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Scambook Comes Out Of Beta

Based in Los Angeles, California, Scambook.com is a trusted platform on which consumers and businesses can work togethver to achieve resolutions to their disputes. Our purpose is to fill the need for immediate consumer satisfaction while at the same time giving businesses the proper tools to better manage their customer care.

An estimated 30 million consumers are defrauded each year, average $631 in individual losses. Using patent pending technology, Scambook Beta has resolved over $3.2 million and counting in reported damages. Following our initial success in Beta, we are now ready to officially launch Scambook.com.

Our comprehensive Beta period enabled us to develop a platform that catered to our users' needs. User feedback and testimonials have been instrumental in giving us the insight necessary to mold our system and create a quality driven product.

In the past year and a half, we have experienced exponential growth resulting in extraordinary user gains and over 50 committed employees dedicated to revolutionizing complaint resolution. Officially out of Beta, we are proud to present our patent pending Complaint Resolution Platform and Scambook Business Resolve.

Scambook's goal from the beginning was to establish a solid process where both users and businesses had the right tools to seek immediate resolutions. Having accomplished this, Scambook is determined to persist as the leading Complaint Resolution Platform.

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news on USA today
news on USA today

Your Money: Web scammers get a jump on holiday shoppers
Read More

USA Today, Susan Tompor,
Oct 26, 2013

"Miranda Perry, a staff writer for the consumer advocacy site Scambook.com, said last holiday season, plenty of websites popped up that were based in China, bragged of big bargains and had oddly worded descriptions of designer items."

news on Foxbusiness.com
news on Foxbusiness.com

Are You Forced to Pay Taxes on Scammed Income?
Read More

Fox Business, Bonnie Lee,
Oct 03, 2013

"Scambook.com, an online consumer advocacy platform, is warning scam victims about this, and is three tips to help consumers facing a similar tax scenario if their bank or credit card company returns money after a scam:"

news Daily Huffingtonpost.com
news on Daily Huffingtonpost.com

You May Not Know You Were a Victim of This Moving Scam
Read More

Huffington Post, Carolyn McKibbin, Aug 23,2013

"Give your address and credit card information to these companies and, according to complaints on sites like Scambook and the Better Business Bureau (BBB), you could see exorbitant charges for address-changing services as well as recurring monthly gray charges for so-called "identity theft protection."

news on nbcnews.com
news on nbcnews.com

Watch out for the 'Change My Address' scams
Read More

NBC News, Herb Weisbaum,
July 25, 2013

"Scambook.com, an online complaint resolution site, has received hundreds of complaints about "change of address" sites."

news on cnbc
news on cnbc

Rip-off alert: Watch out for the 'change my address' scam
Read More

CNBC, Herb Weisbaum,
July 24, 2013

"Scambook.com, an online complaint resolution site, has heard from hundreds of consumers about such "change of address" sites."

news on Time
news on Time

5 Summer Travel Scams to Avoid
Read More

Time, Martha C. White,
June 22, 2013

"That’s bad news for travelers who think they’re paying a hotel, travel agent, or other kind of travel broker for a reservation. One user writing into the complaint website Scambook last month says she was fleeced out of $250, thinking she was getting a plane ticket to Jacksonville. Like so many victims of scammers, she saw plenty of red flags."

news on abc
news on abc

Online services offer consumer dispute resolution
Read More

ABC 7, Ric Romero,
May 29, 2013

"What makes Gripevine and other new problem-solving sites like Scambook and PeopleClaim different than traditional complaint resolution avenues? The Internet."

news on msn
news on msn

Tornado spawns scam warnings
Read More

MSN Money, Mitch Lipka,
May 23, 2013

"Scam warnings are flying. The Federal Trade Commission, Better Business Bureau, Scambook.com, and many others, including police departments, have issued cautions in the aftermath of the storm as people hear more about the devastation and seek places to donate to."

news on reuters.com

Are the new dispute-resolution sites on your side?..
Read More

Reuters, Mitch Lipka,
Feb 22, 2013

"From a business point of view, [Scambook] gives us an opportunity to show that we did this, we did that... then say, regardless, here's your money and it's resolved," [business owner] Oscar Amar says. "It's not like other websites where people just rant."

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