

  10. Jennie Adams

    Ok let me just say this ok i meet my husband about 15 years a go on the net on msn so not all are bad on there you just have to look out good for your self . Ok my husband pass away in may this year . i have been on tagged for years now i have meet some cool people on there it was a chat a long time a go so i still talk to my friends from there but now there are so many scam going on there from man all over i did not get it but i would not send no money they have sent thing,s saying hi my name is and then saying i would like to date you and see were it gose from there will i did not give them the time of day . but one of my friends did and they got her for 3,300 when she come to my house when said that i said how could you send money to some one you do not now she said will we talk for about two months now and i did not think it would hurt he called her on the phone for two month,s and when she sent him money she has not hear from him i feel so bad for her and the people that get scam so i like this site so we can come look and see what scam there is .

  11. Cheryl Leslie

    Also watch out for people who contact you through IM’s like on I was getting IM’ed by someone who was trying to romance me (even though I had no idea where he came from). Eventually he told a sad tale of how his “wife” died in an accident, and even sadder that his son (he told me he had 2 children) needed some operation. It was all a play to try and get me to send him money. Uh-uh, no way! Just be careful out there in the world of Internet relationships–women and men!

  12. Pam-scam victim

    Started chatting with this man on on facebook of course he seeked me out. told me I was an angel began chatting with him and then started IMing him on yahoo. He told me had fallen in love with me and me being so stupid fell for it. he as currently working in UK and had an import export business and was self employed. He told me he was coming back to the US with in a few weeks and we would meet then. Of course then he told me when he was bringing his goods thru customs that the weight was different then what he had paid all the money he had and was short. So I wired him $500 and he swore he would pay me as soon as he returned to the states. Not only did that happen but then after about a week I received an email from another man stating to be his Dr. and he had been in a terrible car accident on his way to the airport to come back to US. Again I was approached for money. I said I didnt have any and accused him of being a liar. I told them that I had reported them and all the sudden the original gentleman Brad Johnson told me he was awake and doing better but still needed money for treatment. Again I have not sent any more money but would like to kno how you go about stopping this sort of thing. I am so discouraged that I was dumb enough to fall prey to his scam. I just want my money back and if not a lesson well learned. Just would like to kno where i can complain and can any justice be served?

    • Arlene Russo

      My complaint is similar. This guy, a business man from Kansas City, Mo., after a month of emails and phone calls (on google) went to New Zealand then Ghana to purchase gold. After sending him a laptop computer via Fed Ex to Ghana (total cost to me $900.00) with a promise to pay me back when he got home.
      I received an email that on his way to the airport he was in an accident (even emailed me a photo of his (?) 14 year old son with head injuries in the E.R.) and they were both in the hospital. His request then was to send him some American food because they could not recover eating African food. I refused! Next came the letter asking me to help him pay the hospital bill. Even his Doctor (?) called me. I told him to get help from the American Embassy,
      and told him not to contact me again.
      We women are so vulnerable, it makes me sick and ashamed of myself.

      • Margaruite Simpson

        Sweets, NO gold here in NZ..well tiny tiny amounts but hardly gold mining turf here.
        Thankgod u realised…I’m just reading all these horrendous reports of how women and some men have been truly raped and pillaged emotionally, and clearly financially.
        On facebook we have a group called ‘Support group for victims of Be2’-another bogus outfit! welcome to join.
        1 of the problems I’m noticing is hundreds-if not thousands being scammed but NO 1 SINGLE location to go to for support and ideas-reccomendations on avenues to recover money.
        All I do know is there IS power in numbers-the more people that join forces and collaborate-the sooner something will be done.

  13. Patty Coker

    I to like the lady above was scam the exact same way, same story and all only by a man calling himself, Martin Riise. He claims to be a gold buyer and owns his company. But the story is word for word the same as hers. He swore he was deeply in love with me and wanted to marry me and for me to be mother to his daughter of 9 years old as her mom had died of cancer. I was sought out and contacted on He also uses the name Joesph Abane and Enock Nock a lot in his messages. They have called even asking for money for him several times. Beware he has contacted a lot of women telling them all the same story I now am friends with a lot of them. Although he did con me out of 2750.00

  14. Sherry

    Scammers are frankcares1 his email is [email protected] and his daughter (supposedly) is involved. Says he lives in Chicago, but from Sweden. Sent me the email address of a group he was working for Hex Groups Ltd. It’s bogus. Adam Maroon is bogus. This guy was good. Even sent me an e-ticket from Malaysia to LAX to prove he was coming to see me. I emailed his company and they confirmed he worked there. It was all a scam.

