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  • Date Occurred: 03/03/2016
  • Reported Damages: $4,000.00
  • Location: 72 Atlanta Street SE Marietta, GA 30060

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I went to EZ Auto Financing on 3/2 5:50pm, they said all I could get was a 2006 Jeep Cherokee with over 155k miles. After telling Ralph the initial salesman I would not put $3500 down, they agreed to $3k. At this time Chuck another saleman takes over my application. I did not have cash & a daily limit on my card less than the down payment. I left @ 6:50pm to go get $1500 from home. I returned and made a deposit of $1500 & $218 for insurance. I was told I had to leave it for the contractor to measure the front windshield the next morning @ 8:30. It has a crack they agreed to replace the windshield. I asked Chuck if there was any other issues he said no. I left the truck there on 3/2. I returned on 3/3 @ noon, I payed another $1500 signed papers & got in the truck. It was raining so I tried the front & back windshield wipers the back did not work. Ralph had the truck running for some time but it was not getting warm. I called him out to help me & had an instant feeling to not take the truck. I told Ralph I changed my mind & asked how long do I have to get my money back? He tried to talk me into taking the truck. He said just drive it & it will warm up despite it running for at least 5-7 minutes. I said I've changed my mind & want a refund now, how long do I have to get out of this? He frowned up & said "you get out of it now, well come back inside then" in an unpleasant time. He got angry walked off & next Aaron came out. He told me he would fix whatever issues I had, wipers & claimed he didn't know they weren't working. He also said "it should warm up as you drive." He told me to bring it back in Monday 3/7. I left to go to the laundry mat 4 minutes away & placed my clothes in the dryer. The truck never got hot meaning the heat does not work. I turned around & went back to the lot & asked for a refund, never took the truck home. At that time Aaron said he could not refund my money because once the deal is final it is final. I told him but I tried to leave it before I even left the lot. I only left for maybe 20 mins. I began to cry & said I am not taking this truck he said he will get it fixed for me but as is is as is. I told him that's fine but I have to know what is the as is first. I was told nothing is wrong with the truck. I then said I don't want to get it after its "fixed" and find something else is wrong. I do not want to pay a note on a car I have to invest in to get things fixed when I just got it. I asked is there anything else wrong with this truck he said no. The truck was left there. On 3/4 I called & was told it will be ready by Saturday 3/5. Called 3/5 and was told it would be Monday or Tuesday.

On 3/6 I began researching to find out if I'm stuck in this deal. I found online reviews of this lot with the exact same situation as I'm in with these people. I called on 3/7 (Monday) and was told let me check & call you back by Aaron. No call. On 3/8 I called, was told by Chuck "I know they had to take the dash off to get to it, let me check & call you back", no call. I called back for Aaron who told me the same thing but no call. Later, I went to the lot with a friend & was told it's almost ready would be ready by 3/9. Chuck tried to explain its a big job, they had to take the whole dash off. I called on 3/9 same thing with Aaron let me check & call you back no call back. I called several times but he "wasn't available". I went back to the lot. I saw Chuck first who called the shop & found out Edwin (the person supposedly fixing the truck) was not at work that day. Chuck then said "I'm with you on this, where is Aaron? How much are you paying for the rental? They're gonna need to reimburse you on that!" We went outside to find Aaron. I spoke with Ralph who started my process & got mad when I tried to get out of the deal, Chuck who finished the deal & lied about nothing being wrong & Aaron the GM who lied as well. Spoke with all 3 at the same time outside. Aaron made a joke about me saying "now hold up cause you about to start crying". Which he laughed at. I told him that's not funny & I'm too angry to cry at this point I'm not sensitive, I'm a dissatisfied customer. I can't believe you all would do this to me. Aaron said "I had them move your truck before a lot of others, some people be waiting a few weeks to get stuff done." I didn't understand this because that means you all are selling bad vehicles & you know it! Claiming as is so why would you have other customers' vehicles in the shop? I was told unanimously, they would call me back on Friday 3/11 in the afternoon. I explained I am in a rental car for $83 a day. I am spending unnecessary money. My 1st car note is March 17th, I paid you $3K, paid insurance & you have the vehicle. I'm not driving it. I asked where is the shop so I can find out what is going on they would not tell me, I overheard the name Poppy. I asked who owns this place (EZ Auto Finance) they refused to tell me.

So I left & called the police to see what I can do. They instructed me to file a civil lawsuit.

