We will skip the work from home sales jobs you may already be familiar with. Raise your hand if you already know someone selling one of these (not that there’s anything wrong with that): doTerra Essential Oils, Pampered Chef, Limelight, and Stella and Dot.

Here is a list of work from home job ideas that might excite you, or, at least, pay you some good money!

Yes, you can be an online teacher and/or tutor! Look at websites like tutor.com, tutorvista.com, k12.com, connectionsacademy.com. Pay varies, but the hours can be flexible and from a work at home, flexibility standpoint, these jobs can be great!

Web Developer
Don’t skip this! Even if you don’t know how to YET, it is a fairly easy field to get into and as at home jobs go, this one is GREAT! Just google some online web programming courses, seminars, free youtube tutorials, and you’ll be on your way in building your skill base for creating/designing websites! Average salary is approximately $54,000.00

Website Tester
No brainer. You’re paid to test websites. Check out sites like youeye.com and usertesting.com

Medical Transcriptionist
People see the word ‘medical’ and get scared off, thinking they need a medical degree. You don’t. It would help, but isn’t needed for this at home job.
Medical Transcriptionists work for both hospitals and physicians and normally work at their own pace and hours. They listen to doctors recorded notes and transcribe them onto paper for a report. Average salary could be approximately $35,000.00

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