Wondering how to lower travel costs and fly cheaper? Aren’t we all! Travel expenses can get sky-high (pun intended), and often wind up being one of the worst parts of your summer vacation. For the savvy traveler, though, are a lot of tips to save money while traveling. They just require a little financial some of them require a bit of self-control.

Travel concessions are designed to make our trips easier and potentially more affordable, but are they always worth it? We’ll look at some of the smartest ways that you can save money while traveling by deciding which concessions to skip.


Travel-Sized Stuff vs. Baggage Fee

Due to high fees for extra baggage, many travelers save space with travel-sized items. You’ll pack lighter, save money by avoiding baggage fees, and minimize the time you spend with TSA.

For some pro-level traveling, try picking up a few refillable 3 oz. containers that you can keep for good and fill them up with your own shampoos and soaps.

A color photo of many travel-sized items in a store.

The extra effort of buying travel-sized items is worth it; baggage fees can be ridiculously expensive.

Cheaper Ticket vs. Layover

To layover, or not to layover? That is often the question. Many of us opt out of cheaper airfare if it means avoiding a layover, but smart shoppers should think about which alternative is going to be worse for your trip.

If you’ve got an entire summer to kill, it might not be so horrible to save some money and add a day or so to your trip. A layover can be a great way to save money while traveling, but it can definitely eat up your time.

If you’re on a tight schedule or a business trip, a direct flight is probably your best option.

Figure out how long your trip will take with, and without, a layover. Then figure out which options suits your needs best.


Super Early Flight vs. Extra $100

Sometimes we try to cut travel costs by taking an insanely early flight. This might save you $100, but is it going to cost you the first day or two of your trip?

It depends on how well you function with varying levels of sleep. If you’re not the kind of person that can get away with little to no sleep, make sure you get a full night’s rest. You don’t want to waste the first day of your vacation crashed out in your hotel room.


Bidding Sites vs. Actually Having Good Tickets

A color photo of a hotel airport shuttle.

A hotel close to the airport is a better option if you don’t have a ton of time to spare on your trip.

You can save money on a bidding site like Priceline or Travelocity, or you can have a good airline ticket. Unfortunately, you can’t always do both at the same time. Many travelers already know this, which is why a lot of bidding sites have started focusing more on hotels.

With the terrible flight times that often pop up when you search for tickets on a bidding site, the money you save might not be worth it.

Again, this depends on you and your trip. If you can make it work without getting your full eight hours of sleep, go for it.


Got Any Tips for Us?

Let us know if you’ve got any tips that we missed! Share in the comments some of your favorite Dos and Don’ts for a great traveling experience.


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