When we launched Scambook a few weeks ago, we didn’t want to be like other complaint sites.  You know which ones we’re talking about.  You post a complaint.  Rant and rave about being ripped off.  And then you sit and wait for something to happen.  But nothing does. No one reads your complaint.  No one investigates the company.  No one helps you to take action.

Scambook is changing that paradigm.

Today we are thrilled to announce that the first class action lawsuit has been filed as a result of your Scambook reports.

The company is Bidrack.  Over 400 people submitted reports about this company, claiming that they were defrauded.  Our team read every one of those reports.  We followed up with many of you to get more information.  We investigated the company more generally.  And then we turned over what we found to the lawyers.

Most people are used to waiting months for a lawyer to act and then it is usually only to explain how much they are going to charge to “help” you. That’s not what happened here.  They looked at what you reported and, within two weeks, agreed to represent a class of potentially hundreds of people.  And they don’t get paid unless they win.

If you want to read the complaint, check out the link below.  We’ll be keeping track of the lawsuit and will be posting more updates when we have them.

Verna Parino v BidRack Inc Et Al Docket No 4 11-Cv-03149 N D Cal June 24 2011 Court Docket

In the meantime, if you have a complaint against BidRack, click here to file your complaint.


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About The Author

Scambook is an online complaint resolution platform dedicated to obtaining justice for victims of fraud with unprecedented speed and accuracy. By building communities and providing resources on the latest scams, Scambook arms consumers with the up-to-date information they need to stay on top of emerging schemes. Since its inception, Scambook has resolved over $10 million in reported consumer damages.

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52 Responses

  1. Michael Schuttler

    After contacting them and being rebuffed, I contacted you and then took it another step and sent in a complaint to the Illinois Attorney General Office. They asked me for a phone number so they could call and talk to me. I gave them a phone number and I believe they may have called because of the out of state phone number, but they did not leave a message and I did not talk to anyone.

  2. lori walters

    i want to get my money back,had my son in law go to my account there and he said that as he bid they were trying to sell more bids and that it was a scam,that it was not legit like ebay and to stay off there, i called bidrack and they refused to refund my money on june 14 2011. this site need to return all scammed peoples money. we work for a living ,we dont go out and scam. thank you

  3. Natalie

    So happy someone is finally able to take action!!! Seven counts of fraud! I KNEW there had to be some way of taking legal recourse. Great job! They’ve had it coming for a TOO long!

  4. Marc Lewis

    Friends, (and as of now, you are my FRIENDS!), I am now a happy man. I have sent complaints to: BBB of Delaware, the Gov.’s Office of Consumer Protection, Postal Inspectors Service, Federal Trade Commission, the Attorney General of Delaware’s Office (by slow mail), and the FBI, as well as yourselves. Now I have had a response from all but the slow mail, though it was all to the effect that they had gotten my complaint, but the speed with which you went forward and dealt with the problem was flat astounding! I am more than impressed. Carry on the good work!

    • Noni

      Good work mr. Lewis!!, tWe need more diligent people like you in this world of despicable scammers.
      I,too, was scammed by Bidrack about 6 months ago for $99.00 and complained to no avail. I kept all my e mails pertaining to this
      I contacted my bank immediately and they refunded my money right away, . I gave them the name of the company and told them to look into Bidrack.
      I believe they did because i received a letter telling me my $99.00 refund will stand.Honorable move bythe bank.
      Good luck in your pursuit

  5. Louis Pham

    By the time, somebody is standing and speaking off for us. These companies like BidRack should not allow to be on the online businesses anymore. Their Customer Support was the worst Customer Support I have ever spoken too. Ways to go Scambook.

  6. Tina

    Finally class action lawsuit.
    However, I was not one who was scammed into the unauthorized $99 charge.

    I was a part of the guinea pigs when they first launched the site back in February that won items that never got shipped. Long story short, they sent out an email stating that all items won prior to March 15 would not be shipped and will reimburse us with the same value of bids.

