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  • Date Occurred: 11/22/2013
  • Reported Damages: $500.00
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Solid trust Pay scammed me. Their website is not accessible. I deposited the money into my online account I opened with them. They even sent me a card. But now I can't find them on the phone, online live chat, and nothing showing up the solid trust pay ever existed.

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  • Polena
  • Polena SBID #97b1afccf3
  • Posted 05/24/2014
  • My account name is nakoaikaika, i wired 1000USD to my account 17 days ago. I printed out the info directly from the email they sent me and off thier website and gave it to my bank. I double checked the info myself and everything matched, so i know the info was correct.

    After 6 days I started trying to contact SolidTrustpay. I emailed I called every number I could find online on and off thier site. I emailed I created 3 tickets that were not only unanswered but dissapeared from their database, though i still have the email confirmation that i created them. I spent over 3 hours waiting to be "connected" to an online agent. I have never been answered, I have heard nothing back from this company yet.

    I know that this company has worked well for a friend, BUT if you have a problem DO NOT expect any sympathy or help from them.

    Please help spread the word, do not expect any support from this company.
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  • Polena
  • Polena SBID #97b1afccf3
  • Posted 05/24/2014
  • Within 24 hours of posting this complaint solidtrustpay gave me my money and contacted me via email. I am still upset that it came to this but I got my money. I hope the person who made the original complaint did as well.
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  • Solidtrustpay
  • Solidtrustpay SBID #19bc635690
  • Posted 05/24/2014
  • The individual above, Polena, was emailing a non-existent email address ( That email only sends automated notifications to members and cannot receive emails. For any members reading the above, do ensure you do not make any support requests to that email address. The member above also received their funds with NO fees as compensation for not receiving prompt support.
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  • GMNI
  • GMNI SBID #8c34aecf2c
  • Posted 05/24/2014
  • Never ever trust SolidTrustPay. Read my post here. I am doing my utmost best to try to make more and more people aware of them. Redad my post here...
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  • Phil
  • Phil SBID #a0ca88d4f6
  • Posted 06/19/2014
  • I have to concur, I'm not impressed with this company at all...very unprofessional. site is always slow and crashing. transactions are like pulling teeth. Seems like a scam
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  • francisolivier
  • francisolivier SBID #192689aa7e
  • Posted 06/30/2014
  • Good morning

    I come by this, draw to your attention a situation of dispute that opposed me to solidtrust pay. I have made a bank transfer of 670 euros on 06/11/2012 in order to inject this money in my Business, and up to this day, the money is still not available on my account SOLIDTRUST PAY,and yet, I've provided them all the supporting documents for the transfer. It is impossible to join Solidtrust Pay by phone, when I am trying by e-mail: I Never recieve an Answer
    .I've opened some Ticket number 249252 and 250965.
    they never gave me any reply; It is really a lack of seriousness, and professionalism of this compagny, to hang on the argument of high volume of ticket to treat by days, they would have put this info directly on their web site, that I would have never used their service to perform this transfer.
    A transfer is deemed to last between 3 and 5 days as shown on their website, and yet, I have waited for more than 3 weeks without answers. I'm very exhausted of this situation. Thank you.


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  • DKinvestments
  • DKinvestments SBID #0a591f1091
  • Posted 07/10/2014
  • I requested my funds from Solid Trust $2000, and it processed earlier this month, but I have sent in several Emails to them without any response. I submitted a ticket number twice and nothing happened. I found two phone numbers 1-877-801-1777 and 1-705-731-0908, both of them have been busy for almost a week now. I have questions regarding my account and there is no one to speak to. The help questions are a joke, because they don't pertain to my situation. You cant submit a ticket because they won't get back to you, you can't call because the phone is disconnected. I spoke to my attorney, and we are going to file a official law suit on this company for fraud.
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  • Samjose
  • Samjose SBID #fd0f2f8bcf
  • Posted 07/12/2014
  • Dealing with STP is nothing but frustration, I have ordered their Card which costs $30 two months ago and I have not received it till today. Now it is worse because I can't even login on their site with my username (Maclo), when I try to reset the password they say there are no accounts associated with my e mail address.
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  • Alain
  • Alain SBID #9364b56879
  • Posted 07/20/2014
  • As other people above I have also a probleme with STP. I have $145.- on my account and when I want to transfer this money I get an error message telling me that: You have one or more negative balances. Please correct them before making this payment! I have tried many time even with only $100.- but always the same message. I have sent 3 tickets [ticket: 283591] [ticket: 285121] [ticket: 292502], send emails to but never got any answers.
    So I will talk to my lawyer to see what can be done to get my money back.
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  • DonS
  • DonS SBID #42f9144106
  • Posted 07/27/2014
  • Everything was good with my Solid Trust Account until two weeks ago when my balance went from positive to negative by itself! Three unanswered tickets, and one email to are unanswered. i can't use my account until this is fixed and support does not seem to exist. The phone number I have is just busy, and if it's a real number I can understand that. I just want it fixed!!! Anyone from STP out there?
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  • activerog
  • activerog SBID #6e851720bf
  • Posted 08/13/2014
  • Don't use Solid Trust Pay, they're a bunch of scammers.
    I deposited $usd100 into my STP account so that I could make a payment to bannersbroker - funds have been taken from my credit card, but are showing as 'pending' in my STP account.

