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    Information about Postal Job Placement was first submitted to Scambook on Jun 10, 2013. Since then the page has accumulated 23 consumer complaints. On average users reported $64.57 of damages. Scambook's investigation team reached out to this company a total of 12 times, Scambook Investigators last contacted them on Aug 07, 2013.

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    Postal Job Placement provides assistance to individuals considering and seeking employment with the United States Postal Service. Each week, about 1,500 entry level postal jobs are posted on the USPS website. The USPS is the nation’s second largest employer and, recently, hiring activity is at an all-time high. Postal Job Placement is not affiliated with the USPS. We offer one service. It’s a program that helps job candidates perform better in each of the four steps of the postal hiring process: the job search, application, exam and interview. All aspects of our business are conducted online. Advertising, marketing, order processing, fulfillment and support. We make every attempt at our website to educate potential postal job candidates on job availability, descriptions, pay, the hiring process, and how our program can help them increase their chances of becoming hired. Each page of our site includes a disclaimer in large type at the top that informs the public that we are “Not affiliated with the USPS”. Each page also features a disclaimer in the lower navigation bar that reads: "Postal Job Placement provides assistance to individuals considering and seeking employment with the United States Postal Service. The USPS is an equal opportunity employer. Neither the USPS nor Postal Job Placement can guarantee the employment of any candidate, or the availability of any specific job, in any area, at any given time. Postal Job Placement is not affiliated with the USPS. The Postal Job Placement program is designed to assist job candidates through the postal job search, application, exam and interview process." We are the only organization that offers assistance for EACH step of the postal hiring process. There are a number of providers who offer books to help with the third step only, which is the exam. We help candidates in the search process, the online application, the exam, and the interview. We are the only organization that offers the Postal Exam Simulator, which is an automatically timed and graded exam simulator that is a near replica of the official exam all candidates are required to take and pass. The official postal exam is given at an independent testing facility and is administered on a computer. The exam score is used to determine who is invited to the final step, the interview. Typically, the three highest scorers on the exam, for any given position, are invited to the interview, where one is hired. Our program includes unlimited access to the simulator. Each time a new exam is started, the system creates a unique exam by randomly selecting questions from a very large database of questions. Candidates are encouraged to take these practice exams until they are consistently scoring in the 90’s, which typically ensures the candidate of an interview. This form of electronic exam preparation is far more effective than a book. We are the only organization that offers live assistance. We offer live chat on our website and fully support those who register for our service. We also offer live chat for free to visitors who have not registered or paid for our service. There are other differentiators unique to our company, but these are the three most significant. And it’s important to note that even the USPS does not offer assistance or live support, or any resource that comes close to what Postal Job Placement offers. So you may be wondering, given all this, why anyone would complain about our company or the service we provide. There are several reasons why. 1. The USPS tells candidates that they provide help for free and that candidates do not need outside assistance. They provide a 30-page booklet that was printed 8 years ago and gives samples of the questions that might appear on the exam. They offer no assistance to candidates, no live agent support, and no simulator to practice on ahead of time. The USPS consistently tells candidates that outside assistance will not help and is a waste of money. In many instances, we have been told that they called our business a scam. It’s understandable that the public would likely believe the USPS over a small, unknown company. 2. The internet is full of misinformation and people repeating things that are simply not true. The more something is repeated, the more believable that something is. There are lots of people who write posts, negative comments, file complaints, etc. with no accountability to the truth. Because there are those in our industry who offer inferior products or misrepresent facts about the post office, available jobs, the hiring process, the effectiveness of their resources, etc., there is no shortage of disgruntled consumers. We even have clients who complain or have issues with us, even though it’s clear that what we offer and provide is far better than anyone else. But that one individual who may not be aware of that has a right to their opinion, whether is based on the complete truth or not. To give you some insight into our philosophy, consider this example of a free service we provide. For years, prospective postal job candidates have complained that searching for available positions at the USPS website is problematic. Visitors are offered 5 ways to search for positions and 4 of the 5 consistently do not work properly, and inform the visitor that there are “no results found” for their search. There is one method that works, but has a display limitation of 15 jobs and no apparent indication that additional results are also available. Consequently, most prospective candidates leave the USPS website frustrated, thinking that there are no jobs available in their area. We created a solution to this and offer this free on our website. It’s called our Job Locator. And it functions like a GPS. A visitor may enter their zip code and a geographical map appears with red pins indicating each available job for that day. This makes it super easy and fool-proof for prospective job candidates to find jobs in their area. Each day, we update our tool with all the jobs that the USPS posts online. Since we are very familiar with the USPS job listing system, we are able to access all of the job listings. We then apply that data to our proprietary geo map coding system and are able to present the data to the user in a geo map format as described that simplifies the search process immensely. Each red pin can be clicked on for full details about each open position that was posted by the USPS themselves. By making this tool available for free on our website, we not only make the job search simpler, we greatly reduce the chance that someone could register for our program believing that jobs are automatically available near them, simply because they saw our ad online. Even though we fully disclose that “we do not guarantee the availability of any specific job, in any area, at any given time” in our disclaimer on each page of our website, we think by offering this Job Locator for free at our site creates an added layer of transparency that we believe is important to our long-term success. With regard to our location, we are based in Birmingham. The business has a corporate address reserved for mail delivery only. The business relies on outsourced support for all of its operations. Again, all aspects of the business occur online. There is no need for a typical corporate location. Ads are placed online through an advertising agency, support for the website is provided by a technology provider, purchases are made online by the consumer, the product is electronically delivered, and online support is provided by a well-trained and managed outsourced provider located in Atlanta, GA. While we regret complaints, we interact with over 10,000 people daily and strive to provide the highest level of service possible. We receive and try to resolve a very large number of complaints from customers of some of our competitors. Because they do not provide support, many mistakenly assume that we are who they transacted with and that we are supposed to support them, as the consumer is not aware that there are multiple organizations in our line of work. We have even had some of these individuals, who were not our customers, and that we have tried to help, actually file complaints against our business, alleging that it was our business that disappointed them. There is confusion in our industry, and many consumers are left not trusting anyone except the USPS and, as explained, they have their own agenda and reasons for why they downplay the potential value a job candidate could receive by taking advantage of our program, in particular. In closing, we offer a very effective program for those seeking employment with the USPS. We strive to educate the public on the value of our services, and deliver what we promise. Anyone who registers for our program agrees and accepts our terms and conditions, which are prominently displayed on our website and clearly explain what we offer, why it’s needed, and how candidates are to take advantage of it in their pursuit of a postal career. We are so confident in the effectiveness of our program that we guarantee a full refund to any candidate who completes our program and does not score in the 90’s on the official exam. Our FAQ page addresses many of the complaints seen here, so it would be a helpful resource for any individual who may need additional information and we hope that they will visit that page before lodging complaints against us. Our reputation and customer satisfaction are very important to us, and we appreciate the opportunity to share this information with the public through your organization.

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