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      Empresa Plana

      First, I bought a ticket online. But when I wanted to use the service I was told the ticket is invalid and made buy another ticket. When I contacted the company to return the money they charged me the…

      Anonymous Alicja Posted:07/15/2019 1 Related Reports
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      Damien Zamora GO Mobile Solutions Scam

      I purchased one year access to SMS Pro 360 on March 17th 2019. On Apri 4th 2019 Damien Zamora and his Go Mobile Solutions shut down the program. So here it is July 14th 2019, only four months into my…

      Anonymous Melissa Posted:07/14/2019 1 Related Reports
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      Towers Legal Consulting Corp

      Towers Legal Consulting Corp ("TLC") is a nonexistent legal firm, with a return address in New Jersey. There is no such business registered with the state of New Jersey. Towers Legal Consulting Corp…

      Anonymous Claud Posted:07/13/2019 1 Related Reports
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      timberland canada

      Hi there, basically i bought a genuine Timberland Boots from TIMBERLAND CANADA website, after the payment was make then it revealed as EPL DONGYINAN CO trading under TIMBERLANDPROMOTION.CA , 3 weeks l…

      Anonymous phi Posted:07/13/2019 1 Related Reports
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      I have used roomster in the past and after PAYING was not able to log back into the account , they send an email saying that the account is on auto renewal but I cant get into the account via my EMAIL…

      Anonymous Rachel Posted:07/10/2019 69 Related Reports
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      Brandon Morgan

      This mechanic forged my signature to get paid before the work was completed, stole parts off the vehicle, disconnected the fuel line to take the gas out of the tank, and never completed the work.

      Anonymous Maurice Posted:07/08/2019 1 Related Reports
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      Vacation Experts Internationa

      I sold them my timeshare and gave them $2100.00 in return for a membership in the company. Have never used it because every time I tried to access online I had all kinds of problems. Had to make all…

      Anonymous Patric Posted:07/06/2019 1 Related Reports
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      I received a sudden ALERT on my HP laptop that my computer has been hacked and was being BLOCKED by Microsoft. A help line phone number was posted and when I called, a very impatient Nexway employ…

      Anonymous GildaAnn Posted:07/06/2019 80 Related Reports

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