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Welcome to Scambook Business Resolve!

Scambook Business Resolve is a patent pending Complaint Resolution Platform focused on helping businesses manage and monitor their reputation.

Scambook Business Resolve is what businesses use to directly address complaints against their company. Through Scambook Business Resolve, businesses now have a forum to take action about commentary from consumers.

Reputation management at your finger tips

Take action now and BE the driving force behind your reputation management. Dashboard has a user-friendly interface for complaint resolution that allows for business owners like yourself to manage your reputation and resolve complaints.


Live Updates

Live Updates whenever there is a new complaint or communication!


Live Support

Live telephone or online chat

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  • Complaint Resolution Allowance (Monthly)
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  • Reputation Monitoring Keywords/Key Phrases
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  • Proprietary Crawl Mention Feed
  • 10
  • 20
  • Tangent Business Profiles
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  • Registered Scambook Business Profile
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Live Online Chat and Phone Support
  • Real-Time Complaint Pattern Reporting
  • Proprietary Resolution Pattern Reports
  • IP Fraud Pattern Protection
  • Duplicate Post Monitoring
  • Live Dashboard
  • Continuous Updated Activity Feed
  • Advanced Geographic Pin Map
  • Interactive Dashboard Management
  • Company Rating
  • Complaint Prevention
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Questions? Review the Business Resolve FAQ or Contact Us.