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  • Date Occurred: 06/03/2013
  • Reported Damages: $1,997.00
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I attended the one night seminar in St Cloud MN on May 27th 2011 and I was convinced Dean(who was never present) and his crew were legit and they were going to teach me basics of real estate investment.They promised me I was going to get financial assistance and training and a mentor for a full year or so I was told. I thought great this is exactly what I need to start my real estate investment business. After all I am a home inspector and have been for over 8 years so this should be pretty easy for me to grasp. I attended the seminar in Minneapolis June 3,4,and 5th 2011 On June 3rd after the first day I thought OK seems pretty legit. On the second day things started to change the Instructor Stephen Edwards tells you how to invest with no money down? they are telling you to do this without question and I am not sure about in your area or in the state or in Minn but in other states what they want you to do is illegal.Example take money($25,000 can be less or more) from one credit card put into your community bank and use to invest than ten days before the credit card payment is due take another $25,00 (or less) from another credit card and put in your community bank and write a check to pay the first credit card (you don't have to pay it off but will help your credit score if you do). You have to do this without question.Its like taking from Peter to pay Paul eventually its going to catch up with you or the bank is going to question you one would think. You keep doing this tactic. As the last couple hours of the second day neared you were hit with a bomb shell the speaker Stephan Edwards on behalf of Dean Graziosi started in on investing more money to get further training(what you really came for) with a large bill attached. This investment consumed our last precious hours of class time with them wanting us to invest another twenty-four thousand dollars into the program otherwise we don't want it bad enough and no amount of training will ever be enough. twenty minutes of the second day was looking at pictures of Stephen Edwards (our speaker)and his wife on all these vacations. You figure if they got twenty five people to pay two thousand dollars and than got the same twenty five people to pay twenty four thousand more no wonder they are rich. They had fifty people at the event but only twenty five paid the $1997 fee but some did not have a partner like I did.we weren't allowed to speak or ask questions and when someone raised their hand to ask a question or wanted him to slow down they were told to put there hand down. I felt like I was not getting what I paid for which was $1,997. he twenty four thousand is a deal so they say,because you attended the free seminar in St Cloud. What I did get was a lot of ripped off and a whole lot of mumble jumble and no real help.You were never encouraged to ask questions and not one night did the speaker Stephen Edwards ask if there were any questions. I was led on a bait and switch scam. They bait you with promises of mentors and purchasing assistance and help with buying and selling your first home. Hello we already paid two thousand and didn't get what we were promised why the heck would I invest more money.So on the third morning things got a little heated because some people were starting to figuring out what was going on and some were still in the trance as I call it.They actually kicked an older woman out for saying what she felt(nice people huh)I was asked to leave along with another couple and the older woman,because they say we were causing people to think negatively well yeah I was using my brain which they don't encourage. I did get a lot of names and numbers from other people who attended the seminar and want to get my money back. In my opinion Dean Graziosi and his whole crew and his main speaker Stephen Edwards are a bunch of thieves and should not be able to keep doing this. I just want to warn people that this is not just one day its seems hes been getting away with this for many years and its time he is stopped. All I wanted was my money back and was even told by employees "BEN" and "Stephen Edwards" that I would get my money back if I left quietly. I have it on my documents that I can obtain my refund but the guy in quality assurance Jason C. whom I called on Monday because the office was not open on Sunday. I think they do it that way on purpose. Anyways Jason said he was instructed not to give a refund only to give a CD of the training seminar now why would I want more of your scams stuff in my house. I just want what is due to me which is my $1997. my initial investment money. I figured it out and they didn't want me to make any negative remarks or get everyone rilled up. Because than people might start to think. The whole telling me I was going to get my money back was just to shut me up and get me out of there. On Wednesday June 8th I got another call from the quality control guys as they call them selves basically telling me to not find a lawyer and just be quiet and take the loss because any good lawyer will laugh me right in the face and he than called me an idiot. I hung up on him after that and want nothing more to do with this so called quality assurance man. What I am doing now is looking for people who have or feel they have been ripped off of their dreams by this man and his company of thieves.I want to start a class action lawsuit from all over the world and let Dean Graziosi and Stephen Edwards know we the people are not going to sit around and get ripped off any more. I have a bunch of people already on board and I'm going ahead on this matter so if you want to stop this guy and his scamming bunch of thieves and were effected by his scam let me know(Personal Information Removed).Dean's so called team DID NOT FULFILL THEIR END OF THE AGREEMENT.I do know what they say and what they promise are totally different than what they put on the contract. Gotta watch their wording on the contracts folks because what they say and what they actually do are two very different things. Buyer beware for real. These are fast talkers and smooth operators. i am an intelligent business owner and got taken and want to get my money back.

