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      Fanauthentics.com took my money out very quickly. After 2 weeks, finally sent my order. I did their return process and have been calling and emailing them daily and have not gotten a response or my r…

      Anonymous Anonymous Posted:15 minutes ago 27 Related Reports
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      RVTL & Equinox

      Hi I ordered which was on Facebook which I thought was a £4.95 trial for the anti aging and £3.95 for the Equinox creams I received the creams but then had a further £67.70 and £70.40 come out of my a…

      Anonymous Kelly Posted:2 hours ago 140 Related Reports
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      I have ordered 3 Moncler jackets from this webshop www.lotusexpress.co.uk and was promised that the order would be shipped in 6-8 days. After a few mail back and forth I got a track & trace number and…

      Anonymous Niki Posted:3 hours ago 5 Related Reports
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      American Cash Awards I

      Caller claimed I had won a car and over 1 million dollars in a sweepstakes. I needed to send money to Jamaica to establish a bank to bank transfer and prepay fees to the Jamaican government. The money…

      Anonymous Michael Posted:4 hours ago 1 Related Reports
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      YQ-premium2 sale

      I ordered a pair of Steve Madden boots from a website that claimed to be for an online shoe shop in the US. No confirmation email arrived, and when I looked at my credit card account the payment had a…

      Anonymous Beverley Posted:10 hours ago 4 Related Reports
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      vermont movie store

      I received the movie I requested looks like a copy made of the DVD or off of a television version, or copied from a computer, not quite sure but not an original that I thought I was getting. Can't get…

      Anonymous Joan Posted:11 hours ago 2 Related Reports

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