LOS ANGELES, CA (December 11, 2012) –  Scambook, the leading online complaint resolution platform on which consumers and business can work together to achieve resolutions to their disputes, has come out of Beta.  Scambook has now officially launched with their patent pending Complaint Resolution Platform and Scambook Business Resolve.

In development for the past year and a half, Scambook experienced exponential growth resulting in extraordinary user gains and over 50 committed employees dedicated to revolutionizing complaint resolution. Scambook’s purpose is to fill the need for immediate consumer satisfaction while at the same time giving businesses the proper tools to better manage their customer care.

“An estimated 30 million consumers are defrauded each year, averaging $631 in individual losses. Using patent pending technology, Scambook Beta has resolved over $3.2 million and counting in reported damages,” said Kase Chong, Scambook’s Director of Marketing.  “Our comprehensive Beta period enabled us to develop a platform that catered to our users’ needs. User feedback and testimonials have been instrumental in giving us the insight necessary to mold our system and create a quality driven product.”

Scambook’s goal from the beginning has been to establish a solid process where both users and businesses have the right tools to seek immediate resolutions. Having accomplished this, Scambook is determined to persist as the leading Complaint Resolution Platform.



Scambook is an online complaint resolution platform dedicated to obtaining justice for victims of fraud with unprecedented speed and accuracy. By building communities and providing resources on the latest scams, Scambook arms consumers with the up-to-date information needed to stay on top of emerging schemes. Since its inception, Scambook has resolved over $3 million in reported consumer damages. For more information, please visit: http://www.scambook.com/about


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Miranda Perry is the staff writer for Scambook.com, where she blogs about consumer issues, fraud and cyber security. She hopes to inspire readers to think critically about the world around them and take action to improve their lives.

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