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      Omnisure Group LLC

      I bought a warrenty to cover my rx8 asked if carbon build up in the motor was cover. They said yes as long as you do regularly Maintenance on the vehicle. Which i did. When my motor went out they De…

      Anonymous Roberta Posted:02/21/2018 16 Related Reports
    • Family Safe Life

      I have contacted this company serval times regarding the illegal charge to my debit card for 19.95. They have refused to credit the charge back and just keep saying they can’t find an account for me e…

      Anonymous Cassie Posted:02/21/2018 38 Related Reports
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      I purchased a low price sample and even call after receiving to ensure that I wouldn't be charged further. I received a package in the mail the other day with MORE PRODUCT and a nice surprise charge o…

      Anonymous Amethyst Posted:02/21/2018 1 Related Reports
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      American Sweepstakes

      I was called, advising me I had won $8,0000.00 and they asked for $500.00 that was simple, then each time they called it was higher and each time it was to be sent to Rayon Buchanan at 906 Park Ave. P…

      Anonymous Ron Posted:02/20/2018 46 Related Reports
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      Main Website Store

      Ordered "Canada Goose" jacket online, received inferior quality item, poor quality fur, ripped bag, way too small size (I am a large, ordered XL, way too small). Tried to call/email to return item, b…

      Anonymous Tammy Posted:02/20/2018 45 Related Reports
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      "DELL Repair Depot Ruins Professor's Laptop: Sends It Back Without Repair, Replacement, or Regret" DELL continues to demonstrate its commitment to avoiding responsibility to repair under warranty.…

      Anonymous Donald Posted:02/20/2018 31 Related Reports

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