Whether you have an iOS or Android device, one of the funnest things to do on them is play games. A highly entertaining games (at least I think so) is the ever-famous Angry Birds.

According to GFI Labs, the new Star Wars edition of Angry Birds has become the newest tool for cyber fraud. As it turns out, there is an imposter app using the popular name to trick unsuspecting Android users and drain their phone bills. This latest operation has not yet affected Apple iOS users.


How It Works

Basically, any user who tries to download the game to a computer from an online source and install it to an Android device could run into this fake app, which sends text messages to a designated premium location once you install it. Although this mobile Trojan app is using the Angry Birds name to defraud users, it might keep you fooled because it sneakily downloads and installs an actual copy of the game after it’s finished sending out premium text messages from your account.


What To Do

Tip #1: Even though dangerous fake apps have made appearances in the Google Play Store in the past, at the very least, you will definitely want to avoid downloading any apps for free from a website and installing it to your phone. Regardless of if you use an Android or iOS device, this is a general rule of thumb that applies to both.

Tip #2: As an Android user, you can also give yourself a good chance at catching problems before they occur by installing anti-virus software to your mobile device. Feel free to check out this one here or even do some research and find a different one you might prefer more. I can’t guarantee you will be 100% protected since cyber fraudsters are constantly changing their methods, but adding this layer of security doesn’t hurt.

Tip #3: Before you download any app for your phone, whether it’s from the Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store, it doesn’t hurt to take a minute or two to read the user reviews, both new and old, just to see if anyone has had any kind of issues at all. It’s better to take this extra step even if you might be in a hurry to play the newest hot game.


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