We have seen an uptick in complaint reports from people claiming they were ripped off using iTunes gift cards. Victims are persuaded to purchase iTunes gift cards and to send the scammer the 16 digit code from the back of each iTunes gift card. The art of persuasion usually occurs in one of the following forms:

– A supposed IRS agent calls stating you owe back taxes and should release payment in the form of an iTunes gift card.
– A supposed lawyer calls stating a friend or relative has been arrested and the bond must be paid via iTunes gift cards.
– A company or individual selling a product to you requests payment in the form of an iTunes gift card.
– A supposed debt collection agency stats you own money and should repay in the form of an iTunes gift card.

Any time someone requests or demands that you pay them via iTunes gift card for a service or product, DO NOT DO IT!

It is most likely a scam.

Instead, collect their information and call the police to file a report! Also, file a complaint here!

For more information regarding Apple’s press release in regards to the scam, please read here.

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