In today’s episode of Scambook TV, Kevan offers 4 Tips to get the most value out of After Christmas Sales. Most retailers start slashing prices on December 26 because they need to clear as much of their inventory as possible before the new year. After Christmas Sales offer some of the lowest prices of the entire fiscal year! Kevan advises smart shoppers to stock up on seasonal holiday items, children’s toys, winter clothing and buy high-end electronics that have been returned, restocked or refurbished. If you were planning to treat yourself to something special, or if you’ve got family and friends who will be patient enough to receive late gifts, consider saving your money and shopping during After Christmas Sales. Just remember to ask about the return and exchange policy before you buy any discounted items, and make sure you keep that receipt!

Christmas 2012 isn’t here just yet, but smart shoppers know it’s never too early to start strategizing about those After Christmas Sales. Every store will have different bargains, so check your local newspaper and go online for ads and coupons on Christmas Day. The 4 tips in our video are great general guidelines for any consumer looking for values after the holidays.


How To Get the Most Value Out of After Christmas Holiday Sales

Tip #1: Stock up on seasonal holiday items. Anything produced specifically for Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanzaa or generic winter celebrations will be considerably marked down. Get wrapping paper, gift bags, greeting cards, Christmas lights and decorations up to 75% off in many stores. Buy now, and you’ll save lots of time and money next year!

You’ll also find great deals on holiday treats like green and red M&Ms, candy canes, Whitman’s samplers, gingerbread house kits, and peppermint bark. Lots of these sugary snacks won’t expire until much later in January or even February. (Although you might want to forget this part of the tip if you’re going on a diet for your New Year’s Resolution!)

Tip #2: Get this year’s “hot” kids’ toys. Children’s items follow a very specific marketing cycle, so retailers like Toys R Us, Babies R Us, Walmart and Target are extra eager to clear their shelves before January 1st. Hot must-have toys like Furby, LeapPad, MGA Novi Stars, and Lalaloopsy dolls probably won’t be in such high demand in 2013. You might find amazing discounts in the week after Christmas. Now maybe your kids or grandkids don’t need any more new toys so soon after Santa’s big day, but you can always save these gifts for their next birthdays — or donate them to a charity for needy children.

Tip #3: Buy winter swag. After Christmas Sales are the perfect time to buy winter clothing like sweaters, gloves, mittens, scarves, fuzzy slippers and knit caps. Although retailers start rolling out their new spring fashions earlier and earlier each year, most of us still have months of colder weather ahead. So don’t be in such a hurry to be fashion forward! Skip the spring section and head to the back of the store to find some of the lowest prices on seasonal cold weather clothing.

Tip #4: Find incredible discounts on refurbished, returned or restocked electronics. Remember all the laptops, TVs, tablet PCs, video games and other electronic items for sale during Black Friday? By now, many consumers have realized those hot deals were more lukewarm or even cold, or they realized they bought impulsively and outstretched their budget, so they’ve returned the items they purchased. Because the items have been opened, stores can’t sell them as brand new  and they’re forced to lower the prices. However, many of these items — even refurbished computers — have had little to no use and they’re in great shape! Buy returns, refurbished and restocked items for huge savings.


Patience Equals Savings

So if you and your loved ones are patient, leave an “I.O.U.” note under the tree and wait until after Christmas to buy your gifts. You just might find the lowest prices of the season and the entire year!

Just remember to ask the store about their returns and exchanges policy for After Christmas Sale items. Purchases made during these special sales might be final, or subject to a restocking fee if you change your mind later. Always get a receipt, too.


Share Your After Christmas Smart Shopper Secrets!

Do you shop After Christmas Sales? What are your strategies for getting the best value after the holidays? Share your own tips in the comments.


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