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      Comenity Pay

      Woke up this morning to an unauthorized charge on my account. The creepy thing is that this company has my checking acct number and routing number... How can this happen? My bank is looking into it.…

      Anonymous Anonymous Posted:41 minutes ago 44 Related Reports
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      Global International Lottery & Sweepstakes

      They scammed my dad out of $3000. They are still calling and harassing him for more money. Said he won $10m and a new Mercedes. Had him driving all over town to find UPS truck. Phone numbers being…

      Anonymous Anonymous Posted:1 hour ago 84 Related Reports
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      Wealth Development Certification Program

      I heard about Kelly Smith and how she did it and would help by news trump and other for a long time it's a scam the consultants who are suppose to help you are a joke just like the one that goes by B…

      Anonymous Anonymous Posted:1 hour ago 2 Related Reports
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      tamesagrown 00001

      We ordered six "Coach" handbags from this company .. they were going to be gifts for our daughters and daughter in laws. We received one bagfrom an obscure site in China with no return information. T…

      Anonymous Anonymous Posted:6 hours ago 6 Related Reports

      We bought Hogan shoes via website"guessitalia" and paid EUR 150, but never arrived after 40 days. very angry about people that theft in this way. maybe now the website has been overshadowed.

      Anonymous luca Posted:9 hours ago 13 Related Reports
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      The ad for software called MacKeeper or Mac Clean claims to clean up your computer against viruses, etc. Activation # is sent after payment but a loop starts which can't be exited. More offers for s…

      Anonymous Anonymous Posted:10 hours ago 139 Related Reports

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