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      American Dream Foundation

      John Hoffman called me from 757 772-6592 and I have a 2rd place winning for $750,000 and I need to send $7500. Then I will received a packed within 24 - 48 hours with two checks, one for $750,00 and…

      Anonymous Richard Posted:10/18/2018 2 Related Reports
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      Oguz Mehli

      Oguz Mehli is Fake Business man, he pushes around a person to get done his goals and business. He uses a person/friend for his personal benefits. He works at Bombardier Company in Stockholm and does a…

      Anonymous Ajohn Posted:10/18/2018 1 Related Reports
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      Shirline Lim Suan See

      Becareful Shirline Lim uses man as financial source. She hunts man for money!!!! She asks lots of money from man which she lives with and spends for luxury things!!! When man's money finishes the rela…

      Anonymous Ajohn Posted:10/18/2018 1 Related Reports
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      Essence of Argan

      The offer on facebook was for a free trial for 30 days which cost me AU$11.37 plus int a/c transfee .34c. I received and tried to cancel the order on the 27/9/18 but was told they would extend the tri…

      Anonymous Cissy Posted:10/17/2018 60 Related Reports
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      Page will be shown on facebook as sponsored page Funifshop.com, once link has been click it will direct you to this page: http://www.pdpuz.com/yeezy700 This will show that they are selling a vintage o…

      Anonymous Lenard Posted:10/17/2018 1 Related Reports
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      Foodex Trade LTD

      We have ordered 25 whey protein units and paid 560$ for the items directly to a business bank account in London for Foodex Trade Ltd, but we got no items! They have sent a email, so that we must to…

      Anonymous Hamid Posted:10/16/2018 5 Related Reports

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