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      They blocked my PC with a page saying it was infected by some virusses and I had to call some number to have it fixed. There was no way to get out of the problem without calling them. They had me buy…

      Anonymous Charles Posted:1 hour ago 24 Related Reports
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      I ordered a Pittsburgh Steelers Hoodie for my son around the first of Sept.......sent them an email asking when I will be receiving the merchandise......they sent an email back saying due to high dema…

      Anonymous Shelby Posted:1 hour ago 33 Related Reports
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      I bought with my credit card two sun loungers from Argos.. Next thing iknow two £15.00 taken out by this company..I got in touch with the mbna.i got a new card number .This company still took the mone…

      Anonymous Anonymous Posted:1 hour ago 3 Related Reports
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      Al-Attrash Trading Company

      We received a small charge to our bank account today for $1 that shows a hacker is trying to "probe" our account to see if they can get through. They did and we caught them. If this happens to you,…

      Anonymous Anonymous Posted:2 hours ago 1 Related Reports
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      spyhook llc

      Phishing scam con artists! Do not engage--hang up and report to FTC immediately. These guys are good, have heavy Indian accents, and will do their best to swindle you. Please do not let them get aw…

      Anonymous Anonymous Posted:2 hours ago 6 Related Reports
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      CCI Care.com

      I signed up with Cares.com to look for some one to help me care for my husband who has Parkinson's. l never actually used any of the care givers listed. I did pay the $57 up front fee for six months o…

      Anonymous Anonymous Posted:2 hours ago 35 Related Reports
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      AT&T k004 9966 Estor Bethlehem Pa

      Was notified by my bank that my debit card had been used to charge 1180.85. Cancelled my card and waiting on bank to send paperwork to get my money back.

      Anonymous Anonymous Posted:2 hours ago 54 Related Reports

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