  15. Bob Therrien


    • barbara

      What website makes women pay to talk to men? All the sites I’m on the women get free membership and it’s men who pay. There are more respectable sites which charge both parties for the service but I’m not looking for the love of my life.

  16. Doris Bellemare

    I was scammed by a guy named Steve Bell from Chicago, an army guy who was supposedly stationed in Iraq, I was scammed for $600.00 but I woke up just in time for another $5,000, his story was incredible but thank God I did not fall for the last part. There is another guy called Glenn Scott supposedly working in Africa but coming from Texas but he did not succeed at all with me. I am getting used to it. There is another guy called Prince Charles which did not succeed either wanted me to invest in gold mining. I am so pissed off, there are a lot of those guys on line, what I do as soon as they start talking about sending money, I cut them off right away.


    I have received e-mails informing me that I had won the lottery in the UK and requesting $2800 to be sent to a so called tax agent.
    They sent me a check for $3200 which they thought I would deposit
    in my checking account. I called the company and informed them that if there were any taxes to be paid they should be deducted from the $3200.

  18. Spanner MacTacish

    Well, I have to say that if the general intelligence of the average internet user is what is being exhibited in the posts above, then it’s no surprise that so many people get scammed.

    Witless people are always an easy target, and I don’t see anyone replying here who looks hard to hit!

    • Sandy

      Hear, Hear, l couldn’t agree more, lol… l am amazed that people can be so desperate for someone in their life..
      Hey, l have been on my own for quite some time, and yes l got onto for companionship, so how did l flush out the low lifes?
      easy, ask them for a photo of themselves with a peice of paper in front of them that says “hello …your name” this will give you confidence that you are talking to who they say they are, and the number one rule, a decent person would NEVER ask for money from a person they are communicating with on the net, if they do then….HELLO…WAKEUP AND cut all contact imediately…
      and if you really want to meet someone, then Pray… its free and works

  19. Kim

    VOID CHEMISTRY.COM Ladies. I put up a free profile. I got TWO guys saying Hi / interested. Thou a person can not respond unless you PAY. I then paid I believe 45.00-49.00 so I could respond on that same day. BOTH GUYS were not members / unactive / NOT even listed under their names. NO SUCH GUYS.

    The dating site sends out hello’s that are fake men so we join. DON’T FALL FOR IT. Class action law suit needs to happen against theis site.

  20. Rachequel

    PLEASE be aware of a guy posing as a famous Brigader General Richard Zilmer–photos and all…he called and sounded like he was from Nigeria or other African country…I wrote to the company told them that this guy was impersonating a General-photos,etc…I looked up this joker;s phont number:and it was listed in the Niagra Falls,NY area…(716) 513-8537 This scammer should be investigated for stealing someone’s identity….be wary and be careful…..I dont think that the company did anything to investigate this individual…..I wonder what else this scammer is up to ?Thoughts ?

  21. Patricia

    A very handsome & charming man sends out numerous “you have a nice smile” msg. to many women. His yahoo acct is cwhowellantiques @ His website is .. claims he’s an antique dealer. Says he’s going to Malaysia to make purchases. Then he says he needs ‘one last purchase before coming home’ & needs you to send some money. His request is usually about $2500. It’s a scam. The WORSE part is, a month later, he sends out the same letter again…mass mailing because I got it a 2nd time!

    • loseforever

      This man name Charles, did the same to me he came to me on line, stated he loved my eyes because they were so honesty and could read my soul, sent me 31/2 dz roses day he left for Mayaysia, with teddybear, stating he loved me, on 9-23-11, a week later, said that his bank put a hold on his account, Asked for money, sold all my jewely, borrow money, sold my care and when he got done still wanted more, he stated need to get home another 2k. When I said I had nothing more he keep im me for money, he even im me that day we had to put my mother to be buried, no remorse, just money. ended 11-9-11

