Earning a substantial income with minimal effort is undoubtedly a fantasy that many working adults have played with in their minds at one point or another.  Unfortunately, our users have submitted complaints against this enticing concept.  The “Make money from home” scheme is a popular topic on Scambook and we will take a look at what kind of experiences our users have reported.

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Thanks to some detailed user reports, we’ve learned that a lot of our users had their guards down because they received emails from friends or relatives urging them to sign up to start making money right away.

Some of the companies that users have submitted complaints against are:

Home Profit Web
Home Cash Access
Web Education Members
Home Income Cash Machine
Pro Advantage 90

Needless to say, those email accounts were very possibly hacked and used as vessels to initiate contact with people on a large scale.  Unlike the alternate method of circulating fraudulent ads online, this route takes deception to the next level.

Given the fact that so many victims received emails encouraging them to try out these work-from-home systems from people they trust, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that they were much more inclined to sign up and have their credit cards charged.

Upon signing up, nothing that is promised is actually delivered according to our users.  No program materials come in the mail, access to your online account is nothing more than a ghost in the wind and that extra income you were hoping for will remain a delightful fantasy.

To make matters worse, if you try to contact customer service to cancel and get a refund, you will either get no response or a customary run around before the evasive silence ensues.

By then, it may unfortunately be much too late.  You card has been charged and chances are, that money is not coming back.


Don’t Ever Think That You Are an Exception

As we discussed in our lottery scam post a couple of weeks ago, everyone must be on high alert during the constantly expanding age of the Internet.  The old adage, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is,” could not be any more valid when it comes to navigating the unlimited online universe.

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While we are not suggesting that every single home income system out there is a complete sham, it is simply best practice to be skeptical, especially when swindlers know very well that so many people are looking to make a quick buck in this difficult economy.

According to our user reports, anyone with an email account is a target – perhaps even you.

Seeing as how the common binding element that these home income hoaxes share is the email that may come from an acquaintance, friend, or relative, we strongly suggest that you take the time to contact the sender in question and ask them if they personally sent you the message, should you receive one.  You will also want to take the time to thoroughly research any supposedly lucrative opportunity to make money from home.

Again, once your card is charged, there may be no turning back.

Just remember, we are not saying that you should automatically shut the door on any potential opportunity you encounter online that could indeed produce a profit.  We just hope that you will learn from the experiences of people who have used Scambook to tell their stories and proceed with caution, should you decide to take a chance.


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  1. miqueias

    como fazer pra denunciar esses caras e cancelar essas faturas se tiver alguma noticia sobre isso d-me informaçao

  2. Linda Landers

    I recently paid 100$ to take the course for csp., then once certified yo could select a company to work for as a virtual assistant taking calls over the internet., for orders etc. which I then paid almost $300 for the training., they tried to fail me on my final exam 4 times, and so I proved they graded me wrong, so they had to pass me., so I was able to work, except they promised to work your own schedule, in your home workstation., well I did all 3 hours of service for them, but then, they deactivated my token apparently that supplied my pass word to get to there web to work., the program froze , everything was wrong, so I could not even service myentire shift., then I had to miss shifts because they would not get me up and running and put me off. I feel like I have been had., what do you think, they will not return my emails, calls, and they certainly are not going to give me a refund. what should I do?


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