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      the item does not work....no channels found ...comes up please check antenna connection...everything i try ,same thing...check antenna connection....i wold like my money back please......john nighting…

      Anonymous john Posted:7 hours ago 6 Related Reports
    • sneakersdirect.co.nz

      /Users/pipstainger/Desktop/Photo on 20-07-17 at 11.44 AM.jpg/Users/pipstainger/Desktop/Photo on 20-07-17 at 12.30 PM.jpgMon 10 Jul Zz Zhuochi Trade ZHENGZHOUSHI CNY112320 -232.58 -252.03 /Users//Desk…

      Anonymous pip Posted:9 hours ago 1 Related Reports
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      Signed up to post website links to earn money. So have have made $705.00 US dollars. says i need to take survey to prove i'm human so i did and it still won't register that i did. tried to contact the…

      Anonymous Tonya Posted:07/18/2017 3 Related Reports
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      Xtreme Muscle Fuel

      Accepted original trial version off this product back in April 2017, Has since then been charged full amount on credit 3 times in past 3 month only 1 shipment received. has tried to contact support@xt…

      Anonymous Svend Posted:07/18/2017 9 Related Reports
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      pch classmates.com

      When I realized I was charged $72 from PCH Classmates, I immediately called my bank. There is no phone number listed in the charge so I could not call them to dispute it. The bank noticed that it wa…

      Anonymous Diane Posted:07/18/2017 10 Related Reports
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      ordered watch and got billed 6.99 and 99.98. nowhere on the site was info on returns or canceling service. now the site cannot be found. customer service said it would return 50.00 of my money but…

      Anonymous cheryl Posted:07/17/2017 1 Related Reports

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