• CanadianVisaExpert and jobaworld.com

      I was scammed by this site CanadianVisaExpert and job a world by a lady claim to be jenifer Kaen and they said all manner of sweetthings to me which allow me to tell them to go on by saying they will…

      Anonymous Bayo Posted:23 hours ago 1 Related Reports
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      Susanne Rohfleisch Family Law Lawyer

      This professional legal review is for my German colleagues living in the Heidelberg, Germany area but I will write in English as this site is all in English: Do not hire Susanne Rohfleisch, Hauptstra…

      Anonymous Eva Posted:02/21/2019 1 Related Reports
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      VBBcom Limited

      VBBCOM Limited has been taking $9.99 from my account for months, maybe even years. I keep receiving emails from Paypal stating that automatic payment did not go through. I tried contacting vbbcom lim…

      Anonymous Joseph Posted:02/19/2019 10 Related Reports
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      I ordered a pair of shoes from www.dakswellservice.com. They sent shoes from a China that aren’t even close to what I ordered. Customer service number is bogus. No emails or responses. Do NOT Order!!…

      Anonymous Ashley Posted:02/19/2019 8 Related Reports
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      AppEsteem Corporation

      AppEsteem Certifies Applications based on their guidelines and also call out Applications as Deceptors. Recently an Application 'Mac Optimizer' was called out as Deceptor because it violated some guid…

      Anonymous Paying Posted:02/19/2019 1 Related Reports
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      Canadian Visa Expert

      There is 3 companies involved with Canadian emigration/work visa. It will start with 'Canadian Visa Expert' which advertise on the internet by advertising the demand of highly skilled workers across C…

      Anonymous Andre Posted:02/18/2019 216 Related Reports
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      I ordered a snowmobile blanket Dec 1/18 and have yet to receive this order. I have sent multiple emails with only one reply that package had been sent. No date or tracking number given. They no longer…

      Anonymous Yvonne Posted:02/16/2019 1 Related Reports

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