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      ROK7. com

      In June I purchased a ROK7 tactical headlamp for $19.99, and received it, as ordered. Then my July statement had come by in and I have been charged a second time for the same amount at which I did no…

      Anonymous Telly Posted:20 minutes ago 29 Related Reports
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      Similar to other complaints for this company, my wife responded to a pop-up and was deceived into thinking she was getting a man's watch for $6.99. When it arrived, it looked like a $6.99 watch. The…

      Anonymous Robert Posted:12 hours ago 12 Related Reports
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      Rosie Cachola (The Momma Boss)

      I paid her USD2500 for an online coaching program thru Paypal last year October. The coaching is for teaching me ecommerce business using the Shopify platform. But the coaching didn’t go well, becaus…

      Anonymous Sathia Posted:07/28/2017 1 Related Reports
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      Zoom Web Media

      On the promise of a new website that would bring me sales for my small business I engaged Zoom Web Media. Their people kept changing and it took ages to get the new website on line. Since coming on li…

      Anonymous JONATHAN Posted:07/27/2017 16 Related Reports
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      Palm Beach Appliance Repair

      At the beginning of June, 2017 we verbally contracted with Palm Beach Appliance Repair (hereinafter “PBAR”) to repair our refrigerator. Now, here we are, approximately two months and 6 visits later, a…

      Anonymous Brad Posted:07/26/2017 1 Related Reports

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