Ah, the human brain. An achievement of evolution, prized possession of Jeopardy winners, and the favorite snack of zombies everywhere. Your brain not only makes your body tick – it has the highest metabolic rate of any organ and requires constant nourishment. And the Scambook Blog has the scoop on how eating healthy and clean can improve your brain function!

Keep your brain and your body healthy with these Top 4 Foods.


The First Step: Eat Organic

To paraphrase En Vogue: “Feed your mind, and the rest will follow.” Did you know that a well-rounded, organic diet can supply nutrients that factory-produced or genetically altered foods can’t?

Your brain needs the good stuff in order to work at full capacity when it comes to memory and information processing. Protein, carbs, good fats, fruits, and vegetables can all have a positive effect on overall body function when they’re consumed as close to their natural state as possible.

That means buying farm-fresh dairy, grass-fed meat, etc., whenever possible. The fewer extra modifiers or artificial substances, the better; when your food is adulterated with chemicals, your brain struggles to process the add-ins, and body activity from metabolism to immune system is impacted.

We’d all love to lose weight, and the most effective way is to eat moderate portions of all the major food groups. But even if you’re already eating healthy, there are a few foods which pack an extra nutritional punch for your brain and can really help whet your wits. Here are the best foods for nourishing your neurons:


1. Eggs

The mighty egg, when consumed in its entirety, provides a wealth of vitamins and nourishing substances. Although most of us think it’s better to opt for low-fat egg whites, the truth is that our brains really benefit from what’s contained in the yolk.

Although the overall calorie content in the yolk is higher than the whites alone, we need “good” cholesterol to support the brain because it is heavily composed of fat molecules and needs a constant supply to function properly. Plus, eggs have lots of mind-fueling protein!


2. Kale

In terms of healthy content, you can leaf your lettuce and spinach in the fridge. Kale is king of the green veggies. It’s jam-packed with vitamins A, K, and C, as well as inflammation-fighting phytonutrients that can keep your brain running smoothly.

Bowl of Kale and Fruit Salad

Kale provides a ton of great nutritional content.

It takes on a rich color when cooked or steamed, and tastes great in salads, sandwiches, stir-fries, and smoothies.


3. Honey

Hand holding up a full jar of honey

Satisfy your sweet tooth with natural honey, not processed sugar.

Here’s a sweet fact to savor: natural sugars can actually be good for your body and brain. They fuel our internal processes and give us quick energy boosts.

Honey is one of the most delicious nature-produced sugars out there, and contains a whopping 181 different molecules.

These powerhouse molecules can take on free radicals and bacteria, all while sweetening your morning tea. Skip the splenda and give the bees a chance!




4. Mussels

Want to strengthen your thinking muscles? Munch on some mussels! Along with important nutrients like iron and B-12, mussels contain many rare but essential minerals and a strong supply of DHA. Memory and serotonin – the “happiness molecule,” which can help you fight stress – are enhanced by DHA, and regular consumers are also proven to experience less brain shrinkage as they age.

Black mussels on a plate being eaten with chopsticks

We can’t clam up about the great benefits of eating mussels!

Raising and farming mussels has no negative effect on the environment, and preparing them for a meal is no hassle. So toss some in a pot and boil with garlic and wine, and share the brain food with friends. Don’t be shellfish!


Brain Foods: Start Eating Better Now and Clear Your Mind

There you have it – four tasty foods that can jump-start your body processes and contribute to a better brain. You’ll feel refreshed, healthy, and ready to take on any crossword puzzle. Make some positive changes to your diet today, and the positive effects will go straight to your head!

What are your favorite healthy meals?


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