Hi Scambookers!  We at Scambook want to help you stay one step ahead of the “game”.  Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and we want to give you some advice so you don’t turn out to be the jerk who forgot to send your mom a gift.  Don’t let the stress of rushing  to buy a gift make your common sense go out the window.

Before ordering flowers for your mom, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

– Research the company to death, and make sure to read the reviews.  Be extra careful if you’re placing an order to deliver flowers out-of-state.

– Second-guess the “same-day delivery” offers.  Some florists will guarantee same-day delivery and never fulfill their promise.  Not only will they not follow through with their “guaranteed” service, they may not even deliver your order.

– Wrong flowers or dead flowers?  How about neither.  Sometimes florists will send the recipient a completely wrong order or dead or even frozen flowers.  Make sure to talk to a florist, and ask a lot of questions to see if this person knows his flowers.

In addition to preventing yourself from falling for a bad deal, help prevent your mother from scams as well.  Adults over the age of 50 make up 35.7% of consumers who file complaints, according to Scambook’s 2012 Q1 Market Report.  One of the prominently user-reported scams that target an older audience is the Jamaican lottery scam.  People will usually receive a phone call informing them of a sweepstakes they won, and in order to redeem their cash winnings, they must send in a check to cover the shipping, taxes and whatever other bogus fees scam artists make up.  Give the gift of safeguarding your mom from getting swindled this Mother’s Day, and let her know to hang up on those lottery scammers.

If you have any doubt, be sure to check Scambook, and let your mom know too. Have a Happy Mother’s Day!


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