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      Was trying to get life streaming of a show and it was offered through eDigitalPlace.com. Signed up and after I registered and paid my user name and password would never work. I searched and found a…

      Anonymous Jean Posted:18 hours ago 57 Related Reports
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      warren buffett

      mr. buffett emailed me and said he would donate 1.5 million usd to me and every time I check mail send money to siam bank several people were involed in trying to get more money from me even fbi sayi…

      Anonymous REGINALD Posted:12/14/2018 1 Related Reports
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      These people really ripped me off, they sold me a lemon, lasted 6 hours and 30 miles. I called the dealer and told them it was having problems, they told me keep driving. The car broke down and crashe…

      Anonymous Allan Posted:12/14/2018 2 Related Reports
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      GetLicense.Today is a fake Software site - they claim they sell legit software downloads and are 100% Genuine with 30 Day refund - which is totally false. They hide behind a google phone number - dis…

      Anonymous Jesse Posted:12/13/2018 1 Related Reports
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      I am trying to sell my car on craiglist. One potential buyer requested I log into this website https://www.carhistorydetails.com/index.php to get a VIN Check. I did so and received the report, but I…

      Anonymous Rea Posted:12/13/2018 1 Related Reports
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      On November 3, 2018 I ordered two elephant car seat covers totaling $71.91. I emailed them around December 3rd to notify them that I have not received my order. I have NOT heard anything from them.

      Anonymous Judith Posted:12/12/2018 12 Related Reports
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      Air Jordan Shoe Store.com

      I bought this shoes but they are uncomfortable I have no receipt how can I get a refund I tried to keep waring them to see if they can get better but is not let me know how can you help me!! my email…

      Anonymous Arturo Posted:12/12/2018 2 Related Reports

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