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      Sportsman's Guide

      They may have a wide selection of items, but their customer service is cold, uncaring and is truly terrible! They claim to have the strongest guarantee in the business as they say, "Order with complet…

      Anonymous A Posted:39 minutes ago 2 Related Reports
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      Only sign up for 14 days trial for $9.45 and I just received a email from them that they charged me $169.25. How can I get my money back

      Anonymous Lydia Posted:4 hours ago 18 Related Reports
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      Westbow Press

      Easy, my book had already been published by Cross. Because of them going under I needed a new publisher. WesBow Press courted me to let them provide their services to me. Even after the Philippine…

      Anonymous Robert Posted:13 hours ago 9 Related Reports
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      The company offered a free watch and sunglasses just pay shipping. Nowhere in the online offer sent to me was any mention of a free trial or prices for the items. I was billed shipping charges of $12.…

      Anonymous Robert Posted:13 hours ago 9 Related Reports
    • OptionRally

      I saw an ad online, a man saying he had made a ton of money with Option Rally. I decided to call and inquire, the lady that answered suggested to me to invest, I agreed to deposit $ 250 US March 29th…

      Anonymous Rene Posted:14 hours ago 52 Related Reports
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      Hakan Doganci, Frei Solicitors Limited

      I was involved in a property dispute with my landlord. Hakan Doganci, Frei Solicitors Limited gave me hope that the problem could be solved in my favor. he took a total of thirty four thousand and fou…

      Anonymous Esmaral Posted:20 hours ago 2 Related Reports
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      the item does not work....no channels found ...comes up please check antenna connection...everything i try ,same thing...check antenna connection....i wold like my money back please......john nighting…

      Anonymous john Posted:07/20/2017 6 Related Reports
    • sneakersdirect.co.nz

      /Users/pipstainger/Desktop/Photo on 20-07-17 at 11.44 AM.jpg/Users/pipstainger/Desktop/Photo on 20-07-17 at 12.30 PM.jpgMon 10 Jul Zz Zhuochi Trade ZHENGZHOUSHI CNY112320 -232.58 -252.03 /Users//Desk…

      Anonymous pip Posted:07/19/2017 1 Related Reports

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