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      ibikesaustralia did a really poor job servicing my bike. For example, they charged me for replacing my brake cable, but didn't actually do the work. The manager, Don, refused to fix the problem and wa…

      Anonymous Louis Posted:1 hour ago 1 Related Reports
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      Revitalize Labs

      They advertised a free trial offer for 2 skin products: Illumina SD (Renew and Repair Collagen) and (Illumina SD Eye Serum). They billed my credit card for $195.92 for these free products. I called…

      Anonymous Louise Posted:08/19/2017 16 Related Reports
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      fashion support exchange.com

      I recently took a survey for which I was to receive a gift - in this case a clutch purse and a watch, with the payment of shipping charges, which I paid. Yesterday and today, I have had $99+ taken ou…

      Anonymous Elaine Posted:08/18/2017 18 Related Reports
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      Jonathan Davey

      I am Andreas. We used Jonathan Davey's services in a property dispute matter. When we went to see him, months ago, He told us there were a few ways we would win the case, in fact he never even indica…

      Anonymous Andreas Posted:08/18/2017 1 Related Reports
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      Samsung USA

      Samsung is famous for denying warranty service. I bought a Samsung Galaxy J7 and one day let a friend borrow my sim card to test to see if his phone was unlocked. When I put the sim card and battery…

      Anonymous Greg Posted:08/17/2017 4 Related Reports
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      Test Complaint

      test complaint by sam from fsit to check the working of the new changes. Please ignore this complaint regards sam

      Anonymous Anonymous Posted:08/17/2017 1 Related Reports

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