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A Short Guide to Our Proof of Damages Tool

By using our Proof upload tool, you can take your complaint to the next level by attaching any key pieces of evidence that help support your claim. Although you can always skip this step, we really encourage you to take advantage of this tool to make your complaint that much stronger.

Fight back by submitting a complaint. Submit a Complaint to get started.

You can upload screenshots, photos, or scans of evidence that supports your complaint. This includes credit card statements, receipts, emails, or contracts. However, we do advise you to blur or cover up your private information such as account numbers, phone numbers and addresses. Remember, this is completely optional and your complaint will be reviewed by a member of the Scambook Compliance Team regardless.

Once you've uploaded your proof and it looks good, go ahead and submit!

Uploading proof is optional and can quickly be skipped.

Your report will be reviewed by a member of the Scambook Compliance Team. If you would like us to follow up with you regarding any important updates to your complaint, please leave us the best phone number that you can be reached at.