Another week. Another class action complaint.

Last week we made history when we announced that, as a result of your Scambook reports, a nationwide class action lawsuit was filed against Bidrack.

It seems that history does repeat itself.

The Scambook community has posted numerous reports about membership clubs run by Sempris, Inc. (These clubs are known by various names, such as Value Plus, Budget Savers, Cooking in Style, Essentials for Home, Explore USA, FunSource, Homeplay, Pulse, and Vacation Passport.)  The reports detailed allegations of unauthorized charges, repeated calls from telemarketers, and general confusion on how or why they had become enrolled with a Sempris membership club.  Many consumers complained that they allegedly became enrolled after a telemarketing call offering gift cards, while others claim to have allegedly been enrolled without any telemarketing offers at all.

Early today, a nationwide class action was filed seeking monetary damages and an injunction stopping Sempris’s alleged business practices.

If you want to read the complaint, be sure to check out the link below.  We’ll be keeping track of the lawsuit and will be posting more updates when we have them.

Class Action Lawsuit Dioquino v Sempris Complaint_Value Plus_Budget Savers_Cooking in Style, Essentials for…


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9 Responses

  1. Jim Nikes

    Bid rac is a scam that charged my card 99.00 for nothing…

  2. marilynn smith

    There is more to this bidrack scam than just taking unauthorized monies for buying bids. My credit card was charged, I had no idea I was buying anything. After calling and complaining, after they said I had bought bids i got a confirmation email stating I had made a bid purchase. It came weeks after my information was given out. Also when you try to bid on items you are scammed, the items go up and up and up, not to the low prices they state are available. Unless you want to buy junk this is a terrible way to make purchases.

  3. anonymous

    good luck with the wont ever win..these people are experts at this..its perfectly legal what they are doing – dirty as hell, but legal..they have an electronic signature from every person that has ever been enrolled in a membership, whether the people realize what they are doing or not..honestly, i hope you win and shut them down, but i really doubt you will..cheers

  4. cARROL

    Two charges were made to my account for $21.95 on 08.30.11. These were unauthorized. No answer when calling the 1-800 humber.

  5. randall

    Just had damages sorted out relating to these people. If the law isn’t on our side perhaps we should take matters into our own hands. Anybody interested in participating in a DDoS attack on their website contact me at [email protected] so we can get the ball rolling.

  6. Pete

    These people stole $420.97 from me to date. I swear I am going to do EVERYTHING possible to not only get my money back but then some. I can’t believe that they have not been charged as criminals in addition to any civil complaints.

  7. Bryan Berry

    Thank you for pursuing this lawsuit. I was charged $100 over four months and I do not to this day know what the “product was” other than what appeared on my statement: “SEM Value Plus 800-4751942 MN.

  8. Carol

    I filed my complaint with the FTC. These people need to be stopped! AND stomped!


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