    I was prepared to wait the obligatory 2 to 24 hours, as per this advice on their website:
    NOTE - this is a TrustCard Protected transaction. Deposits for TrustCard members are INSTANT. Non TrustCard requests may take up to 24 hours.

    I suppose eventually I'll get my money to do with as I please, but in the meanwhile, this pack of thievin' lying bastarts are sitting on my meagre $100 and everybody else they've scammed, and playing it on the short-term money market. This company is bad news. Steer clear !!!

    No problems with AlliedWallet, but they had issues with automatic credits of ewallet loads, I got impatient and tried one of their "other" payment options... Secure Trust Pay. The name sounded good, but stupid me didn't check the scam blogs first - ah well, $usd100 gone. Easy come easy go.
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  • activerog
  • activerog SBID #6e851720bf
  • Posted 08/13/2014
  • at least with AlliedWallet I didn't have to stay up and waste $30 in international calls trying to get through to them, STP are the pits. How the hell Canada's OCA (office of consumer affairs) hasn't shut down these bunch of scammers is beyond me. Australia's just as regulated as Canada, but here at least the Government moves quickly to shut unscrupulous operators like SecureTrustPay real quick. Let's hope this company's exposed and shut down ASAP - stealing is wrong, I don't care what excuse you pack of losers use, but you may wish to your God that I never meet you face to face. Seriously! I'm sick and tired of being scammed out-of-pocket by scumbags like STP. Keep scamming people and you will make the news for all the same reasons. And then when there's something serious, like a bomb, or a bomb-threat, the scammers jump up and down and cry poor. Stop scamming people and run a REAL BUSINESS.
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  • Phil
  • Phil SBID #f98b17bad9
  • Posted 08/14/2014
  • I'll never do business with them again...(Inappropriate Content Removed)me off once and I don't come back. this company seems to be run by a bunch of punks whom don't know how to treat customers, and are playing games with peoples money. They have all sorts of excuses just like a kid. I would agree with the money laundering comment, and think it will be a matter of time when the Canadian government steps in. They offer 24/access which is clearly not true, especially when you see they can't even keep their site up like other online company that offer 99% up time. Their site is slow and frustrating. Total waste of my time and energy. I only do business with companies wanting to please me not frustrate me.
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  • lalabeth
  • lalabeth SBID #7ded607184
  • Posted 08/14/2014
  • I am yet another disgruntled SolidTrust user who has had issues with the company. The first problem I had and am still dealing with is verification. I went through all of the necessary steps to get verified including emailing copies of my driver's license and proof of address from a piece of mail. I sent my info in on July 24th. According to Solid Trust, it can take up to 14 days for verification. It has now been 22 days and I'm still not verified. I submitted support ticket #312388 stating that I had submitted my information for verification and I received a form letter back from them telling me to submit my IDENTITY and ADDRESS for verification (which I had already done) and that my support ticket was now RESOLVED and CLOSED. BULLCRAP! The second issue I had was I issued a withdrawal via check (since that's the only option available to me without being verified) at the beginning of August. When I went into my account this past weekend, there was no check pending and the money somehow was back in my account as if I had never made the withdrawal, so I had to do another withdrawal. And one other thing, if I try to withdraw the full amount in my account, even though the request is under $500 (which is their limit), it tells me that I have insufficient funds in my account to make this withdrawal. Whoever is typing the replies from Solid Trust on this thread needs to keep in mind that the customer is always right. You should be saying: "I'm sorry for the inconvenience this issue may have caused you. Here's what we're doing to resolve it," instead of talking about the member and pointing out the mistakes they made. If you're going to point out mistakes, so be it, but at least acknowledge that we are valued customers and apologize for the inconvenience. There is an obvious problem with your customer support or there would not be so many unhappy customers here in this thread. If you don't step it up, you will be losing a lot of customers.
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  • activerog
  • activerog SBID #590e739caa
  • Posted 08/14/2014
  • finally got my money. They sit on your money for days even though you're led to believe you have instant access to the funds you've loaded.
    Solid Trust Pay - Slow on Service, Big on Fees, Zero customer service.
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  • Derick
  • Derick SBID #ccd9ed979c
  • Posted 08/16/2014
  • A group of us are participating in a scheme (we realize its risky but that's another argument) and we have been transferring funds via SolidTrustPay and other processors. We have come up against several problems - we sent out funds to STP from South Africa after converting South African Rands into US Dollars. They credited us with South African Rands, converting again to USD. This means we got about 1/8 of the funds sent. Numerous tickets, e-mails and failed calls later we still don't have our correct funds. Other funds sent simply disappeared.

