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      I ordered 2 receivers for USD $350.00 and paid via bank transfer as their PayPal account was removed. Many back and forth emails from Jasen and or Mike and no receivers or refund (now the end of April…

      Anonymous Robert Posted:04/22/2018 3 Related Reports
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      service @onlinescredit.com

      I ordered Tiva Terra sandles & have received slippers from China to the value of $111.90 On my bank statement it has Shkuimin Shanghaishi Cn I thought I was ordering this item from NZ only to discover…

      Anonymous Val Posted:04/22/2018 1 Related Reports
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      Just Hook Up <[email protected]>

      Some time in 2012, this date site, justhookup.com (NOT to be confused with justhookuplive.com), charged me about $157 for a lifetime membership, and now they just went belly-up in the last year. When…

      Anonymous John Posted:04/22/2018 1 Related Reports
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      Purchased 2 iphones but product never received. Complained and given tracking number and tracking site. No record of such number. Then my credit card had 3 transactions from itunes about 500 more doll…

      Anonymous Neil Posted:04/21/2018 3 Related Reports
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      Buy Blue Pill Tablets

      It took 3 months to finally receive the 44 pills, even though they said it would only take 2 to 3 weeks to receive. The packaging was from Mubai, India. Repeated phone calls to 1-888-828-8754 keep me…

      Anonymous John Posted:04/21/2018 2 Related Reports
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      I spent 110.05 on a awesome hoodie that caught my eye instantly when I reviewed the website April 2, and did not receive it until today, which is the 20 and on top of that it’s the wrong hoodie, looks…

      Anonymous Terry Posted:04/20/2018 5 Related Reports

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