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      Thred Up

      I have sent 11 bags to Thredup since January, they have sold 75 percent of my accepted items did not return my unaccepted items with very little compensation. They have given me less than 1-3 dollars…

      Anonymous Rianna Posted:20 hours ago 47 Related Reports
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      American Cosigners

      American Cosigners agreed to cosign on an apartment for me and if I didn't get one in 10 days, I would get a full refund. The contract was signed on July 12, 2017 and as of September 24th, no refund y…

      Anonymous Melinda Posted:21 hours ago 1 Related Reports
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      Lumanere Ageless Face Complex

      I bought this ONCE as part of a supposed Amazon promotion for customers. They continue to charge my card and send me refills. I have no online way to cancel. This is surely a scam. The only contact is…

      Anonymous K Posted:09/23/2017 1 Related Reports
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      Psyhic David

      Pyshic David is a con artist! http://www.psychichelp.pro/ I have seen several emails that are nearly identical to mine but it was supposed to be written for me only. I really thought he understoo…

      Anonymous Shannon Posted:09/23/2017 1 Related Reports
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      Federal Government Grants Department

      Today was the 6th call I received in a week. Told them to take me off their calling list for the 6th time and they said because I was awarded a grant for $9,000 they would keep calling until I accepte…

      Anonymous Laurie Posted:09/22/2017 106 Related Reports
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      Obrien Wexler and Associates

      I was contacted by a caller saying he was contacting me to notify me that the payday loan company I borrowed from in 2012 was filing criminal charges against me because bankruptcy law doesn't cover cr…

      Anonymous Janet Posted:09/22/2017 4 Related Reports
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      Bellavei.Com and Ceraglow.com

      I ordered Bellavei products in May 2017 on this credit card, product was delivered but I'm still being charged an amount of R149.95 from my card on August 22 and September 22. This was not part of the…

      Anonymous Nokwanda Posted:09/22/2017 3 Related Reports

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