Megastoon is currently a top trend on Scambook Insights. At the time of the post, the company has 121 complaints, with an average reported damage of $3243.21. Overall, total reported damages are nearly $400,000. So what is Megastoon? Is it a real site or a scam?

Megastoon is a PPC (pay per click) service that rewards users for generating traffic to Megastoon and its affiliates. However, Scambook users allege that they are not paid or rewarded for their work. Let’s take a look at this company and see why Megastoon has been trending on Scambook.


About Is it a Real Service?

Megastoon is essentially a job site where users can sign up for multiple jobs and tasks. The tasks are usually as simple as posting a referral link on a message board or Facebook. The link generates traffic to Megastoon and its affiliates. This is known as a PPC (pay per click) service.

Once Megastoon users complete the task and generate traffic, they are paid through various payment options like PayPal or Western Union. However, Scambook users allege that Megastoon fails to pay users for their completion of tasks.

According to the Scambook Investigations team, Megastoon appears to operate out of France. There is very little contact information. The FAQ section on is limited as well. Here are some examples of the questions users frequently ask: How do I promote my referral link? and How much can I earn?

Megastoon Website

Shown: Megastoon homepage

Our first complaint about Megastoon was received on September 3rd, 2013. Since then, 121 complaints have been received. Complaints have originated from every continent in the world.

Let’s take a look at what Scambook users are saying about Megastoon.


Actual Scambook Complaints About Megastoon

Here’s what real Scambook users just like you have reported about Megastoon:

Screenshot of a Scambook complaint about I worked for this company for all of September and spread the links as requested to earn money. Earned over 1091 in a week and never got paid as of the date said I was going to be paid which was supposed to be 9/29/13. I since have not been able to access my account. I’ve emailed and emailed them with no response. My username is (Personal Information Removed). Please help me get this money as I worked my tail off for it and have 6 kids to feed. Thank you [source]


Screenshot of Scambook complaint about Megastoon

I’ve sent over 200 unique hits to the link that provides with the understanding that they will pay $2 for every unique hit. To this date, no payment has been made. It is very upsetting that so many people have been dooped by this scam and I bet the company is being paid by there advertisers for all the traffic that people generate but noone is being compensated for. [source]


Screenshot of Scambook complaint about Megastoon

I was told when I sign in that if I post their web pages on mine blogs, facebook or google account I would get paid. I set up an account with them to get paid by Western union and went to work, as of today October 5th 2013 I had $2234 in mine account that it suppose to be paid between on 29th of October but I went on the web said that the site has bean suspended.I had put a lot of time in to the advertising of the webs since september, which I was given to, so I would like to get paid for it. Is there anything else I can do to get mine money back?

Thanks. [source]


More Information About Megastoon

Click here to view Megastoon’s company profile on Scambook, and tell us what you think about this website in the comments. Would you try Megastoon or do you think it’s just another work-from-home job scam?

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  1. Simon Joseph

    Pls I’m also a victim of registered and worked for them all through September and made $560 but i didn’t received a penny, i can’t even access my account username is Sez008..password [REDACTED]…you guys should help me out plss.


    avant de perdre du temps et de l’argent; y a t’il une personne qui est capable de confirmer que MegaStoon est une arnaque !


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