It’s official: the Chinese iPad Mini knock-off (the GooPad Mini) is here! If you’re looking for a cheaper iPad Mini and you’re not an Apple fanatic, a fake iPad Mini running Android might be a better option for you. Scambook TV bought one of the hotly anticipated GooPad Mini gadgets, an Android tablet from China.

Kase gives an exclusive unboxing review of this fake iPad Mini. He shows us a side-by-side

Box Containing Chinese Android Tablet PC, the GooPad Mini

What’s in the box? It’s a Chinese Android tablet, the GooPad Mini, modeled after the iPad Mini.

comparison of the GooPad Mini and the Apple iPad Mini, then displays some of the GooPad’s external features: HDMI, USB, microphone/headphone jack, power charger slot, and micro SD card slot.

We ordered our new GooPad Mini (fake iPad Mini) from a website overseas for $129 USD (plus overseas shipping). A real new iPad Mini starts at $329 USD.

That’s almost a $200 discount! Wow!




Do you want a Cheaper iPad Mini even if it’s Fake?

Is the iPad Mini knockoff worth the savings, or should consumers spend the extra cash to get the real deal from Apple? The GooPad looks and feels like a worthy substitute, but form isn’t everything. We’re waiting to find out how it works compared to the iPad before we reach any conclusions.

Right now, Kase is testing the GooPad Mini in action. He’ll return in our next video with a full review comparing how the GooPad Mini measures up to the iPad Mini.

Screenshot from Scambook TV's Exclusive GooPad Mini (Fake iPad Mini) Unboxing Review Video

Can you spot the knockoff? The fake iPad Mini (the GooPad Mini from China) is on the left.


Scambook’s GooPad Mini vs. iPad Mini Video Review will compare:


  • Touchscreen sensitivity and durability
  • Start-up speed
  • Camera quality
  • WiFi connectivity
  • Battery life
  • FaceTime vs. Google+
  • Music player
  • Popular apps like Angry Birds
  • Tech specs like display resolution
  • And more!


So stay tuned and subscribe to Scambook TV on YouTube to get our full in-depth review in the next video! You can also download Scambook TV as a free iTunes podcast.

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Not since Star Wars vs. Star Trek has the geek world been so divided. Where do you fall in the Android vs. Apple debate? Which products and operating systems do you prefer? Do you want more video reviews? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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11 Responses

  1. Bobbi

    I am a 1,000,000% Android person I will NEVER EVER own anything put out by apple.
    As far as I am concerned apple products are over priced, over rated crap.
    The day I own anything from apple is the day the universe ends and time runs backwards.

  2. Roger The Dodger

    Iv just bought one and it’s brilliant for the money, no lag when moving your finger across the screen. 2 cameras that are adequate for what you want from a tablet. The WiFi works a treat as long as you in range of the router although I will say it doesn’t pick up the signal as good as my HTC phone or my wireless PC, but that could be down to my old router. Youtube and streaming video is good, picture quality is excellent for the money but battery life like all these tablets isn’t that great if your browsing the internet or watching videos. The headphones that come with it are a joke, cheap and way to short to be of any use. I downloaded a free fake iPad launcher from google play and it made it look identical to the real thing. Quite simply for this kind of money you cant go wrong, why pay the ££££ for a real iPad when this one does the same job only much cheaper

  3. Paul

    Looks like some one just discovered chinese shopping websites. These 7inch androids have been around for a very long time, why even St Steve said 7inch tablets were no good , so it must be true.
    More like Apple copied Android on this one.
    I have to use an iPad all day for work and get very frustrated at times due to the limitations that places on me, I prefer Android.

  4. Dorothy

    I purchased one and received it last week. After 30 minutes of use, the top right hand corner became really hot. I turned it off and let it cool down. Now, I cannot get it to turn on. Thank God I used Paypal and can get my money back. I just bought a REAL ipad mini.


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