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      Paul Ray Ramsey

      Paul Ray Ramsey, otherwise known as "RamZPaul" on YouTube and Twitter, is a sociopath. He is a scamming, cheater creep! Paul is an anti-gay misogynist. He is also anti-liberal and anti-diversity. This…

      Anonymous Sam Posted:11/13/2018 1 Related Reports
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      This company hacked/knocked off a unit and copied protocols to try and sell them as their own. The reason for this post is to inform everybody about Neufit/Garrett Salpeter's business practices and di…

      Anonymous Randy Posted:11/12/2018 1 Related Reports
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      DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS WEBSITE -THEY WILL TAKE YOUR MONEY & THE GOODS WILL NOT ARRIVE. Luckily my purchase wasn’t huge but they will take your money & ignore emails & voicemails.

      Anonymous Lesley Posted:11/12/2018 3 Related Reports
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      They will not give a number so I can cancel. Told me to try it and I could cancel any time.

      Anonymous Vickie Posted:11/07/2018 3 Related Reports

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