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How to Write an Effective Complaint

Our main goal here at Scambook is to help people like you fight against bad business practices and fraud. Whether that means trying to get your money back or releasing your voice to the world, your complaint is the most important part of the process.

We know that you're angry and frustrated, but we ask that you gather your thoughts and make sure you tell us your story with as much detail as possible. Remember, the more you tell us, the better chance we'll have to help you. Here is our simple guideline to submitting a top-notch complaint!

Entering the name of the company or individual accurately is very crucial. We can't help you if we don't know exactly who you are filing your complaint against.

Fill out all of the information fields (ie. Monetary Damages, Date, etc.) to the best of your knowledge. Accuracy is important here because the finer details are the foundation that your complaint stands on.

When we say 'Tell us in detail what happened,' we urge you to do exactly that. A great complaint will tell the full story step for step and contain all of the facts. If it's not clear what exactly happened, we may not be able to help you and businesses will not know why you feel like you were wronged or mistreated.

Once you complete our complaint form, you simply need to click 'Submit' to see a preview before you officially submit. Sign up for a free account if you don't already have one. We're here to help you resolve your complaint and get your money back. We can't do that if we can't contact you!

After you create and confirm your profile, you can upload any evidence that supports your complaint such as screenshots, receipts, or account statements. Visual proof can go a long way in making your complaint that much stronger so if you have evidence, we encourage you to share it. Don't forget to take all necessary measures to protect your personal and private information (ie. blur our blackout addresses, phone numbers, account numbers) before submitting any visual proof.

Before we let you go, here's what a good complaint will look like once it's finished!

When using, we hope that you keep in mind that the ideal complaint has every piece of information filled out as accurately as possible with a detailed account of your experience. We certainly encourage you to express your frustrations when writing your complaint, but please refrain from ranting or using profanity as we may be forced to remove your complaint in some cases.

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