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      DWN*DIETWEBNOW 866-2943649 US

      They charged me even tough I didn't want their product. I was supposed to received an E-mail so I could answer back with my answer if I wanted more of the product or not and I never received it, so th…

      Anonymous Remi Posted:2 hours ago 5 Related Reports
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      Skr*Skrill.com skrill gb

      I received two text messages from Unionbank that I made a transaction using my credit card in the amount of USD250.00 and USD130.00. At the same time, I received two e-mails saying that I used my cre…

      Anonymous Friday Posted:2 hours ago 3 Related Reports
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      Luxomer.com Revoluxe Retinolla

      I am very unhappy for Luxomer.com taking $189.98 for Revoluxe and $179.95 for Retinolla from my Mastercard without price me at the front for the trail of these product. At the time of ordering sample…

      Anonymous Anonymous Posted:5 hours ago 1 Related Reports
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      Spammer. Company uses a sleazy bulk email spammer with spoofed "from" address

      Anonymous Anonymous Posted:6 hours ago 2 Related Reports
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      new balance womens running shoes D w860by4 US size 6 picture of shoe on their web page. Wrong size and the running shoe a scam, nothing like my shoes at all. Cheap and dangerous to run marathons in.…

      Anonymous Anonymous Posted:6 hours ago 8 Related Reports
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      Ordered a sports jersey for my husband,12/16. Waited for weeks, looked in my email for confirmation, nothing. But still charged for it. Beware and stay away from this company.

      Anonymous Erin Posted:6 hours ago 4 Related Reports

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