For years you’ve been giving your mom the same old Mother’s Day treatment: flowers, dinner, a nice card. But why not make May 12th, 2013 the most awesome Mother’s Day ever? This year, spice up Mother’s Day with a fun, unique activity!

From wine tasting to scenic hikes, here’s our Top 4 Activities for out-of-the-box mothers everywhere. Read on and start planning some quality time for that special lady!


1. Gourmet Foodie Fun

Does your momma love to nosh? Instead of serving up that same old breakfast in bed or taking her to brunch, why not put together a picnic of tasty, unique delights? Try an assortment of fruits and cheese or some mini quiches!

Better yet, join her in the kitchen so you can whip up some yummy dishes together. If your mom loves to cook, give her a modern cookbook full of the things you always wished you could pull off (souffle, anyone?) or some high-end kitchen gadgets.

Try working on the most complicated recipes together — there’s no guarantee you’ll pull it off, but she’ll love the fancy chef experience.

2. Home Improvement & Gardening

If your mommy’s a homebody, she may get a kick out of tackling a cool DIY home project with you. Hop on Pinterest to grab some fun ideas for turning basement junk into outdoor furniture. Not only will you both get to exercise your creative side, but you’ll both be surprised at the many uses for old suitcases, pipes, and more.

Mother pushing baby in a wheelbarrow in garden

Plant the seeds of your appreciation for your mom.

Or how about pulling out those old gardening gloves and planting an herb garden together? This is another great idea for the foodie mom above. If she loves plants and flowers, buy her an assortment of bulbs and seeds. Have a blast designing and planting a new floral retreat in the backyard!

If she’s really adventurous (and has a secret wish to be a cowgirl), consider building a chicken coop together or buying her a starter beekeeping kit.

Soon enough she’ll have a self-sustaining home for you both to enjoy.

3. Get Artsy & Crafty

Maybe Mom isn’t ready for homesteading, but she might love some interior-decorating bonding time. How about going through the garage and pulling out old toys, photos, and discarded tables and chairs?

Get back on Pinterest or check out sites like for ideas on how to turn quirky items into cool house pieces.

Markers and fabric laid out next to each other

Amp up Mom’s wardrobe with some DIY jeans!

You can create fun decorations and home accents from anything — records, kitchenware, fabric. Take your mom for a walk down memory lane and sew her 70s dresses into funky pillow patterns!


4. Outdoor Activities

Feel like some fresh air? Get your ma into the great outdoors! If she’s an active person, check out nearby bike trails or scenic hiking trails. And if you’re both really daring, there’s always kayaking or rock climbing.

You can also venture outside for a themed outing like a wine-tasting — many local vineyards offer holiday discounts! If your mom’s more of the shopping type, make a day out of going to the mall or an outdoor galleria. Discounts plus family love equals the best Mother’s Day ever!


When It Comes to Mother’s Day, You-Know-Who Knows Best!

Whatever you decide to do this Mother’s Day, make sure it’s an unforgettable occasion for the number one mom in your life. Whether they’re working or staying at home, moms work hard and deserve to be celebrated!

What are your favorite things to do with your mom on Mother’s Day? Any tips for fun mother-child activities we missed? Tell us in the comments!


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