  22. Andrea Rose

    My name is Andrea Rose, am from England, what a wonderful and a straight forward spell caster that has brought back joy and happiness into my life after i saw a post on how he helped a lady called Cassandra,i decided to contact him for help when i told this God sent man Dr ogboni on how my lover left me for 2 years without calling nor texting me,When i shared this my sad experience with Dr ogboni he said everything would be okay within 2 days i was like am i sure what this man is saying is real,So i decided to give a try and i what even surprised me the most at first i was also thinking he was a scam i taught he was like other spell caster who come online to add pain to peoples pain not knowing there feelings but to make money,But this great man Dr ogboni is never like that his own is for good and make people to be happy with the one they love,Am just so happy,Even before the 3 days i just got a call from a man who has left me for 2 years saying he his sorry and that he wants me back to his life i was so happy,He invited me for a dinner which i meant him there and we bought talked and he said he wants to prove that he would never leave me for any other lady he engaged me and also make me had access to all his account am so happy all thanks goes to this great man Dr ogboni a man who has brought back joy to my life,Please friends that needs help i would advice and swear that Dr ogboni is the right man and not those fake ones who are online to make money and not to help here is Dr ogboni “his private email: [email protected]

  23. Deb

    I suppose all of us are just lonely and looking for love in all the wrong places. Perhaps we should all just give up on meeting Mr.Right and be happy with ourselves.

  24. Mark

    Ahh Ladies don’t give up, doesn’t mean there are few scammers out there all of the men are scammers, I met my wife 12 years ago on yahoo chat and we are happily married with 2 boys , sorry for your bad luck, and I wish I could kick some scammers ass in person , I just hate scums like that who use people feelings to make some gains

  25. Char

    I got scammed by not one but 2 men , One called himself Keith Matthew Maupin , he is a soldier he claimed to be in Afghanistan scammed me for thousands , The other claimed to be in Iraq , he is in fact in Nigeria , and not a soldier , His name he uses is Leo Rolly,, both promising to come home to me , and wanting to Marry me ect , ..Beware of these men , and others like him , I am still tracking them both , Keith however is on the verge of Jail.. Contact me if anyone can be of assistance in tracking them or getting my money back ,,,, [email protected]

    • barbara

      I didn’t really get scammed but a U.S. “soldier” contacted me saying he was stationed in Afghanistan. This was on a site designed for casual hook ups so how were we going to meet for a drink or lunch? I live in Scotland. He was wearing a dress uniform and that set alarm bells ringing. When I Googled U.S. Army dress uniform it didn’t look like his. It turned out he was wearing a U.S. Marine’s uniform. I got one or two of those every day but I just ignored them.

      I don’t want to make fun of people who have been taken in but why would someone who won’t be able to meet you for months go online and start to chat to you? There are female members of the forces for them to meet, there are girls in their home towns and female friends on Facebook.

      Why would you ever send money to a person you hadn’t met? What kind of businessman would travel to Africa without enough money or health insurance? Not a very good one. Ask them questions about where they are going, what hotel they will stay in, what inoculations they need, when the rainy season happens there. Try to ask them on i.m. so they don’t have time to Google that information. Ask them one question at a time so that the “doorbell” can’t keep ringing. Ask what the local currency is and what exchange rate they got. This is all information you can check on Google. When a “crisis” hits tell them you are going to phone their hotel or the local embassy for advice. A genuine person will thank you for that.

      Above all ask yourself why this person wants to talk to you. If he says he is some kind of car salesman (who would pretend to be that?) he is probably genuine. If you work in a supermarket and he is an internatiional gold trader that might be questionable. Come on peeps, take care of your most valuable asset – yourself.

  26. Karen

    I had the exact same thing happen to me thru…Charles Howell (name he uses). Said ‘nice smile’, etc., had to go to Malasia to buy antiques for his antique business in Florida.(claims his 2nd home was in CO.). Later says his bank was concerned about his ‘overseas’ purchases & froze his acct. He asks for $ to pay his hotel bill, get food for him & his son, & $ to fly home. Wants $2500.

    If you ask very direct questions, he balks at answering. He claims he has web site… The pic on the site shows the same man on

    And, like Patricia, he re-joins & sends another “Nice Smile” email to me….all with exact same wording!

