Scambook Expedited Arbitration Program

Many times businesses need a way to resolve a complaint posted against them, especially if there have been failed attempts to reach the author of the post. Scambook now offers a way to do this through a neutral and impartial Arbitrator.

Scambook established the Scambook Expedited Arbitration Program to offer a platform for an efficient, inexpensive, unbiased Arbitration of the truth or falsity of a particular post on Scambook and the merits as to the possible redaction, removal or other reasonable solution regarding a post.

Ready To Proceed?

If you agree to the terms outlined within the Scambook Expedited Arbitration Program Agreement, please email and submit the following completed documents to:

Note *** These documents are to be filled out in their entirety. Failure to comply can result in immediate rejection.

Priority Arbitration

In a rush to get your case before an Arbitrator?

Priority Arbitration may be considered on a case by case basis and is at the sole discretion of the Arbitrator. Priority Arbitration simply means a case will be expedited further to be reviewed by the Arbitrator ahead of another case(s). For more information, please contact:

To learn more about the Scambook Expedited Arbitration Process, please contact us here

What Users are Saying

Thank you for help with the problem concerning zeal solutions. I have received the payment in my paypal account. Your company is very prompt and courteous. It is nice that a person has somewhere to go for help for a place that tries to take advantage of people. Thank you so very much.

Hi Katie, Thank you for your help. I did get a refund of the money in full. If I need help in the future I know where to go. Thanks again for you doing what you did.

I recently had a case resolved using your services. I had found your company by accident while searching the web. I was skeptical about trying your services, but used them anyway. Your company was prompt while helping me resolve my issue. I was offered a settlement and accepted it gracefully. My funds were returned to my account within 30 days. Thank you so much for your assistance.