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      My Fast PC

      I called them last year and told them I wanted to close my account and they told me I had to pay them 100.00 more payable at 10.00 a month for 10 months . I paid that and then I started getting deduct…

      Anonymous daniel Posted:3 hours ago 7 Related Reports
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      The Nano Banshee

      This happened on January 18,2017 I ordered 5/3 free and batteries and never got the batteries . Was charged 129.96 for other orders that I did not order. Would like and e_mail address or a phone numb…

      Anonymous Sylvia Posted:5 hours ago 9 Related Reports
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      Ultimate Medical Academy

      This school UMA scammed me out of 8k for something they promised and guaranteed me & it never happened . The promised me a job , the classes I took online come to find out were outdated it's a joke, t…

      Anonymous Anonymous Posted:5 hours ago 4 Related Reports
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      Ordered a pair of Football boots for my son. 1300 SEK Received mail from automatic7@onlinescredit.com that payment was received, no mail from them confirming.

      Anonymous Anonymous Posted:7 hours ago 53 Related Reports
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      I ordered their 1 yr subscription to system mechanics to clean up my computer. But whenever I try to use it to scan and clean up it immediately goes to the screen to charge me again and won't go any f…

      Anonymous connie Posted:9 hours ago 151 Related Reports
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      Ik heb een Filippa k tuniek jurk besteld op deze site. Het leek een Nederlandse site. Moest echter wel met creditcard betalen! Helaas nu enkele weken later niets ontvangen! Helaas geld kwijt en geen l…

      Anonymous Anonymous Posted:9 hours ago 2 Related Reports

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