    • Mary O Connor

      Hi Karen,

      Just came across this site after getting an e-mail from a Frank Lucas wanting to make me rich that was today contact yesterdays was an Anthony Morrison by goggleing these name it led me to this site.
      About found myself in a similar situation a couple of years ago this guy who said he was a widow with kids wanted to get to know me better I gave all my personal details about my family my house my life really to discover he was using me for money and high value items like computers and mobile phones and air tickets.
      He wanted me to send them onto him then things started falling apart when I told him I would’nt he got nasty. I ended up going to the police as he was becoming a problem.
      I ended up in hospital for a month the doctors said I was having a phycotic episode as I was afraid he was going to come after me and my kids.
      I luckly had copied some of his chats with me but nothing ever came of it. But sad as it maybe what dose not kill us makes us stronger.
      Love and Light Karen and I do hope you find somebody who is worthy of your love.

  27. Arlene

    I too have been scammed by a man who calls himself Mark Williams and lives in Kansas City, Mo.
    I know how it feels to be used and I am sorry this happened to you.
    There must be a way to stop it once and for all.

  28. Arlene Russo

    Please beware of someone calling himself “Mark Williams” from Kansas city, Mo. with email of “[email protected]” or “[email protected]”. He is a fraud, a liar and a thief who will come up with incredible stories to extract your funds.
    Don’t fall sucker to his stories. He will tell you what he thinks you want to hear and then con you out of money. He claims to design jewelry and has his own shop. Down the road he will make a trip to New Zealand, then Ghana to purchase gold. That’s when he hits!
    Use caution and don’t become a prey for this money sucking SOB.

  29. Indenial

    There are several scammers on Senior People Meet. I got scammed for $774 by a man who claimed to be Sean Webber who uses the email address seanwebber125@yahoo, was supposedly in the Phillipines and they wouldn’t accept his Amex travelers checks. Then he tried to convince me that he didn’t have enough money to come back to the states. Also, he tried to get me to use my credit card on Craig’s list to post a housekeeping position for property he claimed he owned in Texas. I wouldn’t do it.

    Another individual named Jeffrey Fletcher who uses the email jfletchersmiles@gmail also tried to scam me, but it didn’t work in his favor. Randy Collin who uses the email randy.collin1959@gmail is also a scammer, as well as John Walson who uses the email johnwalson33@yahoo

    All of these individuals have the same thing in common. They all claim to have christian values and are all posing as contracting engineers who claim to travel throughout all parts of the world doing various contracts and projects. It appears they get themselves in financial dilemmas and once they feel they have your level of comfort and you have emotion built up for them, they make an attempt to scam you.

    Shortly after being scammed by Sean Webber for $774, Jeffrey Fletcher a man who claims to be 60 years old, having lost his wife in an automobile accident 8 years ago and states he lives in Maryland, sent me an email that he was granted a tremendous contract to go to Cambodia to engineer and install solar panels, and afterwards, he was going to retire and come back and start planning our future. It sounded good, but a week afterwards, he sent me in email telling me his checking account had been compromised and someone took $18, 300 out of his account and that he was compromised for $11,000 in Sept and $3,000 in Feb. He told me this was going to jeopardize his Cambodia contract that he worked so hard on. He told me his bank had frozen his account for 30 days in order to try and trace the perpetrator and it would make it difficult for he and his son to travel to Cambodia for the project. He also told me he had managed to get an $8,000 bank loan and a friend of his who is recently widowed was going to lend him $2,000. He told me he estimated his expenses for a work permit, air travel and hotel meals and incidentals to be $20,300 and asked me if I could wire him $10,200 and he would reimburse me through Western Union while in Cambodia because he will be receiving 60% payment up front for his project. When I emailed him back letting him know I knew what he was up to, I never heard from him again. I kept pictures of scammers so that if I needed to see if they matched with anyone else who would fall victim, they could match them. I also kept all chat messages, email messages and text messages, as well as the phone numbers they provided. I also did my research to trace down where the calls were coming from.

    If an individual ask you to delete yourself from a dating website and tries to convince you that they have found the person they want to share the rest of their life with and wants to communicate with you through personal emails and through messenger, don’t fall for it. These people are good with sending you emails proclaiming their love for you, dreaming of a future together, sending you poems, and songs from You Tube, that will leave you open and susceptible to being vulnerable, because you truly want to believe in your heart that they have feelings for you.

    Sean Webber made the mistake of sending me pictures of “him” that didn’t match. The pictures were labeled “Ron” and “Rob” and when I questioned him about it, he downplayed it by stating he just labeled the pictures in his computer so that he would be able to find them when he needed them. Now he claims he will be returning from the Phillipines from Manila International Airport to the US on 11-23-11 and arrive in the US on 11-24-11 to pay me my money back. Time will tell, and I’ll keep you posted.

