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What our users are saying

While reviewing our online account info, discovered an unauthorized amount pending. A quick Google search led me here to to find we weren't the only one to be in this position. Thank you, ScamBook and thank you to our financial institution who remedied the incident immediately.

  Found Resolution Says

I am so happy I found Scambook. I placed a complaint recently; I can’t believe how much you guys are doing to help me!!! I had placed a complaint already with the BBB online, and they didn't do nearly as much! What a terrific service. Thanks for sticking up for the "little people"!

  Happy Consumer Says

If it weren't for your Scambook on-line I might have taken the bait! I Googled IRG and found your web site. I see other people have been scammed by IRG. If it looks too good to be true there's probably a scam happening. Thank you for Scambook.

  Savvy Consumer Says