    The original complaints for that situation can be found on this blog: http://craftingbycandlelight.blogspot.com/2011/02/truth-about-bidrack.html

    Only those who complained to Bidrack and BBB and other places for countless times ever got refunded or sent their items 3 months after it was supposed to be. They were “trying” to cover their tracks. Others fell for receiving bids as an exchange or “bait and switch”. I mean how can they not get a shipment of gift cards to ship out? that’s ridiculous.

    There are a lot of flaws within their website. My won items which they actually sent 2 out of 3 still say “processing”. All the proof of delayed shipments or frustration is in the messaging back and forth from their nomoreack emailing forum.

    They might have been getting better with shipment, but it doesn’t excuse the mistakes and bait and switch that happened before.


    • Leslie Rhoades

      Wow Tina, thanks for all this info! Bidrack isn’t any better, they’re still not shipping items won, but they DID make it extremely hard to win any of these items, other then their “more bids”, like we’d really want that! I got my refund but it was after numerous emails & threats. They’re jerks & I can’t believe they got away with it as long as they have, but this has GOT to do some good!!!
      YAY Scambook!
      Thanks again Tina!

  7. william c. horton

    i am not happy that we got scamed by this Bidrack.com but ever so happy that we could get to file these complaints and we didn’t just lay down and let them get away whith just taking our money.
    these are hard time for everyone and we are not trying to get somthig for nothing but we are try barbain and have nice things
    by way of what little funds we have.
    William c. Horton

  8. Terry

    As a small business internal accountant for over 25 years, it amazes me how some companies think they have the right to master deception and make it a business in itself. That is the only business Bid Rack knows. Owners of these types of companies in their own minds believe they won’t be stopped, the banks can’t give the people back their money due to some loophole they have learned to exploit. Again..Masters of Deception. It is only something like this, a class action lawsuit that will bring this company down, and I hope I will get my money back and I hope in the end they will learn a valuable lesson. This is America and we do have morals and greed and dishonesty are not what made this country great but companies like Bid Rack are helping to destroy it. Thanks for fighting back. We will not let this happen. Thank you.

  9. Irina Chaikovsky

    Hello, I am another victim of Bid Rack. I registered for the site, where it was clearly written that REGISTRATION IS FREE. To enter the website I was asked to provide my credit card information. Since there was no other way to see the website, unfortunately, I provide the info. I didn’t place any bids, and wanted to close my account right away. To my surprise I could not re-enter it. My 2 requests to reset password remained unanswered. Today my visa was charged for $99! When I called the company, they couldn’t even find my account, though the money was charged. They still refuse to give me a refund.

  10. james

    This class action wont stop them, instead complain to the BBB and FTC, the owner will just start another company, like he did prior to bidrack (savebig) to move the shell game to another table.

    also you wont get money from this, no consumers ever get money on cases like these, usually all of it goes to the lawyers if any is recovered.

    • Leslie Rhoades

      It might not stop them, but it will slow them down, its better then ignoring them & letting them continue to scam people. Its all worth it if we can get them to pay for what they’ve done to people. I’ve filed with the BBB & am getting no where, but its still worth the effort! Don’t give up!

  11. Mingjin Zhang

    Just let us know what to do to support this campaign and we will do it!

  12. jean fisico

    I was also taken for 99. after I complaied they finally offered my 49.50 back, which I refused How do I participate in this lawsuite

    • Leslie Rhoades

      Jean, did you get a response yet? I’m not part of Scambook, but you can report them by clicking on “File a complaint here” above on this screen. Also FILE WITH THE BBB, IC3, Complaints Boards & several FB accounts that are good for at least warning others. You’ll get a refund but it takes a lot of foot work, just don’t give up & keep reporting them!
      Leslie Rhoades

  13. Susanna Kelland

    Such a GREAT IDEA!!!!! So obvious that Bidrack.com had problems. Funny thing is… I showed them your site, and said you know, you may want to start refunding money, these people have a legitimate complaint. 400+ people can’t be wrong…. but nothing. Still claiming a no refund policy, and still blaming the customer.