    • Ree

      The chances of getting your money back are slim to none. I have been on many of the dating sites and have seen and talked to. Ladies DO YOUR HOMEWORK, would you buy anything off the net without checking out the product and the site? I h

    • Ree

      The chances of getting your money back are slim to none. I have been on many of the dating sites and have seen and talked to. Ladies DO YOUR HOMEWORK, would you buy anything off the net without checking out the product and the site? I hate to say it, but ya have to treat these “men” like a product. There are many “tells” that will let ya know something is not quit right.
      Go over their profile with a fine toothed comb. I you’re in the states and they’re not, BE VERY CAREFUL. Learn about where they they say they’re from. Question them about it, if they can’t answer, or evade the question, say Bye-Bye
      If the profile is filled out like they didn’t understand the questions, or the answer seems like something you’ve seen before, or it’s been copied from site/mag/book, BE VERY CAREFUL
      If the pics don’t look exactly like same person or they’re named with different names…BVC
      I once had 2 of them chatting to me using the same pic.
      They want you to pull your profile very soon after meeting them, or the relationship seem to be running in the fast lane…BVC
      They say they’re a ________ and travel all over doing jobs, ask what company they’re working for if there is no answer or they say they don’t work for a company….BVC
      If they say they”re going to be traveling _____, ask them to leave some money with you or a close friend in case they run into some trouble. If they don’t answer or make some kind of an excuse…,BVC
      Ask questions, many questions if all of your questions are not answered, …BVC
      If you find that he’s asking more info about you and is talking very little about himself…BVC
      If you get an email or message that seems like it isn’t for you…BVC These scammers have more than 1 scam going at the same time.
      If ya only “call” thru yahoo, google, and you can’t get a real phone number…BVC
      If they won’t come to meet you, or won’t meet you halfway, if it is a very long distance and you each pay your own way…..BVC
      AND NEVER EVER EVER SEND MONEY if you haven’t met face to face
      I hope these “tells” will help some lady from getting ripped off and her heart broken.

  30. mark

    I wonder why this stupid woman she is trying to say here infact i dont know what he mean infact i have piad off her money , please am not a scamer Arlene ok

  31. mark

    Ahahaha you are so funny Arlene , why are you borthering your self so you have the time to investigate me that very funny well i have also reported you at google and your email address and all i want you to do is to come to catch me in my home in kansas city that will be the best way ok because of your 900 dollars … you make me laugh Arlene …. if you want to get me come in kansas city,mo and let FBI or police to catch me ok.. bye.. be ware of this address ok . you are also a scammer in FL.USA

    • Ree

      Dude you have scammer written all over you. Your little act pretending to be the “wronged one” is laughable.
      You reek if scammer…

    • Ola

      Please learn to communicate in English without using Google translate.. Is that Kansas, Nigeria you are reffering to as your home town?

  32. David

    I got a 3 day free trial…I was hit with over 30 women a day. Only one has never asked for money. But here is the twist. I got a check in the mail for over 2500 dollars. She then as me to send half of it to a Jeff Rayan Williams in Benin Republic. e-mail is [email protected]. He is suppose to buy a ticket for her. The address is what got me to this site. I am going to take the check to the bank tomarrow and see if it is legit. I may even cash it if it is. I didn’t ask her for this money and told her she should buy the ticket herself. Hummmm don’t know where this is leading, but bet the check is bogus. Will keep you all informed. This is a new twist on and old scam.

  33. nathan james

    people steal picture of lovely woman and use them too steal. i am a victim. wish i could put this out whee everyone would know. want too chat about this and find out how too fight back. [email protected]
    god blessed the honest people left.
    if anyone swears too you about something you can almost be sure they are lying. no christian swears too God

  34. Happy in Love now

    People are sick. I had 3 men try and scam me, going by names of Kelvin Grant/Omorodion Kelvin Osazee; Dave Kirk/Eric Holloway and Smith Morgan/Morgan Smith. E-mail addresses are as follows: [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected] and [email protected]. If ANY of these characters try and come into your life, STAY AWAY. They don’t want you or love…they want your MONEY.
    THOUGH, ON A HAPPY NOTE : I went on a different website, Pleny of Fish, and found the man of my dreams. We’ve been together nearly a year and we will be moving in together and talk of marriage. So Ladies…it is out there, love is real. Keep looking, even on the net. Just make sure you talk for a LONG time online, NEVER SEND MONEY and make sure if you don’t meet after the agreed upon date, that you never meet that person. They are probably fraud.
    Good Luck to you all!!

