After slaving over the stove to cook dinner for your family, you sit down to enjoy the meal.
Then…the phone rings.

Must be important, right?

You pick up the phone and it’s a recorded voice. Ugh, another Robocall? Not even a real person on the other line!

Did you know it’s illegal when a business uses a recorded voice (robocall) to try and sell you something

and you HAVE NOT given that company written permission to call you?

YES! Finally, some recourse!

First thing to do: Hang up the phone. Just hang up.
Second, post a complaint here on Scambook! You can also post complaints here at the FTC. In addition, you should file a complaint here at the Do Not Call Registry.

Stay tuned to learn how to have fun when a real person is on the other line trying to sell you something. Now that’s fun!

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