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Complaint Resolution

As the leading complaint resolution platform, Scambook's primary purpose is to give consumers like you a voice. Whether you're a victim of fraud or bad business practices, we aim to help share your story and even find a resolution. We are here to provide a platform where we can help you spread the word and fight against scammers, fraud, and bad business.

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Scambook is a complaint resolution platform where consumers are able to submit complaints against fraudulent companies and bad businesses to share their experiences. Start here to report your experience with fraud, scams or any other complaint you may have as a consumer. Why not report? It's free and there is an opportunity for you to reach a resolution - you could get your money back!

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With Premium Support, Scambook will review and research your complaint. Scambook will then attempt to contact with the company or individual your complaint is against in hopes of initiating the resolution process. If you simply want to be heard, your voice will add support and recognition in the fight against scammers and fraudulent businesses. Making a difference is just that easy.



Scambook will notify you of any changes or updates to your complaint in your Scambook Dashboard. We work hard to get complaints resolved. Just read some of the testimonials from Scambook users!

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What users are saying

Thank you for help with the problem concerning zeal solutions. I have received the payment in my paypal account. Your company is very prompt and courteous. It is nice that a person has somewhere to go for help for a place that tries to take advantage of people. Thank you so very much.

Hi Katie, Thank you for your help. I did get a refund of the money in full. If I need help in the future I know where to go. Thanks again for you doing what you did.

I recently had a case resolved using your services. I had found your company by accident while searching the web. I was skeptical about trying your services, but used them anyway. Your company was prompt while helping me resolve my issue. I was offered a settlement and accepted it gracefully.

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Have a Complaint? Report It and Get It Resolved!

Share Your Story Now, Report a Complaint Here!

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