  35. Annette

    Love is nothing to do with money. Please ladies be aware there are also scammers in REAL life not just on the internet. They too soak up funds. It may seem harsh, but if someone asks for money, remember, friends NEVER borrow money. Only relatives and only close ones you can trust. Never ever bring money into any relationship and you will be right. good luck to you ladies out there who have been scammed previously. i wish you all the best for the future.

  36. anita ghazal

    OMG I had encountered so many scammers
    They were mostly from Nigeria I strung them along to see how it would play out. I even went as far as to tell one of them I knew
    He was a scammer and He had the audacity to admit it. He then asked me for $50 to help him because they are in a poor country. I told him I am unemployed and not in any position to help him
    These scammers follow the same pattern it seems
    Be aware of the following:

    Pictures that do not match description (Usually much younger than the age in their profile)

    Pictures of Models Professional Photography

    They are not familiar with our jargon

    Be aware of anyone that falls in love quickly

    They do not know much about the area in which they claim to be
    from For example: One scammer told me he Lived in Philadelphia and goes to the beach every weekend there

    They always want access to your Yahoo ID They do not want to communicate on the dating site too long

    They are always traveling for business

    One of them called me consistently in the middle of the night
    Big giveaway (The time difference)

    Just use common sense and remember they are strangers
    Never give them any information of a personal nature

  37. Paula Sewell

    LADIES, please protect yourself… Online dating is fun, rewarding and simple. Just beware that if the person cant meet you, then there is no credit to who and what they say they are…
    If the person tells you that they are working overseas, then tell them immediately that you would be pleased to meet them as soon as they return and to let you no when they are back, you must not have contact with them until such time as they return and are willing to meet you. Do not conduct a relationship of any form unless they are in your country and can meet you within a short space of time. Dont be flattered, just move on to the next guy that is in your area and is able to meet. There is someone for everyone so dont think that your only chance is with someone away overseas. They are using fake identities and will never come to you or your country. Just around the corner is the right person for you that is using the dating site for the real reasons. Dont just trust and believe in the first guy that flatters you, ask yourself, where is he? Can we meet tomorrow? Does he know landmarks, or coffee shops in your area? These questions will bring all of them undone and allow you quickly to move on to the next profile without being scammed.

    • Bobby Steward

      Yes so many people are up to No good – “men & women” at least they say they are so & so…. So heed Paula’s advice!! Esp. with Human Trafficking so Rampant!

      But there are good People out there too for I meet my wife of over 3 1/2 yrs on Christian Mingles. Yes she was local and the Woman of my Dreams PTL!

  38. Byron Polin

    Big time scam. Charged me $99.00 without my authorization and fefused to refund even though they knew it was in error and that i had not been on the site since the day i began my 3 day trial. They knew that i had no idea that they were going to bill me and scammed me.

  39. Michelle

    Ladies, take serious heed to the above situations! Yes, it can happen to you. Some of these con men are pros and have been scamming for years. One such con operation uses the name ” Harry Ratchford” calls himself, “holyharry”, puppyharry,currently has stolen pic on facebook,white man,goatee,salt/pepper hair and possible accomplice is Andrew Johnson,also FB, white man pic, chubby,NewYork/NY,Orascom construction. Another poss.accomplice,Miller Jeffery. Only a matter of time before they change names and pics!

  40. Fred

    It’s not just the Woman who get mistreated by men It is also men that are taken to. As for Me I met this lady on a dating site And for the love it did not start out fast. But she would work me and I did fall in love then the problems would start to happen then. Yes a business trip . She lost her wallet I would soon to help. Not a lot of money think 150 the first time and then the next time 75 so that she could eat.For a month we would text by cell phone I thought was real. so many emails 2 or 3 a day. As for now I really thought that this lady was real. It came time to meeting for our first time. for after over a month we really fell in love. So no I would scrape and find every dime I had, to fly her from okc to calif. the 500 i sent here was not enough so I would go search for cheaper flights. I found so many cheaper flights but with her reply to none of them had a refund policy. Stupid me sent her some more driving My bank acount deeply negative. She sent me all the flight info I checked it all out and it was all ligit.Went to the airport to go pick her up. But to my surprise she never boarded the flight. Sonow I know I have been scammed By someone I don’t know yet. But for I have kept every email and transaction made.
    As her email accout has been closed she thinks I cannot contact her but hopefully someday I will. What I did next is go to google I googled her email address and her user name I found her on so many dating sites it was unreal.what I have done next is let all of these sites work their own magic. I posted some of her photo she sent to me as for most of these sites the photo’s were used there to. I posted a new ad with a new screen name on the womans side and hopefully a man will reply. With who she really is and her identity. But my expectations on this are very low. With everything I got and with the name and city that money was sent I do expect someday I will find her or him.

