Scambook, the leading online complaint resolution platform, has now resolved over $10 million in consumer reported damages against bad business practices and scams. Working to establish a safer, more efficient customer service space, Scambook’s neutral complaint resolution website receives over 1 million visitors each month.

“Our highly dedicated staff includes the largest team of complaint investigators in the industry, and we put forth our efforts for the good of the community. Our presence makes the marketplace safer for consumers. Scambook is also bringing new jobs to Los Angeles and helping to grow the city’s burgeoning technology sector,” says Kase Chong, Scambook’s Director of Marketing.

Scambook has worked against top consumer threats such as those reported in their Q3 Industry Report, including:

1.    Free Best Buy $1000 Gift Card Text: Spam text messages disguised as an offer from Best Buy were part of a phishing scheme used to gain private or financial information from cell phone users.

2.    HCG Ultra: Over 240 Scambook users in 2012 were misled by the diet supplement HCG Ultra, which is allegedly connected to phishing scams and social media hacking.

3. Telemarketing calls targeting mobile phone users were used to obtain personal information through a free cruise offer.

In addition to Scambook’s relentless research and investigation, the information gathered from consumer complaints enable Scambook to come out of beta in late 2012.

A few short months after this launch, Scambook released cutting edge technology called Scambook Insights, a tracking feature that allows the public to see threats and scams in real-time. Users can view the Top 50 most active trends and stay one step ahead, arming themselves with more information than ever before. Scambook Insights presents easy-to-read graphs and charts, links to Scambook company profiles, relevant educational resources from the Scambook Blog, and trending user-submitted images.

The $10 million in resolved reported damages is Scambook’s latest milestone. Scambook is renewing this announcement by renewing its dedication to improving consumer and business relations while helping the public fight fraud.

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