Ever wonder how to increase your smartphone’s battery life? Whether you have an iPhone,  Samsung Galaxy Android phone or a Blackberry, you’ve probably drained your battery too quickly at one time or another.

It’s the drawback of smartphones; all the apps, mobile Internet and email, camera features and everything else really uses up battery life. Luckily, with just a few tips and tricks, you can extend your phone’s battery life and go longer before your next charge.

Here’s 10 easy tips to extend your smartphone’s battery life:


Tip #1: Shut Off GPS Services

GPS is a very useful feature in most smartphones, but unfortunately they’re also a great way to drain your batteries. Make sure your phone’s location services are disabled when you’re not using a GPS app like Maps or Compass.

Look for the GPS indicator in your menu bar to see whenever the location services are enabled. If your GPS is running when you’re not using, turn it off to save battery.


Tip #2: Ditch Push Notifications

Smartphones love to get your attention, but doing so can take up some serious battery life. Think about it. To get a push notification, your phone needs to connect to the mobile network.

Then it turns on the screen to flash the notification, maybe vibrates a little, and possibly makes a sound. Not easy on your battery life. Turning off push notifications might give you some extra juice if you’ve got a long day ahead of you.

A color photo of a young man using a smartphone.

We all use our cell phones a lot more these days, which makes it tough for us to keep them charged all the time.

Tip #3: Try a Dark Wallpaper

Many smartphones have what’s called an AMOLED display. This means that each little pixel uses some battery power when it’s got to light up. Try using a phone wallpaper that’s a bit darker than your previous one and see if you’re able to get more battery life.


Tip #4: The Almighty Airplane Mode

Airplane Mode is great when you’re low on battery and want to conserve whatever life you’ve got left. It’ll disable Internet and call service on your phone, saving the energy for when you need to re-enable that and make that call.

Airplane Mode is also great if you’re in a spot that’s not going to let you get service, no matter what, like underground. This will keep your phone from looking for service, which drains the battery, so you can wait until you’re back in a hot spot.


Tip #5: Use An App!

If you’ve got an Android phone, you can download any of several apps dedicated to helping you save your battery life.

JuiceDefender is one of the best, and works its magic by just disabling connectivity to your phone entirely. It’ll re-enable it on intervals that you determine, so you can get those Facebook notifications.

For Apple iPhone, try Battery Life Pro. This free app monitors your phone activity so you can figure out what’s draining your power the fastest.

Tip #6: Clear Running Apps

With the exception of that handy power-saving app you just downloaded, it might be a good idea to clear out your running apps.

If any are left in the background, it can seriously drain your battery life. Look at your phone’s task manager to see which apps are running, and shut down the ones you don’t need.


Tip #7: Lower the Brightness

This is the most obvious of all smartphone-battery-saving tips but one that’s easy to forget. If you dim the brightness on your phone’s screen just a little bit, you’ll be surprised at how much battery you can actually wind up saving.


Tip #8: Turn off the WiFi

Wireless Internet is a great way to turn your smartphone into a tiny little computer, but it’s only eating away at the battery when you’re not near a hotspot.

To save battery life, turn off the wifi when you leave the house or office so that your phone isn’t constantly trying to find itself a new signal.


Tip #9: Keep Things Nice and Cool

Your smartphone, like most pieces of finely-tuned computer hardware, doesn’t really like hot temperatures. Even just keeping it in the pocket of your tight pants or leaving it in the sun can be damaging to the battery long-term.


Tip #10: Get an Extra Battery!

There are a ton of extra smartphone batteries and mobile chargers on the market, and they’re not that expensive. This way you can get yourself a quick on-the-go charge, even if you’re not in the car.


How Do You Boost Your Smartphone Battery Life?

Do you have any awesome battery-life-lengthening smartphone tips? We’d love to hear how you get more juice out of your Android, Blackberry or iPhone. Share your tips in the comments.


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  1. Richard

    Your cell phone may state it has a specific battery life, but that’s with minimal use. Apps, hardware settings and even the brightness of your screen all drain cell phone batteries faster than you may expect. With a few changes to your phone, you can increase battery life so your phone doesn’t die when you need it most. If you look at your cell phone’s battery use settings, you’ll see one of the biggest drains is the display. Go into your phone’s display settings to reduce the strain on your battery. For hands-free communication, Bluetooth is wonderful, but it also eats up your battery charge. If you’re not using Bluetooth, turn the feature off.Unless you are actually using GPS apps, consider turning GPS off to avoid draining the battery prematurely. Get more tips at : http://www.computersandtech.com/how-to-increase-the-battery-life-of-your-mobile-phone/


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