zabi ullah gets money from me and didn’t delivered the pakage untill now he gets 360$ from me and now he fraud with me

      Anonymous usama Posted:05/13/2019 5 Related Reports
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      The Appliance Whisperer

      Roy Creamer known as the Appliance Whisperer was called to fix a fridge for my girlfriends parents (her mom is 76 and her dad is 81). He came round and said it will cost $418 which is very high but t…

      Anonymous Chris Posted:05/13/2019 2 Related Reports
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      Debra A Lovelace

      Hello, Thanks for your interest and inquiries about my house. Yes the house is still available for rent and we are looking for a responsible person/family to occupy and maintain the house now that w…

      Anonymous Diana Posted:05/10/2019 1 Related Reports
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      was told i was getting a grant from the government and it would be in my account in wells fargo in 48hrs. Money is not there and 3.50 cents was taken out from my account and now i'm going to have to c…

      Anonymous michael Posted:05/10/2019 21 Related Reports
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      Cash Loan USA

      I was contacted by them and gave personal info ,had to buy credit monitoring for fica scores with my debit card which they debited 3 time in one day , told I was approved for $3000 loan and would get…

      Anonymous robert Posted:05/06/2019 67 Related Reports
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      Resort World @Buangkok Green (IMH)

      Update: Under Form 2 by MDU Can't Transfer to GlenEagles or NUH. No outing, no weekend leave trapped like prisoners. Transferred to 32B for better treatment by Dr Singa but still like heaven in hell b…

      Anonymous Vanice Posted:05/05/2019 1 Related Reports
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      12 income solutions

      12 Income Solutions solicited coaching, but did a bait and switch and tried to direct me to a call center. I did not sign up for that, I never made any payment and NEVER used any of their services.…

      Anonymous DON Posted:05/04/2019 2 Related Reports

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