Scambook Expedited Arbitration Program

We get it! Businesses need a way to resolve complaints or possibly get them removed. Scambook offers an inexpensive way and fair for you to do this using our Arbitration Program.


That's not a misprint. It's only $599 to have your case initially reviewed by an Arbitrator. From there, the Arbitrator will give feedback as to the merits of the case when you can then decide whether you want to proceed with the full Arbitration Investigation or not. For more information, please read the Arbitration Agreement.

Ready To Proceed?

If you agree to the terms outlined within the Scambook Expedited Arbitration Program Agreement, please email and submit the following completed documents to: [email protected]

Note *** These documents are to be filled out in their entirety. Failure to comply can result in immediate rejection.

Priority Arbitration

In a rush to get your case before an Arbitrator?

Priority Arbitration may be considered on a case by case basis and is at the sole discretion of the Arbitrator. Priority Arbitration simply means a case will be expedited further to be reviewed by the Arbitrator ahead of another case(s). For more information, please contact: [email protected]

To learn more about the Scambook Expedited Arbitration Process, please contact us here

What Users are Saying

Thank you for help with the problem concerning zeal solutions. I have received the payment in my paypal account. Your company is very prompt and courteous. It is nice that a person has somewhere to go for help for a place that tries to take advantage of people. Thank you so very much.

Hi Katie, Thank you for your help. I did get a refund of the money in full. If I need help in the future I know where to go. Thanks again for you doing what you did.

I recently had a case resolved using your services. I had found your company by accident while searching the web. I was skeptical about trying your services, but used them anyway. Your company was prompt while helping me resolve my issue. I was offered a settlement and accepted it gracefully. My funds were returned to my account within 30 days. Thank you so much for your assistance.