Business Resolve Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use Business Resolve?

Through our Business Resolve program you can:

  • - Attempt to resolve a complaint by either offering a full or partial refund directly through our system, or resolving the complaint on other mutually agreeable terms.

  • - Once a complaint is resolved, it will be removed from the Scambook website immediately.

  • - All resolved complaints will be marked as "Resolved" and removed from Scambook immediately. Resolved complaints will no longer appear in search engine results and the "Total Reported Damages" amount will be reduced accordingly on your Company Profile.

- If you have a complaint that you are unable to resolve or the user does not respond to you, you have the option to request Scambook Assistance, one of our most popular features amongst Business Resolve members. Through Scambook Assistance, we will personally step in and attempt to contact the consumer on your behalf.

- As a registered Business Resolve member, you will additionally have the ability to edit and customize your profile to your preferences. Whether you want to display accurate information about your company or no information at all, that choice is yours to make.

Are there any contracts involved?

No, our plans are month to month and there are no long term contracts involved. You can cancel your plan at any time and use our service until the end of your billing cycle.

How can I cancel?

If you are not satisfied and cancel within 30 days, we will refund your money - no questions asked! If you need to cancel your account, please email: [email protected]

What is ScamBook "Complaint Prevention?"

This feature is only available for Enterprise account members. Any incoming complaint will be placed under a 72-hour hold before it goes live to the public on the Scambook website. If you address the complaint by initiating it for resolution within the 72 hours, you will have until the end of one week from the time that the complaint was submitted to resolve it to prevent it from going live. If the complaint is not resolved within that period, it will be publicly displayed.

What is "Anonymous Complaint Prevention"?

"Anonymous Complaint Prevention" is a feature exclusively for Enterprise Business Resolve members. Once you sign up for an Enterprise account with Scambook Business Resolve, we will prohibit any Anonymous complaints from being submitted against your business. This means that if a consumer wishes to file a complaint regarding your company, they must be a registered Scambook user so that we are able to connect with them in the event that you wish to resolve their complaint. If there are any Anonymous complaints that were submitted prior to you signing up for an Enterprise account, we will remove them immediately once your application is approved.

Are there any fees I should know about

There are NO setup fees and NO cancellation fees. There is NO contract. If you experience any difficulty in resolving a complaint, Scambook Assistance will become available to you after 7 days from the moment that you attempt to resolve a complaint. Scambook Assistance is only $14.99 per complaint.

What is Scambook Assistance

In many cases, your attempt to resolve with the consumer may initially be met with some difficulty. The consumer may either not respond or reject an offer you have made. Scambook Assistance was created to help you resolve with the consumer. Our dedicated Scambook Assistance team will work with both you and the consumer to work towards a resolution so that the complaint can be closed and removed. If the consumer does not respond after multiple attempts to resolve even after you have escalated a complaint to Scambook Assistance, we will conclude that the consumer is no longer interested in resolving the complaint and remove it based on your good faith effort to resolve it.

How does Scambook Assistance work?

With Scambook Assistance, our dedicated employees attempt to assist you in resolving the complaint you need help with. Once you request Scambook Assistance for a one-time activation fee of $14.99, we will notify the consumer by email and/or telephone. The consumer will have 21 days to respond to our multiple notifications. If we do not receive a response after 21 days, we will conclude that the consumer does not want to resolve and remove the complaint based on your effort to resolve the matter.

If the consumer does respond on time however, we will assist in working towards a mutual resolution for the complaint. This process could take a few weeks depending on the frequency and effectiveness of communication between you and the consumer.

Please note: If a consumer responds to Scambook Assistance within the 21-day period that is given to them, the complaint will not be automatically removed on the 21st day. Also, seven days must pass after you have taken a resolution action for the complaint to become eligible for Scambook Assistance.

How Do I Sign up?

Setting up a Scambook Business account is easy and fast. Simply complete the signup form and we will contact you to verify your company so we can link complaints filed against you to your Dashboard.

You can verify by providing two of the following:
  1. 1. A copy of Internet, Electricity or Phone Bill (first page) which shows your current address of your business

  2. 2. Email Address Verification or Phone Call Verification: We will call you at the number listed on your website or through public records. The website url must match that of the complaints posted.

  3. 3. Copy of your Seller's permit/business license or FEIN assignment letter issued by the IRS.

How does Scambook's Premium Support service for users benefit me?

Our Premium Support service for Scambook users is a great way for consumers and businesses to connect faster with the goal of resolving any complaints in mind. When a user enlists the Premium Support service from Scambook, it can be beneficial to you because:

  1. 1. The Scambook Investigation Team will reach out to your business immediately to let you know that the consumer would like to resolve their complaint. The sooner you learn about a consumer's complaint, the faster you can address it and minimize any potential harm that may be caused to your online reputation.

  2. 2. If you have not signed up for an account with us to resolve any complaints that you may have about your business, we will send you monthly Certified mailers to keep you updated on your company profile's activity. Knowing that there are complaints to be addressed is crucial in building and maintaining a positive reputation on the Internet with your customers.

  3. 3. Premium Support complaints will be pushed to the top of your Dashboard, which means that you will be working with consumers who want to resolve their complaints as fast and urgently as you do.