Father’s Day is June 16 and Scambook TV has the last minute shopping tips you need to protect Dad from a scam. Don’t get ripped off looking for the perfect Father’s Day gift! Scambook’s own Kevan offers 3 tips to avoid hidden charges, contract fees, black-out dates, restocking fees and fraudulent online stores. Watch our latest YouTube video for the safest way to find last-minute Father’s Day bargains.


Tip #1: Check the terms and conditions.

Buying Dad a gift card to his favorite store, a magazine subscription or a membership to the local golf course? Read the fine print carefully!

Don’t get yourself — or your dad — scammed by hidden charges, contract fees and other restrictions like black-out dates or automatic renewal. By carefully reviewing the terms and conditions before you purchase a Father’s Day gift, you’ll know what you can expect from the product and the company.


Tip #2: Keep the receipt and don’t open the package!

Electronics are always a favorite Father’s Day gift, whether your dad’s the family paparazzi in need of a newer camera or he could use a GPS ’cause he hates stopping for directions.

It might sound like a no-brainer, but it’s crucial to save the original receipt and keep the gift in its original box. If you need to return or exchange the item, a receipt and a closed box will make the process much smoother.

(Click here to learn 8 Things You Want To Know About Returning Items)


Tip #3: Only shop on websites you trust.

As we’ve discussed before, scammers love to exploit holidays — especially retail holidays. It’s easy for a scammer to create a website for a fake store and rip you off. You may see a great deal online, pay your money, and never receive your item. Or you may receive a different item than the one you ordered.

When you’re hunting for the best bargain on a new TV for dad, stick to sites you know and remember, if it’s too good to be true, it probably is.

And always check out a new store or site on Scambook before you shop so you can find out if there have been any complaints about their business practices.


How Are You Celebrating Father’s Day?

How are you celebrating Father’s Day 2013? Tell us what you’re doing for dear ol’ dad in the comments.


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