"I have recently had the pleasure of working with Scambook and as far as communication, integrity, and follow through go - I give Scambook and their support team an A+. I placed a phone call to their secretary about a week back or so ago and within hours a representative called me back, answered my questions, and took the time to thoroughly explain their plans and programs for businesses like mine. If you're reading this and considering working Scambook i'd highly recommend their services. I look forward to maintaining a long term relationship with them and am certain that their Business Resolve service is a great fit for anyone looking to manage and resolve disputes fairly with their consumers."

Accelerated Web Solutions

"Thanks for your effort on this matter. You provided excellent service!"

Background: Erica was a victim of a fraudulent website, bikepart-store.com . She made a purchase and received an email confirmation, but never received the goods she paid for. Ultimately, the 'company' never responded to her after taking his money. Using Scambook's Premium Support service, Scambook's investigation led to the shut down of that fraudulent website!


"Thank you for your help. I did get a refund of the money in full. If I need help in the future, I know where to go. Thanks again for doing what you did!"

Background: Bruce was scammed out of money by a marketing company. Using Scambooks Premium Support service, Scambook was able to get Bruce his money back!


"You guys are outstanding! I really appreciate your help. With my high profile and the embarrassing position I was left in by a few bad posts on Scambook, I really didn't know what to expect. However, your company proved to be professional and classy. Again, thank you! "

Background: Craig owns a private company and has had a few misunderstandings with former clients. Those clients posted negative reviews on Scambook and it negatively affected Craigs reputation. Using Scambooks Arbitration Program, Craig was successful in getting those negative reviews removed from Scambook.


"In the past, people would google my name and find a fake complaint against me on Scambook. For years I didn't know what to do and my reputation was taking a serious hit. After working with your new management team, your company guided me through the right channels and the post was ultimately removed. Scambook, you guys are a classy bunch and I will always be thankful for your help."

Background: Allan had fake complaints on Scambook about him. For years Allan suffered from a horrible online reputation. Until Scambook intervened and took on his case.