Earlier this year, Hurricane Sandy (also known as Superstorm Sandy) caused an estimated $65 billion in damages along the east coast. From our Los Angeles offices here at Scambook, we watched coverage of the storm and want to do our part to help the victims.

Scambook issued multiple safety tips to help victims avoid insurance fraud and, for those eager to help from the sides, 8 warning signs about how to avoid fake charity scams.

We also contributed to the official Hurricane Sandy New Jersey Relief Fund to assist the long-term recovery effort in the communities hit hardest. According to a recent press release, this nonprofit aid organization has been doing some amazing work in the nine months since the storm.

Photo of Hurricane Sandy

The Hurricane Sandy superstorm caused an estimated $65 billion in damages.


Hurricane Sandy NJ Relief Fund Progress Update

Here’s how the Hurricane Sandy NJ Relief Fund has helped victims of the storm:

  • $38 million financial commitment to the relief effort
  • 29,500 international donors
  • 116,908 hours donated by volunteer relief workers
  • 35,218 people provided with case management services and other assitance
  • 9000 meals, with an average 80 people fed per week since the storm
  • 247 homes being rebuilt, plus 230 households receiving financial aid for bills, rent and new furnishings
  • 30 schools receiving funding for repairs and improvements, benefiting over 19,000 students


The Relief Effort Continues

Despite this incredible progress, there’s still a long way to go before the communities devastated by Sandy will be fully rebuilt.

Donations and volunteers are still needed, so click here to find out how you can get involved.

Our thoughts and well wishes continue to go out to the victims of Hurricane Sandy.


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