I called the lot on 3/11 knowing they would not call me. I spoke to Chuck @ 10:37am. He said "I was down there yesterday & it's almost finished. I will call them right now & call you back." Again no call. I called back @ 11:42am & asked for Aaron he was with someone, asked for Chuck & was told by Richard "he's on the lot" (no attempts to go get him). I called again @ 11:49am still can't speak with either of them. Richard asked if there was a message. I told him I will be contacting the media & an attorney if I don't get a refund today because this is unacceptable! He said "ok thanks" then hung up. No empathy, no means to help or anything. I called back @ 12:34pm, Chuck answered & I asked for Aaron was on hold for 5 mins. I hung up & called back. Some lady answered, I told her I just really want a refund I am sick of dealing with you people where is Aaron? She asked for my name & then put Aaron on the phone, I said please just give me a refund. I am unhappy & just really want my money back PLEASE. He said "let me see what I can do." I said & how long is that going to be? He said "give me about 45 mins & let me see what I can put together for you." I said alright thanks & hung up @ 12:42pm. I know they will not refund my money so easily! I called back @ 2:17pm was on hold 5 mins then told Aaron will call me in 5 mins. No call of course. At 2:46pm I called back. I was left on hold then hung up on. I drove back to the lot. Arrived at 2:56 & saw Aaron outside. I gave him the papers that I signed & told him I want a refund & nothing else. He said he would have to contact the owner because no one is here to write a check. I asked when will that be, can't you call them? He said he only has email contact for the owner but has already made him aware of the situation. He proceeded to tell me it was taking so long because they found other stuff wrong with the truck. I asked what are those things but he refused to tell me. He said he had no clue when it would be fixed & that he only goes on what the mechanic says. He refused to give me the owners name yet again. Still refused to give the shop's address as well. I asked when will I know when to come get my money? He said he wouldn't know anything until Monday & that he would call me. I asked for something in writing stating that on Monday I can get my refund. He then said "well I have to wait & see if it's approved so I can't promise you nothing in writing." I said well call him now. He then told me he doesn't have a way to get in touch with him now. I said you can't call him & he owns this place? He said "I don't have his number, I can only email him." He then proceeded to tell me he is a single father that moved here from Philly with his son & $400 so he just works here. He tried explaining that the mechanic found something else when he began trying to fix the heat. That's what caused he delay. I said again that is what I didn't want to happen & why I don't want this truck & need my money back. He gave the papers back insisting he doesn't need them even if I get a refund. He asked for my cell number to text me a discount code for the rental which I found out couldn't be used on an existing rental. I just want my money back from the down payment and insurance payment! I contacted the insurance company & they said I'll need a letter from the lot saying I never took the truck. However, they will not give me anything in writing. It will be clear why they wouldn't in my next paragraph.

On 3/14 I called & Chuck answered I asked for Aaron. He got on the phone I asked is my refund ready he said "I had no luck getting that approved. I did all I can do but it's no go & said your truck is here we got everything fixed." I told him I am not having a good feeling, my gut is telling me I don't want this truck. Especially when it had issues right away & no one will tell me what all was wrong. I instructed him I will be bringing a case for my money & will not take the truck. Later that evening my daughter who is not 18 called me in a panic. There was a man banging on the door trying to get a signature. She told him her mother was not home & he proceeded to tell her he was dropping off a truck to me. She told him I already told them I don't want the vehicle. He continued to say things to her through the door which is why she called me. I called 911 but by the time they were dispatching an officer he was gone. He had left the truck in the parking lot. I then texted Aaron about it & he replied "that was not my doing."

On 3/15 a representative from Fox 5 responded to my call to action. She gathered more information from me & called the lot. Upon calling me back she told me they would not be able to go forward because of some things Aaron the manager had presented to her. I asked may I know what those things are? She then told me "he said there were some emails or texts sent." I told her I did text him like I told you before about the man harassing my child. She then said well he said "they've spent thousands of dollars fixing the issues & trying to resolve them for you. But you just can't be pleased. He also said there were some emails sent that were very unprofessional & they have an appointment to get the windshield replaced so because of that we can't go forward." I thanked her for trying to help & hung up. So apparently they are either sending emails to themselves or have other angry customers whose emails they want to say were sent by me. I HAVE NOT EMAILED THEM EVER & HAVE SPOKEN TO LEGAL COUNSEL! There is no need for me to email, call or text them at this point. It's clearly a tactic to try to force me in this truck. Not only did they bring it to a place without authorization or communication but I have no key to it. Thousands of dollars spent on this truck so what was wrong? Who in their right mind would be eager to take possession of a vehicle that has many issues before you even leave the lot? Issues they were never going to disclose! I'm supposed to trust that everything is fixed without even knowing what everything is? I know there will be other things wrong & they expect me to pay for that when it surfaces & a truck note. I WILL NOT BE FORCED INTO ANYTHING & will be updating after my lawsuit! BEWARE OF EZ AUTO FINANCE INC!!! DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY WITH THEM! RESEARCH, RESEARCH, RESEARCH FIRST!!

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