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      received call complete with loud fax-like tone from this number they called from LA California to a new number, ended with call now or if you do not return this call, I wish you good luck you will ne…

      Anonymous Anonymous Posted:9 minutes ago 1 Related Reports
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      IRS phone scam

      A person by the name of Kevin Mason called me on my cell phone today, 2 times. He is calling from phone number 502-234-9137. The message he left, reads as follows, "This message is intended to conta…

      Anonymous Anonymous Posted:24 minutes ago 2 Related Reports
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      there was a story on facebook involving Singer Blake Shelton and that he was in some kind of trouble with the law. It turn out to be a advertisement for a free bottle of weight lose pills with no stri…

      Anonymous Anonymous Posted:25 minutes ago 2 Related Reports
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      helix6 Aurora CO

      i order the trial of the drug and then was charged $149.92 with no subsequent drug in the mail. I called and they said the $149 was for the pills they already sent out and I would have to pay AGAIN to…

      Anonymous Angry Posted:49 minutes ago 9 Related Reports
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      IRS Scams

      they always call and pretend irs. and threatened us. plus they used too many number when they call you.

      Anonymous Anonymous Posted:2 hours ago 4 Related Reports
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      a phone call

      got a phone call from someone saying he was from Canada Revenue Agency. Didn't listen to the details, just hung up.

      Anonymous Anonymous Posted:3 hours ago 1 Related Reports

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