    Thanks for being the web scam watch dogs.

  14. Leslie Rhoades

    Thank you SO MUCH for starting this class action lawsuit! I’ve been warning people & posting reports for a couple months now & now with this, we’re bound to get these scammers shut down! PLEASE keep us updated & please feel free to contact me for ANY of the BBB reports, IC3 reports & the correspondences between me & Bidrack! Anything you need!!! I’m not looking for a settlement, I already got my refund from them, but I want them shut down or fined or whatever can be done, that’s why I’m here & reporting!
    Leslie Rhoades
    scammed by bidrack con-artists

  15. james

    bidrack has shut itself down, look out for their new name in about 3 weeks. Typical of Dee and his ongoing scams. Guy has probably bilked billions from consumers over the past 10 years. Word is the FTC and FBI are on his trail

  16. john doe

    I suspect Bidrack are already metamorphosising into a company called Quibid. same location same terms and conditions same web site structure but with global ambitions. Oh for Americas reputation!

  17. james

    quibids is not part of bidrack they copied quibids website and terms and conditions.

    bidracks new name looks to be dealfun.com, they will run as that name for 4-8 weeks then shut down and start another name, this will go on for 2 years or so until visa and mastercard shut them down and help them open their next scam. the class action should go against visa and mastercard if you want to really make a change, but then again Jay isnt that bright to see that deep in to the abyss.

  18. james

    i saw you added some advertising networks, you left out pulse360, and convert2media, look up depak argawal he is the scammer behind bidrack, he uses his company the pds group to siphon money out of bidrack his name is never on the actual scam, he recruits young dumb kids to put their names on the corps while he sucks it dry through being the processor and CS agent for the sites.

  19. Dale Kreider

    Got my $99 back from these scam artists. Called them every name in the book and when the credit card charge hit, I challegned it. Took 1 week but the bottom line is fight them. Write the AG in Alabama [that’s where the charge hits], write the BC Fraud Bureau, and the Delaware AG. I let the scammers know that. Somewhere along the line they must have looked at my responses back to them because they didn’t fight my challenge to my credit card company.

  20. R Gene Wiggins

    I just filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission today.

    They refused to refund my remaining $59.

    Have a great Day

    Gene Wiggins

  21. james

    confirmed dealday.com is deepak again, they moved from bidrack to dealday.com once they saw this suit.

    • Workhorse

      Dealday looks interesting, sign up credit card form has no pricing. Wonder how much they will bang peoples cards for?

  22. garrett McKenzie

    i have had the same problem lost my ass , and no deliveries!!
    have called a few times same story , we will check into it.

  23. Hockley

    Great review! This is exactly the type of article that should be shared around the web. Shame on the Google for not positioning this blog post higher!

  24. Helen

    Useful information! I have been hunting for everything like this for some time these days. With thanks!

  25. Nancy Chamness

    Hi – I was one of the first to post a long complaint about Bidrack. Can someone please tell me why it isn’t posted any more? Thanks

  26. Deborah M Ford

    BidRack has ripped me off…I am disabled…and all of the stress is causing me to have more intense pain, and anxiety… they keep telling me to be paitent. It has been shipped..(the shipping number was for a real SHIP!!!) My item according to Bidrack was in China and my items were being loaded on the ship.. then when I was talking to them on the phone…they told me that my items where now in the USA….but they don’t know when I will receive them…
    My items didn’t cost very much… but then I don’t have much, I am on SSI (I am a 55yr old woman) and my husband is on unemployment.. He was wrongfully terminated recently and won in court…so he gets his unemployment …we believe it is because of his age. 54yrs..with grey hair and grey mustache. So now we have even less money than we did last year..
    I was so excited… I thought that I was getting part of Christmas shopping done for my 14 grandchildren. I thought that I was going to be able to give them a little nice gift than usual (usually a couple of things from a dollar store for each…or something that looks new from a yard sale or second hand store) But now..it looks like they may have even less….
    I have saved all of pages of messages from the complaint center(I saved the entire pages) and I saved all of the pages of the items that I won showing the picture of the items and the bidding that went on for the items… the only thing that isn’t saved is the telephone conversations with these people…

    I feel like a fool…..I felt that hey, I received the first couple of items….so they will send me the rest of them…. wrong!!!!

