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      I made purchase through ioffer and the seller never ordered my product nor does he ever responded to any of my email's.I request a refund on urgent basis from ifoffer. http://www.ioffer.com/search/ite…

      Anonymous Nasreen Posted:02/15/2018 49 Related Reports
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      GlbPay Team

      Below are my order details.I made the payment through offer and as I never receive my product and nor any response from the seller .I requested for a refund from GLB but also got no response.I am look…

      Anonymous Nasreen Posted:02/15/2018 25 Related Reports
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      This is a fraudulent mafia style extortion scam. Here's Dennis Batchelder's, Apeesteem's owner, business plan: 1. Turn Dennis Batchelder's personal opinions into "laws" 2. Post these laws (aka person…

      Anonymous Carl Posted:02/14/2018 1 Related Reports
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      My husband has no memory of ever setting up a video bb account and when we tried to figure out what it was we couldn't. We haven't seen anymore payments coming out till today I just got an e mail from…

      Anonymous Jessica Posted:02/14/2018 36 Related Reports
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      this web site is a scam .they takE your money then just give you the run around and do nothing ,I purchased a ring (that was supposed to be appraised) then after I bought it all of a sudden they find…

      Anonymous col Posted:02/13/2018 8 Related Reports
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      WiMacTel, Inc.

      $17. Charge was made on my credit card. I have the card in my possession so don’t know how they got my card number.

      Anonymous Bonita Posted:02/13/2018 246 Related Reports

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