  41. kathleen johnson

    military men wanting a serious relationship that their wife hurt the deeply by cheating on them. wanting to come home on leave and I need to pay 350.00 to Alecia Chapman, Mount Dora Florida, 32757 western union money their and she is secretary of states and will forward the leave papers to me and I checked it out through army they do not have to pay for leave they are earned and if needing urgent leave must be emergency. And and actually Alecia is not secretary either it is a man in Tallahassee. so I never sent money but still talking to them. the other man just wanted food (care package) gave me an address Patrick .K. Anim

    • Miranda

      Hi Kathleen, thanks for your comment. These individuals definitely sound suspicious! It’s great that you haven’t sent them the money, but you should also stop talking to them because they might use your conversations to find other ways to try to take advantage of you. You can file a report about these people on Scambook using our Submit a Complaint page:

  42. Kelvin

    Hi,I hope this man profile need to be deleted in FB.His name is Brian D Wubbena and he scammed my friend for 4,300AUD.I filed a complaint here in scambook and given his address and his mobile no.Will somebody help my friend get her money back.I hope he get caught.He post pics of US military man on different websites and is in FB,meet me,waplog,netlog etc….Beware ladies because he goes from one woman to another then proclaims his love then let you put married in your profile so you beleive that he belongs to you and you are committed.My friend fall into his prey and now she is heartbroken and loss thousands of dollars.


    OMG! My heart breaks for all of us who have been scammed. I only read from last year to present. I did go to the FBI and was told that the U.S. has no jurisdiction in Accra,Ghana,W.Africa, but we do have a U.S. Embassy there. I too have kept receipts of money sent. I also contacted Money-Gram and reported being scammed and they did put a stop on future monies being sent to him. His name keith hernandez email: [email protected]. I also periodically double-check to make sure they still have a “freeze” on any monies being sent to him. I will also make copies of receipts and write to the U.S. Embassy and to Accra,Ghana,W.Africa Embassy and hope it will help in anyway possible for them to go to these “coffee shops” where they sit and “scam” people and arrest them. Here’s a shocking piece of news each year the U.S. is being scammed out of billions of dollars from dating sites. One day, not today, maybe not tomorrow, they will be stopped. Unfortunately, money-gram does not give refunds. I was reminded that we who got scammed are not idiots, or stupid we just happened to be vulnerable at that moment in time. Of course it’s a numbers game to them. All they do is sit and stay on the computer. I’m sick to think how maybe these people got this way-remember the civil war there 20 some years ago. The children who were made to kill their parents in order to be forced to join the army-then they went on to kill or mame their own townspeople. Now, years later the government is giving these “warped” “poor/sick in spirit” people an income to work and the mamed people who have no arms or legs are left with nothing. I just had to write that so that I can remember. Ok, we got scammed our hearts/homes/bank accounts robbed. We will survive. They will not.

  44. Pat

    Hi, I lost no money but please watch out for a Martin Haggard. He is good and it took a while to figure him out but he is a true blue scammer for sure. Thanks and please, keep posting to get all these names on here for others to view and watch out for!

  45. Debra

    Be aware of 2 men. Willow Benjamin and Rick Johnson. I don’t know if they are the same man. I was scammed by Willow Benjamin. He claims to be a construction contractor living in Pompano Beach Florida and on assignment in Turkey. Originally born in New Zealand and grew up in UK. Widowed with 1 child. He’s build a hotel in Turkey. He will send you flowers and you think everything is real. He will send you love songs and even show you pictures of his daughter. After 2 months everything starts to fall apart for him. His shipment gets held in customs and needs money to get it released. He already used all his funds and still not have enough to pay the taxes. Then once you send him the money, he will then tell you there are storage fees that need to be paid. He will send you documents and even a promised check of over a million dollars that he will receive when the first phase of the project is done. DON’T BELIEVE HIM.. I’ve created a Youtube video showing his picture and documents and even created a FB account showing his picture and documents. The more you get their name and pictures out on the internet, then less people will get scammed.