    I am the fool

  27. Randy Hyshiver

    I was not aware of this activity until I finally decided to pursue my disappointment with not receiving what I had won. It’s been over 2 months and still have not received 4 of the 5 items I had won. I am also pursue a complete refund of everything, including the initial $99 fee that I originally requested back in the begining and was denied.

  28. Sainath K M

    For a guy from India, this site seemed too good to be true and so I went ahead and invested some amount of time and a lot of money here. To begin with, I won 2 auctions on the first day and I was excited since I had won them for a fraction of the price in the market. I was told by Customer Services that they were moving warehouses and it would take a maximum of 1 month to ship my items to me. It has been 3 months and none of these items have been shipped to me. I finally received an item that they said was for $49.99 on their site. When I turned around the item, it said “Made in China”. What the F***. If I wanted something from China, I would walk right across the Indo-China Border, buy it & come back, why the heck would I buy it in the US of A? And the quality of the item : The absolute definition of Crap…
    Another observation of mine – The shipping companies they use – As far as I know, none of them have presence in the US of A. Damn!
    Check out this site for example “http://en.4px.cc/Track.html#RF064419104SG”.

    My suggestion: No more Bidrack! I really wish this chain, right here, could hit all newspapers nationally.

  29. enlizithhig

    I was just seeking this information for some time. After 6 hours of continuous Googleing, at last I got it in your website. I wonder what’s the Google’s issue that doesn’t rank this type of informative websites closer to the top. Generally the top web sites are full of garbage.

  30. Shellie Maynard

    Unfortunately, we all just need to be patient. Justice works, it’s just a little slow. And, wiothout Scambook, we wouldn’t even have anything to be patient for!!!

    The BBB of Delaware is overwhelmed with Complaints about Bidrack. They were quick when I filed my intial Complaint, they were quick to close it upon satisfactory offer to resolve from Bidrack. Now that they have defaulted on their promise to refund my money, and in turn notifying the BBB, I haven’t heard anything for a week or longer. I noticed stress from their last communications regarding the same.

    Nonetheless, patience is a virtue and without Scambook we would have nothing.

    Thanks again Scambook. What a shame if the little dopes have to sell their fancy sports cars, nice homes, etc. to pay back and hopefully, to pay damages on top.

    The system will work!!!


  31. Peter Emery

    HI I’m in the same boat as the rest of you guys. paid my $99.00 got to win a few credits costing me a few pennies that was OK. Then staid up late one night and won a few cheap thing s (5). Then paid for them to be shipped (about $30.00) then told they had been shipped . Now I have waited 4 weeks and no sign of anything and, I can not contact them as their web site is down, so I out more money. If something is been done please contact this poor retired Canadian

  32. Andi J

    Email sent to bidrack on 8/1/11:

    It has taken me a some time to calm down after receiving my package from you and before writing you this email. Based on the quality of the items I received and the manner in which they were received I feel I have been that your company is very dishonest. BidRack misrepresents a fair retail price of their products in order to make customers believe they are getting discount prices when in actuality customers are overpaying for low quality, substandard products. When you figure in the initial cost of a bid package, plus additional bids (won or purchased), shipping and wait time for the products with the quality of the items – both my time and money could be MUCH better spent elsewhere. BidRack is ultimately a SCAM and I refuse to lose any more money purchasing CRAP that I could get at a dollar store. Let me list the reasons why I came to this conclusion:

    1. Spent $21.96 total in shipping on four separate items that came crammed in one 8 x 5.5 x 3 inch box. I researched shipping from Singapore Post and for the weight of the package and length of time it took to get here it should have only cost $9.00.

