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      eGumball, Inc

      This is the worse marketing company. They promised to update my old address in old directories but they never did. Instead they updated new directories with wrong info. They didn't start until 3 mo…

      Anonymous dan Posted:18 minutes ago 15 Related Reports
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      The deal empire

      Never received my merchandise. This is a total scam. Can't even get in touch with them, email or by phone. I can't believe I was so stupid. Never again will I buy something off of Face book. I am go…

      Anonymous Anonymous Posted:2 hours ago 3 Related Reports
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      I ordered the Garcinia Cambogia and was willing to pay the shipping, but when they offered the Green Coffee I refused and was charged for it any way. Please take the Green coffee charge off. Am I goin…

      Anonymous Lorne Posted:3 hours ago 1 Related Reports
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      On line shop - perfectally.co.uk

      I through www.perfectally.co.uk to buy some products, but received Fake Nike. I got the return address - NO.298 Hanting Gardern, Licheng District ,Putian City, Fujian , Attn:Zhirong Lin (tel:138598863…

      Anonymous Anonymous Posted:3 hours ago 1 Related Reports
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      vsupport llc

      When trying to download Microsoft Office 365 a scammer has placed a code on it to send error message on download and to call them which you believe is Microsoft. They then tell you your computer cann…

      Anonymous Anonymous Posted:3 hours ago 9 Related Reports
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      Go Fund me for Emmaleigh

      All of the childs medical bills and all of the funeral service has been paid by either welfare for the medical and donations for the funeral. The Go Fund me money will be clear profit for this drug a…

      Anonymous Anonymous Posted:7 hours ago 1 Related Reports
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      Vallarta Gardens Beach Club & Spa

      We were also told that they would sell our time share but we had to purchase theirs. They said it would take 10 months to sell and if it didn't then Omnicorp Dev would buy it out. They even called D…

      Anonymous Leanna Posted:10 hours ago 11 Related Reports
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      bryan sloan

      Bryan Sloan took $600 dollars from me for a house and and didn't let us move in or give me my money back I have two kids and now we are homeless he is a slumlord and a crook I have a lawyer who is put…

      Anonymous Anonymous Posted:10 hours ago 1 Related Reports

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