Facebook is proposing changes to its privacy policy, and as usual, it isn’t going over well with users. The new changes appear to give Facebook more access to users’ private information. It’s made privacy watchdogs and other consumer groups concerned.

Of course, social media is all about our personal information, which is exactly the reason that so many of us are so protective of our identities. Facebook’s newest proposed changes are yet another shot fired in the battle for Internet privacy and user information protection.


Public Reacts Negatively to Proposed Facebook Privacy Changes

Privacy policy changes aren’t exactly a new thing over at Facebook. In fact, the world’s leading social network is known for shaking things up every couple of years or so, whether by changing the way the website actually works or by adjusting things like the privacy policy and users’ rights.

Almost every single time Facebook makes a big change to its platform, the reaction is overwhelmingly negative. This is no exception. When Facebook posted the proposed changes to its privacy policy, it had no fewer than six American privacy watchdog groups upset.

Surprisingly, Facebook is backing down amid this criticism. The LA Times actually makes it pretty easy to understand why:

“Six consumer watchdog groups have asked the Federal Trade Commission to block the changes that they say would make it far easier for the company to use the names, images and personal information of its nearly 1.2 billion users — including teens — to endorse products in ads without their consent.”

Seems like a not very cool move, Facebook. The rest of the world agrees.


Facebook Argues It’s Aiming for Clarity, Simplicity

In response to all the privacy policy hoopla, Facebook is insisting that its new privacy policy changes are aimed at eliminating confusion and keeping things as simple and clear as possible. Of course, to many of us, this just seems like Facebook is looking for the simplest and clearest way to use its members’ information without permission.

The new language gives Facebook the right to use its members’ information, unless they specifically deny Facebook permission to do so. Oh, and the changes come along with changes made by Facebook which make it tougher for anyone to actually opt out of this policy.

Watchdog groups are also super upset about the fact that Facebook’s new policy changes basically make it so that parents or guardians of users under 18 essentially agree to the terms on the youngster’s behalf.


Privacy Concerns Are Nothing New for Facebook

Privacy policy changes on the biggest social network in the world are almost always bound to irritate people. These proposed changes have been delayed by at least a week, despite the fact that Facebook claims they aren’t delaying the changes at all.

It’s relatively clear that they’re trying to avoid any more serious backlash than that which they’ve already incurred.

So, what do you think? Should Facebook stop tinkering with its privacy policy?

Or is this maybe something that should be consistently updated, as the Internet is a platform that’s always growing and changing?

Let us know in the comments.


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