    2. The Purple Square Face Watch was listed on your site for retail at $29.99. There is no way on earth anyone would be satisfied with the quality of this watch for that price. The holes on the wrist band were not perforated and the “jelly-like” quality of the plastic was so flexible the band actually pulls away from the watch face when worn.

    3. The Swimming Goggles was listed on your site for retail at $17.99. For that price the goggles should have been close to swim-competition worthy but instead they are just dollar-store, bottom-of-the-bin quality. Not only that but the goggles are not what I purchased or in the color that was pictured. What I received was the “Advanced Kids’ Swimming Goggles.” I didn’t want Youth goggles.

    4. The Wii Game, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, is the biggest joke of them all. For a retail list price of $29.99 (on your site) you could, at the very least, expect the game to be in a disc case. But, NO, even that expectation is too high with BidRack-quality items because what you actually get is a very poor copy of the jacket sleeve (looks like it is the 100th copy of a copy) folded in half and put in a re-sealable poly bag. If that wasn’t disappointing enough you could actually try playing the BOOTLEG copy of the game (this is apparent due to the fact the game was received on an DVD disc not a GAME disc) in your Wii console and, much to you and your child’s dismay, you discover that the game is unreadable and cannot be played. I can’t say I was really surprised the game didn’t work but I was hoping for some redeeming aspect of your company.

    5. The only thing I can say that the webcam arrived as expected (although I haven’t at this point tested it to see if it works) however I no longer have a need for one. I had to purchase one 3 weeks ago because there was doubt that I would ever receive the one I purchased from BidRack due to the extremely long wait time for your products.

    Unfortunately, I have four more items (that I have no doubt will be overpaid for, take several weeks to receive, received in poor quality and will be dissatisfying upon arrival) still in “processing” on your site. And before you offer any type of resolution (not that I’m expecting you will due my experience with BidRack) I would appreciate one that does NOT waste any more of my time or money with your company. I don’t want to waste time packing items and sending them back (or more money on fuel to get to a post office). What’s done is done. I want a refund of my initial bid pack purchase of $99.00.That is all.

    Conclusion: No refund and I still have not received the last four items I paid for on 6/16/11

  33. none

    the owner is james benson beckish and he lives in costa rica , passport number 017807242 also owns porn sites and i know where he is …*at his scammer call center *. the address is Costa rica , province heredia , city name santa ana / belen , it is in between those, and his call center is in the buinding called tribu , it has black windows and nature arround it, also there is on the back the high school called panamerican high school , remember if you go to belen from heredia province from costa rica , all taxi drivers know where tribu building is. 1st floor at the left side is located his office ,call center,just cross the glass door at the left , ass soon as you are inside the reception.

  34. Diane

    Yep. I also went onto the website did not see where it stated you had to pay $99.00 and was charged immediately upon accessing the site. When I called custmer service was unable to refund my money, refused to do so and instead offered me a few extra bids. $99.00 WAS CHARGED TO MY ACCOUNT.

  35. Bri

    Hi I’ve been scammed by bidrack as well and I’d like to know how I can become a part of the class action lawsuit?

    • Justin

      There is an update on class action lawsuit. There is good news and bad. We (the people) won the case and damages were awarded to the one plaintiff by default.

      Where do we sign up for our share of the $99.00 settlement?


  36. Ana

    I too feel like a fool for trying this bidrack site on July 10, 2011. I didn’t expect that after taking my $99.00 they would also take another $60.00 that I didn’t authorize, and to make matters worse, they never sent me the two (2 bit sunglasses) that must have cost 99 cents each. I still can’t believe this!! When I tried sending email to them after never getting anyone to contact me, the frustration was just too much! Count me in with the support to bring this shameful company to pay all that they have robbed people of. I can’t believe that we live in a country that allows this robbery! They should be stopped! What can I do?

  37. Sabrina Titelbaum

    I too would like to know whether or not it’s too late to add my name into this lawsuit and I, too, was taken for a ride with this fraudulent company. I suppose it’s no one’s fault but my own for thinking that that sort of website was legitimate, but you just hope that people just don’t try take advantage of people and their hard-earned money!


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