Money Plus Saver has been a top trend on Scambook Insights, with 391 complaints at the time of this post and unresolved reported damage at $47,604.69. Scambook users allege that Money Plus Saver charges them upwards of $89 without their permission. Users also say they’ve never purchased anything from Money Plus Saver. Often, they’ve never even heard of the company!


About Money Plus Saver

According to Scambook’s investigations, Money Plus Saver operates out of Santa Monica, California. Their website,, is a generic third-party Customer Service page with very limited information about their services.

Screenshot of Money Plus Saver Customer Service Website

A screenshot of the customer service page associated with Money Plus Savers. Has Money Plus Saver taken $89 out of your bank account?

The FAQ on includes several questions about the Money Plus Saver subscription. Apparently, customers frequently ask What if I don’t remember the order I authorized? and Why do I have a charge?

Their answer to both questions is to contact them for support, and to read the fine print carefully on all signup terms and conditions. Many Scambook users say that they applied for a payday loan on a separate website prior to being charged by Money Plus Saver.

We received our first consumer complaint about Money Plus Saver on November 9,2012. Most complaints have originated from the eastern half of the United States, but we’ve also received spikes in complaint activity from Southern California and the San Francisco Bay Area.

Let’s review what Scambook users are saying about Money Plus Saver.


Actual Scambook Complaints

Screenshot of Real Scambook Complaint about Money Plus Saver
Applied for an online loan through a completely different company than this one and got approved; for whatever reason this company ‘money plus saver’ auto-filled my information and applied THEMSELVES to my bank account.

They’ve charged 89.00 in fees according to something I filled out online but I did no such thing. [source]

Screenshot of a Real Scambook User Complaint about Money Plus Saver

I never agreed to have the money takin out of my account and dew to this its pit my account in a negitive balance I have called several times to get my money refunded and have been hung up on each time I went to the web site to report my lose and I don’t get the page that they told me to use to receive my money back [source]

Like everyone else here, it seems, I was searching for a payday loan online. About a week after, an $89 charge (a “check”) appeared in my bank account, snowballing a list of overdraft charges. My bank will not refund the money due to my giving the account information out to this company. I have called them, but have not heard back yet. Judging from others’ posts here, though, I’m not holding my breath that I’ll get any of the money back. [source]



More Information About Money Plus Saver

Click here to view Money Plus Saver’ company profile on Scambook.

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8 Responses

  1. Paula Green

    I hate I.E.! If you have a program that is tied into I.E., and you have info that you are trying to research/retrieve/browse through another, it will cause the freeze-up; leaving a very high % of losing info by I.E. behavior. If they are your ‘home page’ (which is it since I have Incredimail E-mail; I have to in order for it to function….this is also likely to change as soon as I can catch up.), it considers itself all important. Will freeze, blank-out/black-out your screen you are working on. My actual complaint is that of Straight-talk cell phones. I made the error of choosing it to see if I liked a cell phone. Bad choice on my part for a pleathera of reasons….main being that even though you have a $45 unlimited acct., at about 7 days left to the 30-day cycle, it will shut you down, until you re-deposit $ them. I began the trial period in the month of October, 2012. On Nov. 2, 2013 — my father suddenly died. I had to fly up home, tried to call and let them know I’d be up there at such-n-such a time….it came back with “I’m sorry, you do not have enough time in your bank to make this call.” I tried everything I could think of, and I took it to the Major Marketer for them: The big bad WalMart. Even they – said”Paula, don’t…..this is the worst…go to a different market for purchase. Wouldn’t you just know it? In order to get driving, I purchased another phone, added $45 to it and took off. After I returned home, I tried to make contact. Told them my phone was out (first one) . Yeah, well, there is the phone, mind if I put you on hold? Never came back on, soon, there was the dial tone. He didn’t choose to honor the contract. So! there you go! this has been going since Dec.2012. Today, I’m just waiting for the BBB to make contact and better yet, the US. State’s Atty. Enough is enough. You want to hear what I write? Good! If not, take one in the shorts for me, too! Don’t want to hear a complaint. They don’t know that there is real truth out there? Good! Go for it!! I personally don’t care. I intend to get the $ back. I don’t have a dial tone. I don’t know what is really going on. I’m filling out the forms at the bank. Maybe then! Paula Green

    • Miranda

      Hi Paula, thanks for your comment. If you’d like to submit a formal complaint to Scambook, please use our complaint submission form by clicking here. Our Investigation team will contact the company on your behalf and help facilitate a resolution so you can get your money back.

    • Miranda

      Hi Rita, thanks for your comment. If you’d like to submit a formal complaint to Scambook, please use our complaint submission form by clicking here. Our Investigation team will contact the company on your behalf and help facilitate a resolution so you can get your money back.

  2. Jack sanders

    Just received a charge of 19.95 on my checking acct. never heard of this site. Called but refused to refund my money instead try to tell me I was a regular customer. Know not a lot of money but its the principal of the matter.

  3. Wioletta Bialkowska

    I ordered a trial sample of a face cream and paid postage only. i did not agree to any other payments but the have debited my credit card with £89 and 15 days later £95.95 for some reason. I want my money back but haw? I add attachments with confirmation from the bank.

  4. Christine Potter

    I ordered day and night Equinox serum and anti aging face cream which the advert on facebook said samples were potage only today I’ve received my bank statement and found that on 16.10.13 a payment for £95.00 and also £89.00 was taken then on 1.11.13 a payment for £99.95 also £95.95 none of which were mentioned in the advert that there would be anymore payments taken and I certainly didn’t authorise any. How can I stop this happening again as I’ve not agreeded to this and I don’t want them taking nearly £200.00 from my account I would welcome your help In this scam thank you.


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