    Rick Johnson Lives in Miami Fl and already started sending me some of the same letters that I got from Willow. Be aware.

    google Willow Benjamin and Rick Johnson. you will see their photos

    • Natasha

      I couldn’t find the photos of the two men you posted about. Rick Johnson was such a common name that many results came up in a google search. Anyway, a man named Marcus Angeleo ([email protected]) was trying to scam me too with a very similar story, except that his ex-wife cheated on him and he has a 19 yo son. He’s also in Turkey remodeling a hotel. He’s very good and specifics with his work and took time to lay the foundation so everything seems real when the time came for him to spring a crisis on me to solicit my help. This man took time to call me everyday, at least once a day for 2 months before it all started. His shipment was held at customs and his bank account was held because someone in China hacked into his account. He even sent me a link and gave me his sign-on and password to his account so you can see how much money he has and to show that he trusted me. But it’s a fake website and a fake link that will disappear in a few hours. He is working with someone named Ali Neirami, Sanita Filuka, and Sintija Socka. Beware. I will not list how I found out that he was trying to scam me here because he may read this and learn to be better at it and has a better chance of success with other women. I have since called him on his scam and stopped communicating with him, but of course he denied that he was a scammer because he never asked me for any money and threatened that he will come home and meet me to see the regrets in my eyes because then I would know that he is real and that I have lost him. He also acted hurt that I broke his heart by stopping communication, and disappointed that I did not trust him, which is playing on my weakness because had he gotten nasty, it will only confirmed my suspicion. I have not lost any money, but I am still sad because the emotional and time investment were all for naught. I am lucky, compared to the women here, but I wish he could prove me wrong, just so my faith in the possibility of finding Mr. Right can be restored.

    • sugarlips

      no, i have not….but be weary if he has an accent of any type. My “man” had a beautiful French accent. But i believe he was from Ghana even though he said he was from Canada. It is such a shame that we woman have to put ourselves out there to be abused in such a way. Just be very careful! And whatever you do….do not involve money…if this guy is for real he will not ask you for money of any sort. BTW, it usually takes about 3-4 weeks of conversation before he will tell you he does not want to ask you this question, but then he will spring it on you and ask for money. I was an idiot…..but my money transaction got stopped because the name i sent it to was not his but another man he said he owed the money to…(Big fish always use a scapegoat) and this guy already had a red flag attached to his name, so i was SAVED and so was my money.


    I was scammed by a group of people through facebook. It began with “Morris Allen” – and then added a person named Harris Wilson, “Benjamin” the Operational Manager, “George” and some weird supposed Doctor by the name of Eric Gary – complete with phone numbers. these people were all in the UK- It was a quick romance you – the I have been offered a job in the UK. Allthese people had terrible for “Morris” who also had an accent but not so bad. I was a real dupe – and lst quite a bit of money over it.

    • sugarlips

      Connie, i was reading your comment and was wondering if the gentleman named George or any of the other men had a French accent…and what was the job they were working on. I met this man named George Miller (am positive this is not his real name, I just believed it was), using a yahoo account (what else would they use…big give away) he had a beautiful French accent and spoke very well,….he had good English and mentioned a sister he had by the name of Kathy who was fat. Does any of this seem familiar? They attempted to scam me out of money as well but i did not loose any money in the transaction. This guy George, was the most intelligent man and spoke very romantic to me and I fell for it. The big problem that was at first a red flag to me was the fact he would tell me he would call me and he never would live up to his promise. When i said i wanted to meet him, he said it was not possible because he had to leave to go out of the country very soon, but did not know an exact date. Then all of a sudden one day he was in Florida and a few hours later he winds up in Canada. I am a smart woman and found this very strange but somehow I believed him as I really do not try to judge people before they have a chance to explain. Anyway, this is the busiest man i have ever met, yet he did not have any money to fund his “project” and was asking me to help him. I am just very thankful that i had family to talk me through my stupidity and stop any more transactions to him that would wind up in the hands of a scammer. Quite frankly, i feel really sorry for this man because he uses God in every conversation and is more than believable. I feel in love with the fact that he spoke of God and love in such a manner that it was like a dream come true….and guess what… WAS!!


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