• PayPal

      I keep getting the following message from PayPal: "We've tried to process your automatic payment several times, and it is now past the original due date. You should contact VBBCOM LIMITED to pay what…

      Anonymous Wornie Posted:5 hours ago 135 Related Reports
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      I joined a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.com for a small PC called a GPD Pocket. The shipping date slipped from June to August, but now they say everything has been shipped and my order number ne…

      Anonymous Ted Posted:8 hours ago 1 Related Reports
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      flirthookup, flirtlocal, xmeeting, etc...

      I too had an encounter with the famous sxyluv30. lol she went with an email address prinkydoodsie@nightmail.org 1. First off if the email server is out of country that is a red flag for me. 2. if…

      Anonymous Sean Posted:15 hours ago 1 Related Reports
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      Amazon Prime

      I canceled amazon prime last year. I do not want it, I never wanted it and I cannot afford it. Now I have a charge on my charge account for $106.92. I now wish to cancel any and every amazon connected…

      Anonymous Carole Posted:08/21/2017 77 Related Reports
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      I ordered some Keen walking sandals, in the end (last week) they delivered some cheap leather sandals. They don't respond my emails.

      Anonymous Bert Posted:08/21/2017 1 Related Reports
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      ibikesaustralia did a really poor job servicing my bike. For example, they charged me for replacing my brake cable, but didn't actually do the work. The manager, Don, refused to fix the problem and wa…

      Anonymous Louis Posted:08/20/2017 1 Related Reports

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