With the uproar of this year’s March madness, we warn you… Consumers be wary of your purchases!  According to 14 News, this month is high time for scammers to take advantage of enthused sports fans by selling them stolen goods.  By stolen goods, we refer to team logos that have been used without the team’s permission for profit on jerseys, hats, etc., and the quality of team merchandise is well below sub par and won’t last as long as the authentic merchandise provided by authorized retailers of your favorite basketball teams.  In addition to duping you into buying imitations, scammers have been able to create websites that make you feel comfortable enough to enter your credit card information, only to never receive your order.

In addition, scammers have moved beyond promising you an authentic piece of March madness memorabilia – they are looking for an even larger profit through utilizing the March madness experience as their selling point. Don’t fall for those ‘amazing’ ticket and hotel room deals, because fraudulent ticket and lodging sales are on the radar, especially through sites such as Craigslist.

All we can say to consumers is do your research before submitting any personal information such as credit card information during this month of madness, and good luck to your team.


Here are some helpful tips to remember along the way:

– Read the details of the advertisement the goods and services promised to you carefully.

– Do further research on the website that is offering you the product and obtain as many details as possible about the retailer.

– Be sure to obtain a confirmation number after purchasing a ticket and/or reserving your hotel room.

– Look up the details about the hotel you are looking to book/have booked and check out reviews.

– Don’t use your debit card – use a credit card if possible, because creditors can be accommodating to consumers who fall victim of fraudulent companies.

Scambook users: have you ever been a victim to purchasing fake sports team memorabilia and/or tickets? Comment below!

If this has happened to you or someone you know please submit a complaint here.


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