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Pokémon GO is in full swing and so are scammers.

Nationwide reports warn of a phishing scam related to this newest craze. If you receive an email or text claiming that your current Pokémon Go account will be shut down, don’t believe it. The email will also state that because of a change in the Terms of Service agreement, all current account holders are now required to pay a $12.99 monthly fee to keep their account active.

The reality: According to the app maker, Niantic Labs, this app remains free. Any claim otherwise is simply an attempt by scammers to hijack your account login credentials and steal credit card information. Best practice: Download the app only from authorized dealers rather than from third-party app sources.

Safety Tips While Playing Pokémon Go:

– Limit the amount of Pokémon coins that your child can purchase.
– Keep in mind that this, along with any other game app for your smartphone, can significantly increase data usage.
– Be careful when playing this game outdoors. Make sure the designated PokéStop is in a safe location.
– PokéStops are supposed to be located in public area. Be sure to respect private property.
– Don’t try to play this or any other game while driving a car or other vehicle. Playing has the same distractive effect as texting while driving.

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