scambook guide

A Short Guide to Company Profiles

Our company profile pages make it easy for you to see and connect with other people who might have gone through the same experience as you. You can also view the company's information such as their website, phone number and address (if available).

Fight back by submitting a complaint. Submit a Complaint to get started.

All of the key information you want to know such as number of complaints and total reported damages.

The simplest way to spread awareness by letting others know what to be on the look out for and prevent them from possibly getting harmed. Also, lets others know that they are not alone.

A quick round of the latest complaints filed against the company.

A running list of all the comments that have been made in all of the complaints against the company and a great way to keep up with what others are saying.

Each and every complaint that has been submitted against the company.

Fast access to any and all evidence uploaded by users in support of their complaints.

You can now see a company's latest activity such as any updates to their profile information.