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The gentleman that wrote the story about the scam by a real estate investment company may like to know that these people are in our area, Hampton Roads, Va, but they now call themselves, "FortuneBuilders". The 3 men who star on that A&E program, "Flip this House" are the creators and owners of FortuneBuilders. These people did exactly the same thing here as they did in Canada. They are probably travelling all over the U.S. taking advantage of people, their money, hopes and dreams. At the seminar here in Portsmouth which incidentally followed the initial 2 hour introductory seminar 2 weeks prior, (where I paid the $197 to attend the 3 day event), Gerald Martin was also the instructor. I see why he was chosen. He is indeed dynamic. A fast talker who speeds through the information while you sit there for hours not really learning anything. Oh, he tells you what to do, but not HOW to do it. This, you find out when you've obligated yourself to spending several thousands of dollars for what appears to be useless information, which isn't presented to you until the 3rd day of the seminar. So basically you sat through all this goobollygook only to find out that there is more, a lot more money to spend if you want to succeed and there is no guarantee that you will. Ok, I can accept that, but what about all the mentoring you've been promised? Wasn't that part of the cost? I only say that because if you don't have anyone available to teach you what you are suppose to be learning or don't understand than it's no good to you. I am truelly sorry for the gentleman in Canada. I know I only paid $197 but that money was suppose to take me to a 3 day seminar where I would actually be able to walk away with enough info to possibly lay the ground work for my own business. Instead, I realize way early (thank, God) that Mr. Martin was not teaching us anything. He was drawing us in, setting us up and overwhelming us with dreams of wealth and abundance. Although he did say that this business was not easy, I found it ironic that he told us to stop making other people rich when if you buy into this program that's exactly what you would be doing for him and the company. I also find it very disappointing that such well known men as Than Merrill and his partners would do this to people knowing the state of the economy and knowing that people are losing their jobs and homes and spending their savings just to keep a roof over their heads and food on their table. But remember, karma is a(Inappropriate Content Removed). And they will get theirs someday, someway, somehow.

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  • Charlie
  • Charlie SBID #0c85a8ec00
  • Posted 05/21/2014
  • I just attended the three day seminar in Newton MA May18-20 2012. It was taught by Paul Esajian. Please notice that I used the word taught rather than presented by. It is true that two people in a crowd can witness the same thing and have completely different perceptions of an identical event.

    I am an independent business owner for over 30 years. My business is retail and I HAD only a superficial impression of what making money in a real estate business might mean..

    When I entered the Grand Ballroom, I was offered a FortuneBuilders binder to use for taking notes. At the conclusion of the event I had 25 pages of invaluable ideas, formulas, methodologies, and case studies; not to mention some motivational and inspirational prescriptions for business and life in general. I also had a good idea of the types of documents, polices, and procedures that are needed to organize and run a successful real estate redevelopment business. Additionally I was made aware of the steps I needed to take to protect myself and my assets from liability. I left the seminar equipped with a can do attitude and enough valuable information to begin to frame a new business venture that has more potential to make me more money than my own well established ongoing business can EVER hope of generating.

    Please realize that Fortunebuilders offers proprietary systems, training information, and mentoring that is most definitely a product for sale for profit. It is my honest estimation that you can learn most of this on your own in time, but the cost of your mistakes will defintely exceed the cost of the programs they offer. Additionally the time saved to start making money will be substantially compressed. It’s true what Paul said, “TIME IS EVERYTHING”.

    If I have not made it abundantly clear, the course was well worth $197. Could it have been better? I guess if they were willing to give away their entire system for fortune building for free than the answer is yes. But why should they?

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  • Jibril
  • Jibril SBID #493c7f9c1c
  • Posted 07/23/2014
  • I agree with Charlie. I just attended the seminar here in Pensacola, FL taught by Gerald Martin. This had to be one of the best learning experiences I have had in a long time. I have been a business owner in the retail wireless industry for 10 years. Last year I left that business to run an internet based company I started. After reading "Rich Dad Poor Dad" I was left curiosity over concepts that were explained in the book. This 3 day seminar explained everything.

    I brought a buddy of mine that dabbled in real estate investing in the past. He experienced many of the trials and tribulations explained in the seminar about investing and now also has a new understanding of the business.

    I took around 20 page of notes as well. I believe Fortune Builder has a proven method and that they are also selling house flipping "Franchises". If you look at it like this then you will understand the costs involved. I wish I could call my self, 5 years later to asked the future me for advice. That's what they offer, in addition to the software and other events.

    I could not even afford the Bronze level. So actually I found the company that runs their FBFlow system and plan on signing up with that company directly to take advantage of the system. I also plan on using the info I've learned to move forward. And when I have the money I will STILL sing up for the Broze system in the future.
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  • Scoooter
  • Scoooter SBID #8fe80cc83d
  • Posted 10/15/2014
  • I take umbrage against the claims that there is nothing to be gained in the $197 3-day seminar for the "flip houses" Fortune Builder's weekend. A solid 25% of my weekend was about flipping houses. That is HONESTLY 25% of down to the bone information on what a real estate investor is and is not.. There was some amount of information on how to be one. So to suggest it was ALL a sale to sell the honest to goodness position as a student of the successful Fortune Builders system is disingenuous. And you are just one of the negative people who were warned early in the program that one of their seminar mates would inform the administration of the seminar and have them REMOVED. So, pay your $197, sit down, follow orders and if your financial situation is compatible, pay your at least $14,995 to have any chance of competing with the overwhelmingly organised organization.

    There are three types of people: those who do nothing, those motivated to change their lives and pay $197 and take notes at the speed of light before the slide changes, and those who do all of that and ALREADY have immediate access to multiples of thousands of dollars or other financial resources/contacts. The message here is; the former are "losers" and the last, "winners".

    Seriously though, it is a brilliant program in its conception. It is masterfully deployed to the masses in a bullet resistant woolly Kevlar business suit. I fail to see its morality as anything more than any other investment, as they pointed out themselves, "franchise like". On the contrary it is marketed as a helpful solution to that which ails you. It is not. It is, very probably, a good wolfie investment in, well, a woolly Kevlar sheep suit. Thanks, Ryan, for the good info. but seriously I wish you would go all the way with the Karma narrative and just teach house flipping all weekend. Reduce the days to two, for example. And for God's sake, kill the goofy videos. They are tooooo "rich and cheesey", not NINJA and a DEAD GIVEAWAY.
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  • dwwatergirl
  • dwwatergirl SBID #080aeb43fa
  • Posted 11/25/2014
  • I am scheduled to go to the 3 day training this weekend and I am very curious what those who have been to it would say months down the line!? I understand that this is a window to a greater opportunity,(one which I cannot currently afford) but I am hoping for enough knowledge to form a successful foundation in this business. If anyone who has taken this course would like to comment further, I will be clicking on the above link to follow this thread, so I'd appreciate any feedback you might have!!! Thanks
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