Scrolling down Facebook you see an ad for an amazing pair of jeans or sneakers. YES! Look at the price! Designer clothing for only $10. How unbelievable that you can score such a sweet deal!

You know where I’m going with this. Deals like these are usually just that…unbelievable. You should NOT believe them. has seen a recent uptick in scam websites where people purchase clothing and are sent cheap knock-off’s from Chinese suppliers.

SammyDress, DressLily, and TwinkleDeals are just a few sites out there that have scammed people.

SammyDress alone has racked up over 133 complaints on Scambook.

Before you go through with that ‘Amazing’ deal, please do your homework. If your on Facebook, review the comments. Usually you can tell whether the company is reputable from reading the reviews of those who have gone before you. If you stumbled upon a website that looks a little shady, well, it probably is. Stay away! Even if the website looks legit, it is your responsibility to do your homework before you pay for something.

Does the company have any contact information?
Does the company offer a return policy?

But likely the best way to stay clear of getting ripped off is to stick with the companies and websites that your familiar with and are legitimate.

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