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  • urplace2stay
  • urplace2stay SBID #N/A
  • Posted 06/25/2013
  • Hi. I have the same story except I put myself in more trouble and debt because of this heartless and as you say "thieves" people from insider's edge / PMI. They got me to signed-up for advanced platinum package (with promise of 1 on 1 mentorship) worth $17,000. I have a problem with this Jason from quality assurance. They are not answering my phonecalls because I wanted to cancel and have my refund due to dissatisfaction. I am sending you message to you email add. - urplace2stay
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  • Deb
  • Deb SBID #N/A
  • Posted 07/13/2013
  • I also signed up and paid $13,810.00 to Dean Graziosi & PMI for a one on one mentoring real estate investment program that has gone no where. I have contacted a lawyer and he says we can get our money back if we make enough noise and tell them we are going to report them to the Attorney General's (AG) Office and the Federal Trade Commission and then be willing to follow through with the threat. Keep a paper trail. Send any product back with a certified return receipt request. Send a letter telling them you expect a full refund by such and such a date or you will report them to the AG's office. Always send any product or letter registered mail that requires them to sign for the product or letter. Outline in your refund demand letter everything you were promised and have not received. We need everyone to do the same thing to make them sweat. Contact me at (Personal Information Removed)
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  • Claude
  • Claude SBID #N/A
  • Posted 08/18/2013
  • Thank you, for taking the time and posting your story. I received a call today from this group, I did not answer the phone when they called. Once I had time to call back, to see who was calling, I heard a recording, announcing who they are, "Insiders Edge", and to please hold as they are receiving a high volume of calls. I decided to hang up, as I did not want to wait for someone to pick up the phone. I decided, to just Google "Insiders Edge", to find out what is "Insider Edge". After scrolling almost to the bottom of the Google search, this when I ran across your stories. I only wish your story was at the top of the Google Search, as I am sure not everyone scrolls all the way down to the bottom of their sceens. I have a thought, or a question, the $1,900 you paid, did you pay with a Visa or MasterCard? I know with my bank Chase, the visa and MasterCard logo protect ever purchase you make. So can you just call your credit card company, and disput the charge? I have done this even with a check card, and usually Chase will deposit the money back in my account the next day. Thank you! Claude Griffin Jr. Dallas, Texad
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  • Kathy
  • Kathy SBID #N/A
  • Posted 08/29/2013
  • I have filed with the MN State Attorney General and they sent a letter to the Insiders Edge and well see where it goes from there. I will keep you all informed.
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  • CherylMc
  • CherylMc SBID #ef99e01685
  • Posted 02/04/2014
  • I also attended an Insiders Edge conference for three days, and split the cost with a friend. It was in Springfield IL, and what you described is pretty much what happened there. I will join in a class action lawsuit, they need to be stopped.
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  • UPSETCONSUMER SBID #f539ad0a19
  • Posted 02/21/2014
  • I just attended Insider's Edge / Insider's Financial / Dean Graziosi 3-Day Workshop in La Jolla, CA on February 17th, 2012. It was not even close to what was presented and what I paid for...$1,997 to be exact. It was just a motivational speaker Stephen Libman telling stories about his wealth, his family, etc. I got absolutely nothing from the first day. The morning of the second day I asked for a refund. They were not happy, but agreed to refund me if I left. I told them if they would not refund me then I would stay for the next 2 days, but obviously they did not want a "red light" thinker in the room (LOL). Anyway, I received an email confirming that I would receive the refund, and now I am getting the run around. They need to be stopped. Bait & switch, misrepresentation, whatever you want to call is unacceptable! Be aware consumers.
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  • James
  • James SBID #508ac76f46
  • Posted 09/26/2013
  • I am 1000000% on board with a class action law suit to TARE THESE THEIFS DOWN!!!! my mother and i just got back from the 3 day "learn nothing classes" I need to know how to contact you about this! it seems everyones personal information has been removed or .... but please let me know how to get ahold of you so i can join you in this fight.. We need to go thru with this because what they have done to my mother and I as well as all of you is unbelieveable and completely unhuman and wrong and they should all be locked up in jail and should not be allowed to have one penny to their name. its completely WRONG!!! I know its been a while since anyone has posted to this but im hoping that you or someone will comment back with contact info to help join u in this... Thanks Jay.
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