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      Pantera Health

      Took a survey on line and was supposed to get a watch for $6.99. They never said I would be getting a new watch every month for $89.99. This is a big scam. They will not accept returns and give a cred…

      Anonymous Philip Posted:15 hours ago 1 Related Reports
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      They advertise 4.95 for shipping with a free trail for 14days. I ordered on May 10th today is may 14th I call because I seen a 79.99 charge. Plus a 69.00 dollars charge. I call the 18672751104.num…

      Anonymous Charlean Posted:05/24/2017 1 Related Reports
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      Auto debit of credit account 2/20/17 through 5/20/17...not authorized. Credit card info gathered from legitimate( authorized ) purchase from Progressive Turnout.

      Anonymous Jaclyn Posted:05/24/2017 11 Related Reports
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      I ordered a pair of shoes from kinrossmusicfestival.co.uk But now I'm not sure they will send me something, they replied me about transaction, but still looks like it's all fake. Well, it's my fault t…

      Anonymous Artem Posted:05/23/2017 61 Related Reports
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      I ordered a product for $4.95 received product. When I received my account they had deducted $177.76 which I had not agreed to. Called, they said I called to late to cancel even though I called the…

      Anonymous Patsy Posted:05/23/2017 70 Related Reports
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      fashion support exchange.com

      I completed a satisfaction survey (Comcast) and was told I would receive a watch if I paid shipping charges of $6.99. When I received my credit card bill, I noticed a charge for $99.98. When I called…

      Anonymous Greg Posted:05/22/2017 12 Related Reports
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      I ordered the product shown. It was said to be just $4.95. It never mentioned that it was a continuous shipment and for $132.90 per month! I have looked for a phone number and finally found one. I am…

      Anonymous Cathy Posted:05/22/2017 5 Related Reports

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