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      Foodex Trade LTD

      We have ordered 25 whey protein units and paid 560$ for the items directly to a business bank account in London for Foodex Trade Ltd, but we got no items! They have sent a email, so that we must to…

      Anonymous Hamid Posted:20 hours ago 5 Related Reports
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      Amigo Jet Olga Sevcuka / Vadym Shevchuk

      Attention to all victims of amigo jet! Please be very aware of amigo jet and its owner olga sevcuka and her husband vadym shevchuk, these people are not a legitimate or honest travel business. Once y…

      Anonymous Not Posted:21 hours ago 1 Related Reports
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      Lucy Geary

      Lucy Geary took $260.00 from us in exchange to edit content on our website, but she never edited it. when we made call to question why, she hung the phone up on us.

      Anonymous Same Posted:10/13/2018 1 Related Reports
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      This seller is a scam! takes money, ships something else (cheap bag) and never replies!

      Anonymous sivan Posted:10/12/2018 1 Related Reports
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      told me i can have the items i paid for if i have sex with him i took screenshot https://prnt.sc/l56jto .....then he says f my lifetime warranty another screenshot https://prnt.sc/l56qwf

      Anonymous raquel Posted:10/12/2018 1 Related Reports

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