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      Westbow Press

      Easy, my book had already been published by Cross. Because of them going under I needed a new publisher. WesBow Press courted me to let them provide their services to me. Even after the Philippine…

      Anonymous Robert Posted:5 hours ago 9 Related Reports
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      The company offered a free watch and sunglasses just pay shipping. Nowhere in the online offer sent to me was any mention of a free trial or prices for the items. I was billed shipping charges of $12.…

      Anonymous Robert Posted:5 hours ago 9 Related Reports
    • OptionRally

      I saw an ad online, a man saying he had made a ton of money with Option Rally. I decided to call and inquire, the lady that answered suggested to me to invest, I agreed to deposit $ 250 US March 29th…

      Anonymous Rene Posted:6 hours ago 52 Related Reports
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      Hakan Doganci, Frei Solicitors Limited

      I was involved in a property dispute with my landlord. Hakan Doganci, Frei Solicitors Limited gave me hope that the problem could be solved in my favor. he took a total of thirty four thousand and fou…

      Anonymous Esmaral Posted:12 hours ago 2 Related Reports
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      the item does not work....no channels found ...comes up please check antenna connection...everything i try ,same thing...check antenna connection....i wold like my money back please......john nighting…

      Anonymous john Posted:21 hours ago 6 Related Reports
    • sneakersdirect.co.nz

      /Users/pipstainger/Desktop/Photo on 20-07-17 at 11.44 AM.jpg/Users/pipstainger/Desktop/Photo on 20-07-17 at 12.30 PM.jpgMon 10 Jul Zz Zhuochi Trade ZHENGZHOUSHI CNY112320 -232.58 -252.03 /Users//Desk…

      Anonymous pip Posted:23 hours ago 1 Related Reports
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      Avast Software

      I signed up for a free trial for avast antivirus however they charged me 65.24 after awhile whithout my knowledge when I called this company they told me I wouldn"t get any refund from them and then I…

      Anonymous Kurtis Posted:07/19/2017 52 Related Reports

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