    Contacting STP seems impossible because their telephone numbers just ring, and e-mails & tickets go unanswered. Two months of this and we're now taking it to the authorities in Canada.

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  • AJ
  • AJ SBID #7ac2e150c1
  • Posted 08/17/2014
  • O meu user no SolidTrustPay é JPMiranda, realizei uma transferência de elevado montante no dia 31/07/2012 hoje já são 17/08 e nada.
    A mensagem que eles teem no site é ** ACH UPDATE ** Transfers from Aug 9 to Aug 11 in process now. Watch here for daily updates. Thank you for your patience!
    E a minha do dia 31/07????? Onde está???

    Tentei entrar em contacto com a empresa via telefone e nada? Ticket's e email´s não respondem, Peço que resolvam o problema o mais rápido quanto possível.
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  • AJ
  • AJ SBID #353a34a7ae
  • Posted 08/23/2014
  • Hoje são 23/08/2012 e ainda não tive nenhuma resposta por parte da solidtrustpay.
    Conhecem alguma forma de resolver este problema?

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  • 1828218
  • 1828218 SBID #353a34a7ae
  • Posted 08/23/2014
  • I am having similar issues. I have bank wired funds to my STP account 1828218 over 2 weeks ago and the funds are still pending??? I have lodged tickets and sent emails with no response. I am very worried and now sceptical about STP and their service!!!!
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  • Cris06
  • Cris06 SBID #18fb7c4d1b
  • Posted 09/29/2014
  • After 2 consecutive deposit problems with STP, they finally resolved it. Thanks to STP for their assistance. I highly recommend STP as payment processor.
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  • gurmeet
  • gurmeet SBID #af197b7622
  • Posted 12/15/2014
  • it is true that their support is very poor.I have problem in funding my account.When I put secondary password, again that window comes(like refresh)and no new window opens.I send them ticket(418783) but no response(week passed).My username is gurmeetsand.In my experience,they have worst support.
    I request STP to take care of its customer.
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  • gurmeet
  • gurmeet SBID #2a69d60997
  • Posted 12/27/2014
  • Hello again,STP still does not solved my problem.I want to verify my card so i want to deposit money but when i Try no loading of payment page occur.Ita already more than 1 month passed.STP support dont have time to look after to customers.I send them 3 tickets and i got 1 response,keep trying you can do.What is this?charge more money and give bad support
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  • Solidtrustpay
  • Solidtrustpay SBID #76e0db426b
  • Posted 01/05/2013
  • The above member has absolutely no grounds for a complaint.
    1. they have less than $3 in their account which they can easily transfer to any member or company at anytime
    2. they have not logged in since September, 2012
    3. the only time they had a problem with transfers was when they refused to add an SSN number to their check withdrawal requests

    They are posting here to lure you to their facebook page in order to join various online programs they are promoting.

    Do not believe everything you read online. SolidTrust has been servicing millions of clients worldwide for 7 years - a few complaints are inevitable.

    It is a shame that anyone can post at sites like this and provide absolutely no evidence.
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  • samryanp
  • samryanp SBID #d82c92f257
  • Posted 01/15/2013
  • hi my name is samuel, i also have a problem that not yet resolve. my stp username is '(Personal Information Removed)" i requested withdrawal of $94.21 from stp to my visa card last december 28,2013 but until now there is no money in my visa card. i have received a confirmation message last january 4,2013 stated below.
    SolidTrust Pay Support <>

    Jan 4

    to me
    *** Withdrawal Request Update *** Your SolidTrustPay pending withdrawal with the transaction number 273659532 for the amount of $94.21 has now been confirmed and completed. Thank you for choosing SolidTrust. .........................................................
    but until now i did not receive the money
    i already sent a support ticket but no response.
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  • ekim
  • ekim SBID #2cb7154b68
  • Posted 01/17/2013
  • Hello my name is mike and I was under the impression from what the STP website stated that we could use our funds instantly. The transaction is still pending and my card has already been charged (transaction id 273782919) and I have also made a ticket (442060) but no response yet. The customer service numbers are always busy so there is no one I can speak to. It's very hard to believe after servicing millions of clients people get more help through a complaint website than their own customer service staff.
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